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    Hi all, and welcome to my new texture pack preview... This is brand new TP, which I started to put together recently, so I want to "feel" your opinions on this one... If there is enough interest for this TP, I will continue and finish it.

    A few words about this TP:
    I am playing MC with Sphax PureBD texture pack, and I love it so much, I can't even imagine this game looking differently... Even with the vanilla pack, game still looks odd ! I was so eager to help developing Sphax PureBD, I even spent some time tweaking his textures, trying to fix the new ones - especially ones included in FTB packs, which in my opinion were out of the Sphax original concept... So - I learned a thing or two about TPs...

    Well, why do I talk so much about Sphax ? And since I am so used to his TP, why the hell I want to make another one ? Well, I wanted to "refresh" my MC experience, I got a bit fed up with Sphax PureBD and I decided to try and make my own. The first thing was to come up with a design - Sphax used completely different approach - vector based graphics, so everything looks in order and can be scaled at any resolution... That's one of the reasons why he is so popular and always up-to-date. Pure and simple.
    Another thing that came in my attention, was this awesome image, done in Blender 3D CG software probably...

    So - I came up with this concept : minecraft vanilla, with a stroke of PureBD but done in totally different manner - inspired with that single block of diamond ore.

    I went a step furher - procedural maps! Yet another fancy word. In fact, that is very fun way to do textures... You can mix, add substract, generate layers of graphics... using some computer-generated maps and processing them. And here I am - an attempt of something promising for the MC community. If you like it, feel free to comment, you can drop ideas, suggestions, etc... I hope this TP will be released soon, and since it's computer-generated, it can be at ANY resolution you may need...

    BTW, I made the image in my avatar, too :)

    Here it is:
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    Quote from ShlohGaming

    Go look at the UE main page. The donators, donated 3500 + dollar, and thats just the dispalyed once. Free my ass.

    Why are you so negative ? This is really amazing piece of mod for minecraft! They actually update it daily, if you find some bugs, you go on mantis bugtracker, report, and they fix it in the next few releases. These experimental builds is just WIP (work in progress), they aren't finished yet so expect some glitches - as they've already said on their Jenkins page. I am into that mod a lot, I am watching official forums etc, etc. They intend to make it even more compatible with other mods, like BC for example, liquid UU is just one step towards it. I have functioning BC 4.0.2 side by side with IC2 2.0.176 and so far - so good. Still few recipes missing, but they are working on it. I am extra happy that Sphax (PureBD texture pack) is providing support for them - it lacks a couple of new machines, but I hope he will update soon...

    And yes - donationware IS free. No one asks money from you, hell there isn't a single banner or ad in their mod. If someone feels like supporting their work, he is welcome to do so. I think they are good enough - especially now, when that guy Gregorius is on the dev team. They won't let it out unfinished or buged. Let's see it what happens in the end, then criticise them (if there is any in this game, FFS everything is eternal-beta version - even the game itself)
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    Hey Sphax, why don't you contact officials at mojang ? This MUST be the default skin for the game. It is so in the spirit of the game, like it was meant to be... I forgot the default skin's look already and have never played with it ! SPHAX pureBD is the next thing I download, right after MC installation (and optifine ofcourse...)
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    I just don't get these new snapshots... They brag around with big numbers, but the game seems like it is still in early alpha... And it's getting worse! New sounds are AWFUL (ffs, there are so many sound designers out there), I still have to use patcher for HD textures... Without Optifine, I can't get a decent fluid experience, expected on i72600, 12GB ram GTX580 and Win7 64bit. Why don't you implement some serious stuff in game, like built-in patch, selecting various options... Just integrate few of public mods, like optifine, make some appealing front end, and stop ruining the game with some useless features... Better make that API so users can write their stuff, they are better at it, anyways...

    Sorry for being honest. Someone in their DEV team should really read something like this!
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    When I kill a sheep, it now drops a pack of wool. It is better than nothing - like in earlier versions, but what about meat ? Sheep has meat on it, it turns out that mushroom is more nutririous than a sheep :S I think this should be rectified ASAP...
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