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    OMG it's finally happening!

    *foams at mouth and passes out*
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    The hopper block sounds interesting.

    Hope they add a Nether Quartz storage block. Because reasons.

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    I searched extensively, and the only Zelda packs I found were based on Link to the Past and on.

    So I made a retro pack based on the games that started it all. About half blocks I admit were dead on copied from the maps from the game, some I edited a bit, a few I made from scratch.

    Past Version Descriptions.
    V.4 update is here, sheep are now golem like (still am going to work on them), changed beds and cloth, boats are now rafts, and i think i changed something else but i've forgotten so...... SURPRISE!!

    V.5 Will be up in a few seconds; it adds a few new paintings, custom water (i CANNOT do the flowing animation stuff, i'm not good at making it not look like crap, if any one wants to try and fix it, feel free) and maybe a surprise or to. EDIT: and i know, forgot to make water slightly translucent, or what ever it's called where you can see shadows under the surface, will fix in next update.

    V.6 Fixed water somewhat, changed music blocks and TNT, added slimes and squids, a few items, and a rather evil surprise, if you find it post a screenshot...also if you see a slime I can't find one to see if it looks good or not.

    V.7 Adds most mobs, more items reskins, character skin, armor, and first part of custom lava.

    V.8 Adds new textures for 1.6, slight change to front of furnace and dispensers, skins for pigmen and pig zombies, both with an alternate, and support for the brainslime mod found here: http://www.minecraft...mily-charlotte/ . The map background is more or less temp to see if i like it. Can't think of any other important changes. Will change block preview image later and add an image of a map.

    V.9 This will be the last update until the next game update. I changed the color scheme of lapis, iron, gold, and diamond blocks and created a new netherrack texture. All five of those blocks still have alternates in the .zip folder. also changed tall grass image, fixed the flowing water colors, removed maps because I don't like my designs yet, and added custom fire. Still need to get a new block preview.

    V 10: Adds pistons, and shears. Changed stone, cobble, mossy, and ores. Added new leaves based on http://www.minecraft..._1#entry3245756 with permission. Changed grass to be lighter and started on changing the particles. Now once we figure out what this "silverfish.png" is for and if it has a use currently, I'll update with that if I can think of a good skin for it.

    V.11: Adds support for the Aether Mod... I hope, don't feel like reinstalling it to check just let me know if I did something wrong, k? Adds more or lees all the blocks, some items, maybe 3 enemies will do more of those later. And armor. Might be some other things I changed in the base pack, but nothing to big. In the block folder of the Aether stuff there are some alts to the Enchanted Gravitite that I may or may not have finished doing, can't remember. Keep an eye on the TP thread because I'm gonna be putting up the first version of my new pack within the hour, it's just a preview though.

    V.12: Functionality for 1.8. Exp bar and all new blocks are skinned. Except melons. Textured charge states of bows and ender pearls, the rest will be next update. Endermen are Dark Link. Changed original spider texture to cave spiders and gave regular ones a new look. Silverfish I honestly am not sure what to do with. Can't think of anything else, next update will have more items skinned and I'll start on the GUI, I promise.

    V.13: Adds small chest. Added webs since I forgot to stick something in the space for it last version. I think that's it, might have changed something else though. In the terrain png there are 2 textures I've added for the upcoming Nether Brick and the Mushroom biome grass. Tell me what you think of them.

    V.14: Adds textures for 1.9. All meat based food is now textured. Melons are skinned based on one of the veggies in Ice Climber. I just noticed that I may have screwed up Endermen eyes, let me know if they look... off. Partial completion of the GUI will come with the next version, next week if I need to fix Endermen, whenever the next MC update is otherwise.

    V.15: Adds support for Minecraft 1.9 Pre-3. Most important thing in this update is custom GUI. Makes me feel proud of myself that I actually sat down and did it. I also skinned the enchanter's book thing to the best of my ability, the way it folds is just weird. Cobblestone and Obsidian have a new texture and I changed the colors on Bedrock. No skin for the air portal frame, broken air portal frame, or brewing stand; but I did skin the weird white cobblestone thing that doesn't seem to be used in-game yet. Changed bucket texture to be more bucketey and gave glass bottles the old bucket texture. Can't remember if this was in last update, but Blazes are Eyes of Ganon from Zelda II and Magma Cubes have their own gel texture. Priority for next update is skinning the rest of the items introduced in the 1.9 pre-releases. Gonna work on updating the block image this weekend.
    V.16: Support for Minecraft Pre-Release-5. Added 7 alternate character skins to the mob folder. New texture for Pigmen and Zombie Pigmen. Textures for Pigs, Silverfish, Snow Golems, Wolves, and the Enderdragon. New texture for Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Lapiz blocks, Obsidian, Wood and Iron Doors. Fixed an error on the cloth textures and made the colors more vibrant. Slight change to sandstone. New textures for Glowstone and Soul Sand. Textures for a few more items. Removed block variants from pack, they will be added to my extra textures pack in the next update of it, link to it is under the download link.

