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    Quote from HeroFace

    OK so from completely clean .minecraft I have added modloader and the game no longer crashes on me

    I still cant get water shader to work though, I've put the shader folder into the minecraft bin folder and adder the original water shader zip file to magic launcher setup screen but It's still not working.

    Sorry to be a total pain here btw

    Is there anything specifically I should be doing to get it working, am I doing something wrong with the folders? it's just you've said I shouldnt add anything to the minecraft jar.. or at least thats how I've understood it

    Do you have a link to the water shader you are using? I am able to test and know how to work with sub directory mods.
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    Awesome update!!!

    Thank you!


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    posted a message on My fortress-style city [WIP]
    Awesome. Very cool. Also the map thing is epic! Shows a 3D map.
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    Quote from iiiHuman

    Some mods have extra instructions in their own topic threads on what to do with any folders contained in their zip files. Usually, this just means copying those sub-folders to the /.minecraft/bin folder.

    As for the other files (the class files), they can remain in the mod's original zip file as long as those class files are in the root of the mod's zip file. Some mods, like MAtmos, may actually package a couple different sub-folders in their download file and you would have to extract the actual mod's zip file from their main package. But, most aren't like that. In which case, it doesn't matter where the mod's actual zip file is located since Magic Launcher just needs to know where that file is. Just follow the mod's instructions for any additional sub-folder(s) in that mod's zip file like I just mentioned.


    Thank you very much. Adding just the Additional items and rezipping the class files works! It seems Magic Launcher is able to detect GUI folders. If the guns and planes didnt work, the flood gate shouldnt work. It does. All is well. Thank you very much!!!
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    Quote from justingo147

    Omg I LOOVE this mod so far. The client is very smooth and intuitive. I love the resources, and the easy mod installation. It's as quick as a snap!

    [Reply] I agree, this Mod Loader/Tool* is epic and by far the best!!!

    Quote from justingo147

    Although, some requests I'd like to give:
    -Integrated web browser? I know this sounds like too much, but it will make the client so much better, because rather than opening a link in a separate browser window, why not have the best of both worlds in one? (:
    -Youtube integration. I'm not saying youtube in a browser, but maybe capabilities to play youtube within the client. (minecraft tuts; etc etc)

    [Reply] I disagree. This is a Mod launcher, not a Internet Browser. Why would you want him to sidetrack from the main purpose of the program. Less clutter, more streamlined. Focus on what the program was ment to do. Run Mods!!!

    [Help request]
    How on earth do I get
    -WW2Guns 1.1 v3.1
    -Vehicles 1.1 v4
    -Planes 1.1 v16
    to work with Magic Launcher?
    (Where to place whichs files where and what order does it all have to be in)
    Heres my problem. Since it doesn't read sub directorys, where can I put the sub directory mods?

    For example:
    Vehicles 1.1 v4.zip contain:
    [jar files] (class files/image files/sub directorys)
    [resource files] (sound files)
    [example extra folder] (class/data files)
    (sometimes come with an extra data folder.)

    Where do I put this stuff and how for it to work with Magic Launcher?
    EX: Zip up this file, place it here, delete that file, put that folder here. ETC...
    Thank you and thanks for your time.

    [Suggestion that is already on the To-Do list]
    I want to see more Self awareness in this tool. Sub folder Support! Be able to use mods with sub folders and data.

    This is by far the most nifty minecraft tool some-what easy to find. I wish I found this tool sooner!
    If you do not have this tool, you are doing things the hard way. Even tho this tool is not close to perfect, it is the best mod loader seen today!
    (On the to-do list: Sub directory mods! CANT WAIT!!! Give me the source I'll do it!)

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