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    posted a message on Lucky Block Mod - Drops items, spawns mobs, structures and more!
    While trying to get the installer on the website it came up as saying it has a virus and deletes the file. Whats up with that?
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    posted a message on RPG/Skills Mod Idea
    Quote from ProPooperator

    no fishing skills?!

    fishing skills can be included.
    Quote from camey247

    Say I was to make this. Would I get anything in return?

    I can't promise you that...
    Quote from hydroflame

    say my mod was doing similar things already ? would that be interresting ?

    its not released yet but i will make an annoucement soon for a beta test :)

    That would be amazing would love to test it when its ready! :)
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    posted a message on Want Some Idea For New Mods!
    Quote from Eguin

    Dude this sounds halirios and fun ill look into making it

    And its already texured?

    Cool I'd be happy to help!

    ok and what does Minecraft Massively Multiplayer Online mean?

    It does not mean that.... Mcmmo is a Bukkit Plugin. that contains skills just like other rpg games.
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    posted a message on RPG/Skills Mod Idea
    Well we all know and love Mcmmo from servers. I indeed love it so much I've been looking for ever to find a mod just like it. I found some but they are always out dated. I don't wanna have to create a small server to have fun. I wanna be able to play it with single player. So I'm asking if anyone could possibly create one you can add more skills then what mcmmo has to offer. I have some Skills Ideas myself.
    • Running: Higher levels decrease the chance of Hunger loss.
    • Swimming: Makes you swim faster as you level higher.
    • Alchemy: Making potions. Higher levels get higher duration Potions.
    • Armor Smithing: Make armor Higher levels can make better armor w/ better duration.
    • Weaponsmithing: Same goes as Armor smithing.
    • Cooking: Raising cooking decreases the chance of burnt food.
    • Enchanting: Higher levels don't have to spend as much xp.

    Other then Levels I think that there should be added npcs. But added to a town. When you start your freshly new minecraft world. There will be a town nearby which adds npcs which can help sell items for those skills. You can also sell your items to npcs in the town like at a merchant. There should also be a bank system too! :D

    Well that's all I have as an Idea. If you wanna make a mod like this please message me or leave a reply.
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    posted a message on ♜ -Exhalodius- ♜ [Events] [Roleplay] [Kingdoms] [Races] [Classes] [Custom Map] [MCMMO] [1.6.2] Join The War!
    Out Of Character

    In Game Name: Krephon
    Location (i.e.: Country and/or state): United States
    Roleplay experience: I've played several rp Minecraft servers.

    In Character

    Name: Yuishi
    Age: 21
    Race: Dwarf
    Profession: Chef/ Cook
    Which kingdom will you join: The Armies of Tectary
    Reasons for joining this kingdom: It's a kingdom for Mostly Dwarf's and Humans
    Brief Character Description (Emphasis on brief, feel free to write more in the Roleplay Profiles section of the forums):

    Yuishi was born in the Kingdom of Tectary. She was Strong brave and very skillful in cooking. Her mother passed away when there was a cooking accident at the house when the house caught fire while she went out for supplies.
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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    Poptui's Guard Application

    ) IGN: Poptui
    2) Your age: 17

    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) I've been playing for a very long time about late 2011, maybe even less.

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, I have also understand every rule that has been mentioned and will obey by them.

    5) Any experience with the prison genre? Yes,I've had a lot of experience I've at least played 8-10 Prison servers.

    6) What is your time zone? PST

    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I'm a experienced player and also trust worthy. What makes me a good guard is that I can keep up with all the PVP and try the best to stop it! If i see any pvp I will attack any players who attack another player. If both of them are fighting they are gonna be dead, inless they run into non-pvp without a sword and I didn't get a chance to hit. If any player is seen with a sword i count down from 5 to give the sword up if not they are jailed for 10 minutes. I believe that I can be a very good guard and I won't disobey any of the rules. All this information should show that i can be a best choice for a guard. I also know my way around the Prison.

