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    posted a message on [PopCraft / mc.popcraft.org / 1.13.2] Small Survival Server

    Server Address:

    Server Features:

    • Running 24/7 since September 15th, 2011.
    • Friendly community and staff.
    • Semi-Vanilla - We only use modifications that help make the server fun and safe.
    • Grief Reporting - All blocks broken and placed are recorded. We can fix things fast, and ban anyone responsible.
    • Chest Locking - All chests are automatically locked. You can unlock, or allow friends to use your chests.

    This is a community server! Please follow the rules. Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below.

    User-made trailer :Notch:

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    posted a message on PopCraft [Small Survival Server - 24/7, Online for over 5 years, Semi-vanilla, Friendly, Anti-grief, Mature, TeamSpeak]
    Quote from TreachX»

    Hi. Where are people from on this server? US, Europe, mixed?

    There isn't a target audience for the server, but it is hosted in the US, and primarily attracts those in North America. I'd say it's about 70% US, 25% Europe, 5% Other (don't quote me on it). Hope that helps!
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    posted a message on [PopCraft / mc.popcraft.org / 1.13.2] Small Survival Server

    Everyone is loving the new update. Thanks for the support! If there are any glitches still with it, please let me know. Thanks!

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    posted a message on [PopCraft / mc.popcraft.org / 1.13.2] Small Survival Server
    Quote from VangasserInc»
    my username is VANGASSERinc

    i want to play on a small server so i can make a new friend

    i can teach new mine crafters how to play

    The IP is in the OP post :)
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    posted a message on [PopCraft / mc.popcraft.org / 1.13.2] Small Survival Server
    Quote from Gabis1207

    Instead of just bashing on the entire staff, why don't you try to talk to the owner or other high-rank staff member to attempt to work things out? Contrary to common opinion, most of the staff really cares about the player population.

    I agree. I sent a message to him. I think that he should try the server for longer than a few minutes before giving a review.
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    posted a message on [PopCraft] Small Whitelisted Vanilla-Style Server

    Please post below with your username if you would like to join. I will send you a private message with the server address.

    Server features:

    - Whitelisted
    - Runs 24/7, has been running since Beta 1.8.1.
    - Friendly community & staff.
    - Mostly Vanilla, we run Bukkit with protection plugins, and additional added commands for your convenience.

    Server rules can be viewed using the "/rules" command in-game.
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    posted a message on [Small 1.5 Server] Looking for new players!

    - 16 slots.
    - Friendly community.
    - Runs approximately 7AM-10PM everyday, pacific time.
    - Main plugins: Essentials, LWC chest lock protection, Worldguard region protections, and Automatic world saving.


    - Minecraft username (important).
    - Why you want to join (required).
    - Experience (optional).
    - Age (optional).

    Server Rules:

    - No profanity.
    - No griefing.
    - No advertising.
    - Use common sense.

    I will private message people who qualify with the server address.
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    posted a message on [Small 1.5 Server] Looking for new players!
    Quote from legitcreed69

    - Minecraft username (important): LegitCreed69
    - Why you want to join (required): I have decided to try minecraft survival after a while of creative and this looked like a good place to start.
    - Experience (optional): I have played Minecraft since october 2011
    - Age (optional): 15

    Quote from ohaikristen

    - Minecraft username: ohaikristen
    - Why you want to join: Quite frankly I'm tired of playing alone D:
    - Experience: Been playing minecraft for almost 2 years now, new to the multiplayer world.
    - Age: 18

    ING: GiannisF_77
    Why I want to join? Hm... I am looking for a server witha friendly community.
    I have been playing since 1.5 beta
    Im 17.

    Quote from NifenNewbs

    I like small server bc big servers are just 200 random people but small servers with like 30 you can make friends / alliances and build together and stuff.
    Been playing minecraft for a good 2 yrs or so now - building, survival, pvp [since around end of alpha]
    im 11

    thats a nice wallpaper. i like it. good job :Bacon:

    Quote from skodyj

    - Minecraft username (skodyj).
    - Why you want to join (my friends dont want to play a lan game.).
    - Experience (iv been playing for about 3 years.).
    - Age (17).

    Quote from masterhulk1

    - Minecraft username: masterhulk1
    - Why you want to join: I have heard that this server is good, and I have never really played on small whitelisted servers before.
    - Experience (optional): I have been playing Minecraft for a bit over 6 months now, and I know quite a bit.


    Quote from blackfire987

    Username: Blackfire0602
    Why I want to Join: I'm very familiar with servers and I like playing with others. I don't grief.
    Experience: I've been playing for about two years now (Since the end of the Alpha, I think) and I'm a very creative builder.

    Thanks for Consideration!

