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    how long have i been active in the community-since the prison server started
    How long have you been playing in our prison server-since it came out
    how often do you play-about 3-4 hours a day
    why should we pick you for guard-i have been admin and moderator on a number of different servers and i know that the responsibilities of a guard on a server like the prison server should have well trained guards.
    other info about you-i love to play on many different servers and this one caught my eye when it started to show up on my curse account. i have been hooked to it for a while now and i think that a good guard should have the feel of the server.
    what time zone do you live in-central timezone

    :DPANTS: :GPANTS: :IPANTS: :LPANTS: :steve_joyous:
    ps-i love pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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