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? I understand that I will need proof. I have token a photo of my rank or where my player was located.

    Well Thanks for taking your time for reading my application.
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    posted a message on Request- MCMMO Mod for SP?
    Yea :)
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    posted a message on Request- MCMMO Mod for SP?
    I Looked yesterday for a very long time for a mod that is for singleplayer that is currently only a plugin... I love it so much! It adds more objective to the game. I saw some sorts of mods like mcmmo but they all arent up to date and currently not been getting worked on or just quit all in general. I wanted to see If anyone could make a mod just like the plugin! I bet a lot of people would enjoy this mod if it was created. Also instead of using a Iron block for a Anvil don't use that cause we technically already have a anvil added to the game. Just use the current anvil! Also I would like to see this mod keep up with the updates too! :)

    If you do make it I would like to see how it goes! :)
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    posted a message on [Idea]-Minecraft Ages
    I was thinking why not put aging into Minecraft as a mod and maybe even a plugin If that may Work. When you first start a new minecraft world You will have a number of days till you age. When you first start it you start out at age 10. Then after maybe 50 days gone by you age to 11 years old. How ever Minecraft time works. At a old age you get really slow and mine and do other activities slower then you do normally. Till you hit a certain old age you Die.

    If you use this idea you must give me some sort of credit for the Idea. :)
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    posted a message on Crying Obsidian
    I would Love for this to come back to Minecraft but I highly doubt they will bring it back. But then again with a lot of support of players might give it a chance. But I like the suggestion! ^_^
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    This is such a great Suggestion I really hope that they can implement this in Vanilla Minecraft would be a great decoration and more! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [64x] HerrSommer, -Medieval, -Dye and -Rustic 1.6 - v2
    Download link?
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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Ravien [24/7] [Roleplay] [Heroes/MCmmo]
    OOC (Out of Character Application)
    Username: Poptui
    Prior RP Experience: Some I've joined like 2-3.
    Why do you want to join Ravien?: I notice you guys have a good base to it. It also Sounds very fun to play!
    Have you ever been banned? If on mcbans I think I have maybe 1-2 bans on there.

    IC (In-Character Application)
    Character Name: Fiona
    Age: 32
    Sex (Male/Female/Androgynous/Transgender): Female
    Backstory (3 Paragraph minimum, proper grammar and spacing required): Fiona was born inside The Kingdom of Ravien. Her mom and dad thought she was gonna be a very excellent miner when she grew up, but they didn't get a chance to see that. When Fiona was only 5 years old, her mom and her dad died by being killed by demons! her brother Arguth at the age of 15 had to take care of his little sister.

    When Fiona finally turned 18. Her brother told her the story about her parents that she barley knew. She got enraged that the demons did what they did. She then swore that some day she will get back at the demons and to get revenge. Her brother promised to go along side her with her quest. They Trained for months and years to get much stronger and mined a little bit along the way for some money.

    Fiona is now 32 years old. She thought she would already have gotten revenge by now, but she hasn't. She believed that she still isn't strong enough to face them on her own with her brother. She has agreed to face them with some help of some friends. To be continued...?

    Alignment (you can use http://tinyurl.com/8pf8eey if you are unsure): Green/white.
    Profession/Intended Class: Miner
    What is your intended race?: Dwarve.

    RP (Roleplay Application)
    As you disembark from the Imperial Ship Leviathan, you notice a group of soldiers standing in the gangway. They draw their swords, with the captain of the guard standing intimidatingly. "We have recieved an order to take you into custody - you are wanted for the murder of Sir Raleigh, Earl of Dragnor."

    How do you respond?: I've got nothing to do with this! You have no proof. Why don't you come back with some proof! Cause you aren't taking me alive! Looking at the Captain with anger.
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    posted a message on Looking for Minecraft version Alpha Server!
    I think that Minecraft got so advanced and I wanted to go back and play some old Minecraft :)
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