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    Just completed the Untold Stories V map, with my girlfriend, we had 4 deaths each at the end, mainly because we threw creepers at each other with knockback weapons XD (We never died at the last two areas).

    Difficulty: Normal

    Emeralds: 12 (Never used elytra to find those, however let me admit, I used /gamemode 3 a few times to find out the way to the next dungeon when I was clueless about its location)

    Special loot discovered: 5 flint and steels ("Advanced Infernizers"), 4 shulker boxes, 2 diamond spades called "Spade of Power", eggs (we had made a cake), a lot of "Mending" books which really saved our armour, etc

    NB1: The TNT blocks in the castle at the last area easened cleaning it up tbh. One of us had a flame bow.

    NB2: Never died to any of your traps, also I liked the "logical" one where you had to pick a chest with loot out of 4 of them :P

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