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No Creeper Creeper [MC 1.6.2][Forge]

No Creeper Creeper is a mod to change the creeper explosion and rate of detonation.
On easy mode, The creepers will only harm you, Your blocks are safe.
On normal mode, The creepers will destroy your blocks and detonate at default values.
On hard mode, The creepers will not only Explode much greater area, the fuse is also delayed so you do have a chance to avoid a mess.
Most of the source was taken from CreeperBurnCreeper source Credits to you sir!

(Creepers will burn in daylight which is still left in this mod)

Future plan:
Only have creepers burn on Normal Or Hard difficulty.

mcCuboid [MC 1.6.2][Forge]

mcCuboid was first a tool in SPC (Single Player Commands) (Wand now? I think)
I found a tutorial for this for MC 1.3.2 I've yet been able to update
until now.
This is a fully working cuboid Source, taken from the tutorial by xxxsellxxx

How to use:
Place the cuboid block down and hold the block you want to build with, use it on the cuboid block,
Next, take the cuboid block in hand and place it down no more then 50 blocks away, you will instantly
have a wall or platform.
Use your hand on the block to go from Creation, to Deletion. (Remove blocks for quick landscaping)

Future plan:
Using blocks from inventory instead of creating them out of thin air option.
Block settings based on game difficulty mentioned here^

To download the source codes listed above,
Head over to my GitHub, [Image Link] is just below the imgur link.

Click^ to go to my imgur

Click^ to go to my GitHub to download Open Source MC Mods!
Made by me, Partially taken from (tutorials/others source) and Partially my work.
Credits: Everyone at MCF. (You cant censor an Idea)

http://mgstudios.wee...ft-modding.html (follow the basic tutorials, and cuboid will work for you) (recommended)
http://www.minecraft...ding-tutorials/ (browse MCF for other great tutorials)