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    posted a message on The Official Harry Potter Mod! Quiditch, Spells, Hogwarts and Dementors! Looking for Modders!
    I am creating The Official Harry Potter Mod for minecraft and are accepting eperienced modders to help speed up our HUGE project. I know alot of people have been waiting for a complete Harry Potter mod. I hope to satisfy your desires with this mod. Adequete to be an EXPERT modder to apply for this project. You must dedicated to this and will not quit. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to receive updates on this mod.

    Current staff:
    Preston320: Owner and developer.
    [NO ONE YET]: Lead programmer.
    Hmhiscool: Creative input and Lead Recruiter

    Modding Experience:
    Things you'd like to mod:
    Why you want to help:

    I hope everyone enjoys the mod once its ot
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    posted a message on ☆ CloudFrost Hosting ☆ $8 PER GB OF RAM! • UNLIMITED CPU/BANDWIDTH • SSD/PREMIUM • CONTROL PANEL • ALL JARS • 1 CLICK MODPACK •
    I want to host with but i have one last question before I buy. Where are your servers hosted from?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] The Quidditch Mod! (Its back!) Harry Potter! [WIP]Looking for Coders,modelers, and texturers!
    [center]That's right, I'm bringing it back![/center]

    [center]But don't get your hopes up yet i'm still developing it and thanks to justintib i get to have the source code. So the credit for the code goes to him. Also the name for this mod may change later on as I might be adding wands and mobs. Maybe something like The Official Harry Potter Mod.[/center]
    [center]Disclaimer: I do NOT OWN THIS MOD! Everything was coded by justintib. I am updating it![/center]

    [center]I need some help, send in an application if you can help![/center]

    Download 1.6.2 (Forge)[/center]

    [center]Just drag it into the mods folder, Enjoy!

    [center]Broom controls: C moves up, LeftControl moves down, WASD moves like normal walking[/center]

    Craftable via wheat and sticks; can be mounted like a boat and flies with controls similar to creative flight (C moves up, Ctrl moves down, WASD moves as walking)

    Craftable via leather; can be thrown like an egg, falls slower though, is picked up when a player collides with it allowing for easy passing and interceptions

    Craftable via iron; once released they will seek out the nearest player and attempt to bash into them. Contact will push the player away, and has a chance to knock them off their broom and the quaffle out of their hand

    Craftable via gold and feathers; once released will fly away from the nearest player and dart randomly

    Beater Bat:
    Craftable via sticks and wood; used by beaters to smack bludgers away

    Bludger/Snitch Gloves:
    Craftable via iron and leather respectively; used by a referee to capture bludgers and a seeker to catch the snitch (this is subject to change)

    Craftable via wool; behaves like armor (chestplate and helmet) with very high durability so they shouldn't ever break mid-match. Right click with one in hand to change its color

    Goal Block:
    Block made of wool; behaves similar to fences/portal blocks when placed. When a quaffle goes through it turns green and stops the quaffle from moving further away. This makes it easy to see when a goal is made and keeps the players from pointlessly fetching the quaffle

    Quidditch Chest:
    A Block made from a quaffle, 2 bludgers, a snitch, and a chest. When right clicked it spawns a premade quidditch pitch into the world centered on itself

    Application for texture, modelers, and coders( I can't do the whole thing myself) :D
    What can you do?(specialties)
    Other work:
    Can you make a server to host the beta testers?
    Why do you want to join?







    Snitch Glove:

    Bludger Glove:



    Net Block:

    Quidditch Chest:


    Wizard NPCs

    Generated structures

    Creatures from the series
    Copy one the following codes to insert a QuidCraft Banner in your signature or posts to link here :D




    [center]Thanks for reading this guys! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel![/center]

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] The Quidditch Mod! (Its back!) Harry Potter! [WIP]Looking for Coders,modelers, and texturers!
    Download link is out!!!!!! Thanks everybody for supporting me! Beta testers send me a review about what you think!!
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    posted a message on Can Someone help me with aether or aether2?
    Here you go. Just go to this page and it will give you the download link to it and the its updated to 1.6.2! Hope you enjoy your time in the aether!

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