    V.17: Compatibility for 1.0.0. Adds new alts for Zombie Pigmen. All mobs are now skinned, except chickens. New armor based on Moblins, Darknuts and Armoses with alt Iron armor.

    V.18: Minor update. Added spawner eggs as funky magic potions. Changed some textures to ones I think work better, support for the new jungle trees. Let me know what you think of the jungle trees, how they look, and what you think of the new Creeper skin /trollface.

    V.19: Full 1.2.0 update. All the new stuff, most of it textured. Not a lot to say that I haven't said in posts. Oh new glowstone, because the last new version looked very similar to a block in SMB2 and I hadn't noticed that until yesterday. lol.

    V.20: Kept you waiting, huh? This update adds compatibility with 1.3 and snapshot 12w38b. 2 folders added to the mob folder that include alternate textures for village golems, bats, zombies, and witches. New textures for zombies and chickens. Zelda textures for zombie villagers, wither skeletons, the Wither boss, bats, VILLAGERS!!! ('bout time right?) and witches. Got textures for more items and blocks that I can't remember specifically off the top of my head. Just a heads up, mossy cobble stone walls look weird, but there's nothing I can do about that :( . Leather armor is set up to work with dyes, which means anyone not using snapshots will have grey armor, sorry. Also 2 alternate leather armors in a seperate folder in "armor". I think I added a new painting too for the new spot used. Think that's all, so download and tell me what you think!

    Here's a link where you can find a bunch of Nintendo themed skins made by me.
    You may find some you like.

    And here you can find a previews of skins and textures I'm making.
    Ignore the thing about leaving the forums :P

    Feel free to point out anything that you think looks weird or needs to be fixed.

    Download here:
    My Extra Textures Pack: http://www.minecraft...re-grab-bag-v3/
    Have some screens:

    Preview of some paintings-

    Your character skin, spent last night making it.

    Alternate skins for your character, pigmen, and zombie pigs.

    The GUI.
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    posted a message on Zelda Texture Pack (ALMOST 1.1 READY) [1.9P5]
    Quote from GreenPeas

    It always saddened me greatly that Valoo never got finished. :(

    I'm glad that Alyxandor is picking it up again; I'm looking forward to seeing more updates!

    That Valoo skin was made by me, it's in this pack.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2.4] NES Mario Texture Pack [V.11][WIP]
    Ok new TP once again from the NES era.

    This time I based it on the cumulative textures of: Super Mario Bross., Super Mario Bros. 2 (US), Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (Japan SMB2), and Super Mario Bros. 3.

    This is not anywhere complete and the download link only contains about 1/3 give or take of the blocks.

    V.2: Made the needed adjustment to ice and water. Added the three tree types and pistons.

    V.3: Added vast majority of plant & wood based blocks. Temporary Furnace, going to keep sides but the front is a placeholder so it doesn't look weird. New cloth that is a combination of the ? block from SMB1 and the ! block from SMW.
    Changed snow. Pigs are now koopas and pork is koopa shells. Half of music block done, just need the top part, open to suggestions. Started on paintings. Give feedback if you please.

    V.4: Custom sun and moon. A few more blocks plus some fixes. Handful of items. Couple more paintings, moved the flagpole parts to alt file in art folder. Changed arrows to fireballs, I hope they work okay, haven't had chance to test yet. V.5 will come next week and will hopefully have all blocks done and maybe water animated. Map icon is from my Zelda pack until I find a better one.

    V.5: Most of the blocks are done, once I get my new Wii next week I can download SMB3 to see if there is any thing past level 2 I can use. Added still water animation, flowing animation needs some tweaking. Lava will be in the next update. Starting on items. If you have any suggestions for missing textures, by all means, let your voice be heard. Next version I'll release before the Adventure Update comes out. Then I'll focus on the new content. And let me know if the sun and moon look okay.

    V.6: Adds all new items and blocks for 1.8, though not necessarily skinned. Still can't find a good reference of SMB3's lava animation, so that's not done yet. I didn't feel like re-zipping the file again, so neither large or small chests are skinned, that will come in the next version. This mostly just adds more of the blocks from before 1.8. Hopefully in the next version I'll have all the blocks done and can start on items entirely, then move onto mobs.
    And let me know if the pig snouts look okay or not, haven't really found any to check.

    V.7: Main thing is the chests now are skinned, except the lock, not sure how that is skinned yet. Also switched vines and sugar cane texture because I thought they look better that way. Did melons and xp orbs. Can't think of anything else major.

