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    Lets be honest, Minecraft is an amazing game don't get me wrong here. But ever since it’s release I feel like the game is slowly getting more and more boring, i’m not sure if this is the right word for how I feel exactly but it’s basically close. I feel like the game is just not the same feeling it was in the alpha and beta stages, i’m not very happy either the newer updates and some of their more recent decisions with the game (all the new stuff like mobs and creatures they added I feel like the choices could have been a lot better). But it just doesn’t have that spark feeling anymore, starting up a new world feels like a chore now kinda just tired of it, when back when I played more during the alpha and beta.. it made me feel excited to explore and dig in more and just feel that sense of happiness I once felt playing that game, the joy of starting up a brand new world and being actually excited for what will generate. I remember always playing pocket edition lite (eventually buying the full game) and creating a huge mansion on the side of a mountain with lava pouring out of it. Old minecraft made me become more creative it felt like, a way to express feelings and to have fun with friends and just laugh and escape. Always going to my friends house to get on his xbox 360 and you guessed it play Minecraft all night. It was a challenge but not a boring one a brand new experience, now I know a lot of people are most likely not agreeing with me but it’s not like I hate it, it’s just been getting more and more repetitive. As time goes on the game just has been getting more and more old, now you might say that’s because your getting older, no. Not at all, I play other games too that still give me this feeling, but just not Minecraft anymore. I’ve started to realize that it’s not the same, never will be. (don’t kill me i love minecraft and it will always be in my heart, memories and etc. but it just doesnt.)

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