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    ", sans-serif">Find The Button {Rainbow Edition}

    ", times, serif">Why "Rainbow Edition"?

    I named this 'Rainbow Edition' because of the maps.

    Rainbow, like purple, dark blue, sky blue, teal, yellow, orange, and red.

    All the rainbow colors, except it's purple to red.

    ", times, serif">Are there any glitches?

    No. At least, I do not think so.
    If you appear to see a glitch, make sure to let me know and I'll help you out.

    ", times, serif">What versions would you recommend?

    I would recommend using V1.8.9
    you could also use 1.8 but It might not work as planned.
    I don't know if it is automatic, but download biomes o' plenty mod if you have to.

    Other than that, hope you enjoy the map!
    Download link:
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    A SkyBlock map for you to have fun with!

    What is JungleBlock?

    JungleBlock is a SkyBlock map. Not just a usual SkyBlock map, a SkyBlock map with a ton of islands for you to explore! [PS: If you do not know what SkyBlock is, you will spawn on an island, and you basically need to survive.]

    How do the Islands work?

    In the chest, you will be given 64 dirt. Build to them and have fun!

    What are the basics of JungleBlock?

    The Basics of JungleBlock is to first off, survive. To begin, chop down the tree. [Renember to always make the tree grow again!] Build up to islands, and finish the game!

    What if there is a glitch/bug?

    Comment on this website telling what glitch or bug is happening. I'll be trying to fix it, but if I can't I might delete the map. ):

    I hope everybody enjoys this! Download, and have fun! ^^

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