    V.8: 1.9 Compatibility. Squids are now bloopers. Ghasts are those masks from SMB2. Blazes are Flame Chomps. The 3 charge levels of the bow now match the regular bow. That's all, next update will come when MC updates again.

    V.9: 1.0.0 compatibility. Moon now has phases. I don't remember what else is new from not working on it for so long.

    V.10: 1.1.0 compatibility. Did some more textures for 1.0.0 stuff, and have jungle trees done, I want criticism on the wood's color scheme and the leaves texture. I have the basic idea down for how I want the GUI to be, but still need to flesh it out a bit, otherwise it I would have delayed this a day to do it. GUI will be in the next update, and I think I'll take the WIP tag out of the thread name then.

    V.11: Support for all new content in 1.2.0. Textures for villagers, iron golems, and the Enderyoshi. Some of the blocks have new textures to make them more varied, and a few got a new colorscheme. No GUI yet because I can't really think of a good way to do it. BUT, I have finally done the, drum roll, LAVA ANIMATION, screenshot in my last post on this thread. So yeah I kicked some ass this update. If anyone has a suggestion for the GUI I would really like to hear it.

    First have some screens:

    On the bottom are the ores, above the ore blocks, and then pumpkins.

    Bottom: Cobble, Mossy, and Brick. Top: Glass, Bedrock, Obsidian.

    Mushrooms and Cloth.


    You can also see grass and dirt in the background and maybe a tree or two.
    Give me suggestions if you have any and your general opinion of what I currently have.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rolrvnpgxl67wat
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    posted a message on The Manly Pack [1.1.0][16x][V.5]
    I finally got an idea I felt like following through with.

    Don't feel like composing one of my well worded updates atm, but it involves armor, here's a sneak peak.

    The jist of the to be composed description is some stuff about unleash your inner barbarian and strike terror into your foes.
    Right now I got five I've started on.
    And it's just the helmets.

    edit: and immediately after I took that screenshot, both creepers jumped into the lake under the stone thing.
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    posted a message on [16x][32x] Texture Grab Bag [V.6]
    Okay this is kinda an experiment by yours truly.
    This isn't a traditional texture pack. What is contained in the zip folder is 2 folders.
    One labeled 16x and another labeled 32x. Contained within are various textures for that resolution, which may or may not be related to one another. These are textures I've made in my spare time (read: boredom) that I wanted to make but didn't feel like making a whole tp for. or alternate textures for my 2 tps.

    I am placing these out into the web for you, the wonderful Minecraftians, to use in your personal packs.
    If you want to use these in a pack to share with the interwebs, all I ask is you ask for permission and give me credit.

    Now that you have read all that, why not a peek at what exactly is in this folder?
    V.1 Included:
    16x Legend of Zelda Oracle series enemy cloth.

    16x LoZ OoS Magnetic Block Piston. With 3 other variants in the image.

    16x Tree creeper from my discontinued Dwarf TP.

    32x Various minerals from my discontinued Dwarf TP. Includes texture for all ores, stone, dirt and grass.
    The grass requires a blank grasscolor.png though, which I will include in the next version.

    32x My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cloth. The ones shown are what I consider "Set 1", as they're from season one of the show. There are more in the png currently, but not enough for an image.

    The other textures that don't have images yet are:

    32x Paper Mario 2 POW Block TNT.
    16x Shy Guy face furnace and Dispenser.
    16x Mario Bros. POW Block TNT.
    16x Enderman, I honestly don't know what I intended it to be.
    16x Lava Slime.
    16x SMB2 Leaf block, fancy graphics and fast graphics.
    16x Metroid mushrooms, 9 different colors to choose from.
    16x Gyromite Iron Block.
    16x Super Mario World Music Block record player and note block.
    16x Adventure of Link cloth blocks.
    16x Metroid Piston.

    V.2 additions:
    16x Dirt Creeper.
    16x LikeLike Magma Cube.
    16x Kirby's Adventure Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright sun and moon.
    16x Swirly/Vortex blocks.
    16x Sand Snow Golem
    32x MLPFiM cloth update. Added 21 new textures to the group. Updated the colors on some of the original ones.
    Added a screenshot folder, where you can find screenshots of the various textures in the grab bag (I guess grab folder would be more appropriate).

