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    I completely agree with H3pha. Few servers could ever keep me around and even when they did, I had trouble getting to know anyone. I found that they were too "cliquey" and expected newbies to already know everything about the game and the server. That just isn't the case with Wintercrest. It doesn't matter when you joined, you'll still be welcomed with open arms and people are all too happy to chat with you! Plus the staff are so incredibly helpful, kind, and patient. They aren't intimidating and none of them let the "power" go to their heads. It's refreshing.

    Both staff and regular players are helpful and friendly. I know everyone who has posted in this thread so far and they're all lovely people!

    The economy is simple and doesn't suffer from inflation like most economies I've seen. It's not too hard for new players to make money.

    ArtMap is... Amazing. I never knew how much I needed art in MC. Not to mention art sells really well here, so it balances out the cost of an art potion.

    The expert test is incredibly unique and probably one of my favorite things about this server. It's infamous for its difficulty, but it gives players an incentive to learn more about the server by rewarding them with a rank. Plus, experts can answer all kinds of questions about the server so you don't need to hunt down a staff member for everything.

    Donors get rewards that are beneficial and fun but not completely game breaking. If donating isn't an option for someone they can still get a lot of the donor rewards via crates and other players. I've even seen a few people buy ranks for other people!

    It's hard not to gush about specific people here without going overboard, so I'll tie this up by saying that everyone here is cool and the right amount of nerdy. 10/10 community.

    Fyi, I'm known as Pomme or Pom on the server. I have a bit of an odd username here since this forum now requires Twitch to log in. I guess even though I can't log into my old account, it still recognizes that there was already someone named "Pomkeki" so it slapped a bunch of numbers on me! Weird.

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