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    you know this got me thinking. with that post about the definition of elemental. its almost like gestalt right? whole to the part.

    So what if, there were not 4 elements, but 6. not exactly sure what the 5th and 6th ones would be, but for now ill just say the 6 would be earth, water, fire, air, energy, life. these 6 elements would have their own portal going to their own dimension, having similarities like same monster, different elemental power etc. have their own danger, reward, etc.

    BUT the thing thats most related to the element factor (alone they are seperate, but together they unite) what if you made a gate but instead of placing two of the element, you fill the 6 spots with each of the 6 elements, since the space of the portal is 2x3 space WxH, there are six open spot, which u fill in with one of each element, creating a elemental/unity slip. Inside would be elemental monsters that use all the abilities of the 6 elements in the best form possible.

    for instance, a ghast in the elemental slip would have the ablilties of a fire/water/earth/air/energy/life ghast, and use their abilities depending on the situation. and in the elemental slip would be elemental guardians, protecting a secret (yay secrets!) and preventing you from uncovering it. they could be like colossus sized and use all of the elemental abilities. That would give you something to work towards, as well as make you all giddy with excitement
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