    V.3 additions:
    16x painting enemy from Kirby's Canvas course for paintings. Also works with 32x.
    16x Zelda 1 enemy cloth. WIP here, going to have a set of these for each cloth color in v.4.
    16x Zelda 1 fairy flowers. Alternate texture from my Zelda TP. Will include a few more colors in v.4.
    16x WIP NES style swords and Kid Icarus bow. Not sure if I should keep the swords NES style, or add detail, opinions?
    16x Endercreeper skin.
    16x Creeper Enderman skin.
    16x Pumpkin snow golem skin.
    16x Villager skins that removes the nose.
    16x Zombie with head wound skin.
    Added more 32x MLPFiM cloth blocks.
    32x MLPFiM Elements of Harmony glowstone textures.
    32x Green Lantern glowstone texture, also works for cloth I guess.
    32x Green Lantern glowstone dust.
    32x MLPFiM Scootaloo chicken skin.
    32x MLPFiM Rainbow Dash Creeper skin.
    New folder organization to make finding the various textures and knowing where they go easier. Hopefully.

    Even more Pony block textures!! (It's so ******* addicting!)
    58 skins made by me of various Nintendo characters. You can see most of them here: http://ggod.deviantart.com/gallery/
    16x fairy sprites from The Legend of Zelda to be used as flowers (alt colors from my Zelda TP).
    No I didn't finish those Zelda I blocks but I did start on them.
    16x Chaos Emerald sprites from Sonic the Hedgehog to be used for whatever items you want or you can make a painting with them.
    16x Swords from GBA Fire Emblem games.
    16x Axes from GBA Fire Emblem games.
    Began working on a 16x Metroid Fusion tile set of various textures tweaked to work in Minecraft. Includes lava animations.
    Began 16x Sonic the Hedgehog tile set with textures from Sonic 1. Will later include textures from Sonic 2, 3, Knuckles, and CD.
    32x Sword from the General battle sprite from GBA Fire Emblem games, has neutral-ish colors so you can edit it for different materials.
    Removed screenshot folder until I feel like adding more to it.
    No mobs this time! Sorry! But I did start working on a Valoo enderdragon, if someone could test it to see if the head looks OK.

    V.5 Additions.
    Made progress on the 16x Zelda 1 block textures.
    16x Zelda 2 themed glass textures in 7 colors.
    16x Kirby cloth blocks.
    16x Kirby dyes.
    Started on a 16x Kirby 64 themed GUI. Only finished the inventory and health display so give me some feedback.
    16x Link's Awakening chest textures.
    16x Link's Awakening music disc textures based on the wind fish instruments.
    16x Ocelot and Cat skins based on Tango from Mega Man.
    16x Wolf textures based on Treble and Rush from Mega Man. Treble for wild textures and Rush once tamed.
    16x Enderdragon skin based on Valoo from Wind Waker.
    16x Iron Golem skin without nose.
    16x Iron Golem skin based on thwomps from Link's Awakening. Blue and Red variants.
    16x Added more to the Metroid Fusion tile set and finished the Sonic 1 tile set.
    Added several Mega Man classic series skins and more Legend of Zelda skins.
    More 32x My Little Pony Blocks.
    32x Zap Apple texture from MLPFiM.

    V.6 Additions
    Several 16x block textures from Sonic 2 and 3.
    Several 32x block textures from Sonic 2 and 3
    Slight change to 16x Link's Awakening chests.
    16x Paintbrush from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Will add different colors next update, because I forgot.
    Set of 32x32 Copy Ability portraits from Kirby Super Star Ultra for paintings. Will add more next update.
    More pony.
    Several 32x swords from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.
    Alt colors for 32x General Sword from GBA Fire Emblems.
    32x Warrior Axe from GBA Fire Emblems, with alt colors.
    32x Meta Knight Sword from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
    32x Copy Ability Sword from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
    Over 50 Fire Emblem GBA series skins.
    4 Metroid Fusion Suit Samus skins.
    The first 2 people to correctly guess what alt colors 4-9 of the General Sword and Warrior Axe are based will get a request for the next update.
    Will add screenshots later.

    I will update this every once in a while when I have a few new spare textures floating around. Leave your opinions in the comments, and if you like give suggestions. Right now I only do 16x and occasionally 32x, so keep that in mind.

    For the mob skins you will need to rename the png to the name of the folder it is in. Ex: rename "tree" to "creeper".

    For previews of skins you can visit my deviantART page: Link
    For previews of some of the random stuff I'm working on (IE stuff that isn't to important or awesome) you can check my shiny new tumblr: Link

    Download: http://www.mediafire...8sy65ddah8a5ans
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    posted a message on Testificates, You Are Minecraft & More
    First skin pack will be the Mojang Pack with skins based on Notch, Jeb, and other members of the company who created Minecraft.

    Then because it's XBox, the Halo Skin Pack, which will cost twice as much as the other skin packs because F You.
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    It's because, I think sometime around the games full release, they flipped the orientation of the bottom of the head in game.
    And a lot of people didn't notice to fix their skins.

    REMEMBER! On the skin template, the chin points down!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Skin Viewer 1.2 (supports 1.8 skins!)
    Please don't quote the enitre first post, especially if it's really long.
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