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    You did the right thing.
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    Quote from Epicness1324

    No pics no clicks
    There is nothing to take a pic of, nice mod! It makes things easier!
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    Okay, so this mod would have a portal made of glass, in which you light with melting ice onto it. The portal would need to be built into a wall made of snow, when looking at the portal you would see a reflection of your character.
    Going into the portal, you would see your own character looking at you, but with the skin as if you were looking in a mirror.
    Once you got into the dimension, it would be a mirror of your world (A hill with an overhang, hanging to the left in the Overworld would be facing to the right in the Freezing Mirror) Plus it would be a colder feeling world, with some snow, occasional blizzards, and all the rivers, oceans, and bodies of water would be frozen. When looking at the sky it would appear to be cloudy and you would never see the sun. There would be no lava whatsoever.
    Mods would include, Hostile snow Golems attacking you with lightning snowballs, inuits that wont attack unless attacked, and frozen version of every mob that was in your world before, with the exception of pigs and cows, if you kill them you get preserved meat, which can only be rendered edible once gone through an ice processor.
    Most of the blocks are up to you, get creative, and tell me what you think.
    If you actually make this mod, I would worship you forever. So if you do, just send it to me so I can check it out!
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    Ohhh thanks!
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