    Quote from peteycake

    ign is Peteycake
    i wanna join cauz i likez toooooooo build shtufff and, ummmm.......i like building.......
    im a good builder and im friendly to people.
    im 12-13

    Quote from Cryogenical

    - Stealez
    - I enjoy small servers, and wish to play with you and friends
    - I've been playing minecraft since 1.0 alpha, indev.
    - Age 16

    Friend's application:
    - TheDood
    - Also enjoys small servers and wishes to play with you and others
    - Also playing mc with 1.0 alpha indev
    - Age 16

    Quote from hjaj

    IGN: hjaj
    Why I want to join: I love playing multiplayer but it's rare to find a good server because they are all either over explored and over mined or they are pvp and you can't leave the spawn for 2 seconds without getting killed.
    Experience: I know lots of things about minecraft, such as recipes, efficient farms, etc. I've been playing since the last version of alpha.
    Age: 14

    Accepted 11X
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    posted a message on [Small 1.5 Server] Looking for new players!
    Quote from Serioum

    Minecraft username: Serioum
    Why you want to join: I love vanilla survival, and i'm a legit player.
    Experience: Large redstone contraptions, big buildings
    Age: 14
    Skype: james.mc.great

    Quote from iamJ3eastly

    - Minecraft username (important). iamJ3eastly
    - Why you want to join (required). I LOVE small servers. And vanilla is the best way to play! combining them is amazing and I would love to play!
    - Experience (optional). Experience on what? I have ran servers before so I know what I'm doing. I have been playing for a few years so I am familiar with game mechanics. I have done large builds and long, boring tasks so I am used to them. Don't know what experience you are talking about.
    - Age (optional). 14

    Accepted 2X
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    posted a message on [Small 1.5 Server] Looking for new players!
    Quote from sternjames

    - Minecraft username (important): sternjames
    - Why you want to join (required): its boring playing alone, and i dont want a big server i just want to play with other people.
    - Experience (optional): i dont have prior server experience but i have played alot on comp and xbox, ive made some pretty crazy designs for buildings and such
    - Age (optional): 20

    Quote from mcwilliamstom

    - Minecraft username (important). TtomMcwilliams
    - Why you want to join (required).Looking for a permanent server to play on, this one looks like a winner.
    - Experience (optional). Been playing minecraft for about 4 years, It was below 10$ when i bought it.
    - Age (optional). 15

    - Minecraft username (important). TTM_Miner
    - Why you want to join (required). I've been looking for a server that is small and that has nice people that will unserstand if im not able to get on. I also have benn looking at making new friends who can play minecraft with me.
    - Experience (optional). I've been playing scince the first alpha, i know a lot about how to survive.
    - Age (optional). 14

    Quote from Ragged_Jester

    - Minecraft username (important). Ragged_Jester
    - Why you want to join (required). I am tired of big servers. I like to play with a small group of people and the server I normally play on is having some issues.
    - Experience (optional). Not much. Been playing for about half a year.
    - Age (optional). 14

    Quote from dirkhoare

    minecraft name: dirkhoare
    why you want to join: because i like servers like this so i can go on adventure with friends
    experience optional: play it about a year.
    age: 10

    Quote from vicao

    - Minecraft username: Vicao
    - Why you want to join: i want to play a survival game but not alone
    - Age: 22

    Quote from Jerichoi

    Minecraft name: jerichoi224
    Why you want to join? :
    • I want to play on survival, no Griefing, multiplayer, but there are so many griefers, and annoying people, and it's hard to join the community in most servers. For example, Mindcrack, you know, if you see on youtube, how everyone is fun, not aggressive and stuff, and everyone know most the community. Also, they do prank wars! (Will that be allowed? :P ) anyway, I think this would be the ideal server for me.
    • played minecraft for,, I don't know what the version was, but before jungles came out. it was like last year, summer I think? so over 1 years now.
    • played on tons of servers. survival, creative, pvp, Hungergames, Human vs Infected, Prison, etc
    Age : 16, 17 in two month

    Quote from RyansDog

    - Minecraft username (important):RyansDog
    - Why you want to join (required):I don't like big servers because either all the space is taken up or there are a lot of douches.
    - Experience (optional):started playing in 1.2 beta
    - Age (optional):18

    Quote from AbuDabu94

    - Minecraft username (important): AbuDabu94
    - Why you want to join (required): I dont like big servers where you just get ignored. I am looking for a server with a friendly community.
    - Experience (optional): I have been playing for about a year to a year and a half.
    - Age (optional): 13

    Quote from nuhgl

    - Minecraft username (important). nuhgl
    - Why you want to join (required). I wanted to always make nice little community in Minecraft. But all server is quite massive or wanted to expand most of server, but you mutiplay proposing for 16 players is just kinda server I was looking for. :)
    - Experience (optional). Half Year
    - Age (optional). 23

    Accepted 10X
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