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    posted a message on New Canadian based survival server, need mods and players


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    posted a message on [Slimefun] [Challenging] AmethystMC Survival [10x Amount of Mobs] [ChooseARace] [Timber] [Jobs] [VeryHard]

    This is a good server. The owner is giving me 2 free keys for responding to it. That is one reason why it is good

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    posted a message on Automata — [FTB] HQM, RPG, Reputation Systems, Custom Ore Gen, Mystcraft Ages
    This looks incredible, Im gonna try it out
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    posted a message on Infernal Skies - HQM Map / Modpack [WIP - 1.7.10 ONLY]
    That is pretty easy, if ya want me to I can do it. Send me an email at [email protected] if ya want me to try out or do it.
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    posted a message on Infernal Skies - HQM Map / Modpack [WIP - 1.7.10 ONLY]
    span>Thanks for quoting my tweets Fixided. Don't worry, it's not dead.

    I would consider sharing the workload with a few people who would be interested in helping with the remaining tasks. At this point in time I have to focus on RL work and this project isn't first priority.

    Jobs available: Lore writer, map builder, command block programmer.

    I can help out with this, Ive got a few years under my belt in mod experience and am I'd say at least a decent builder, writer, and I know a little bit about command blocks. Contact me on skype at pkemon2201 or email me at [email protected] if you want any help
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    posted a message on Looking for a madpack 2 server I can stream on
    I have a whitelisted madpack 2.0 server. If you wish to join fill out the whitelist here: http://forums.atlauncher.com/thread-5551.html
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Modern City 2.0
    Original Creator: Csieg http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/survival-mode/297017-challenge-the-modern-city

    Recommended pack: FTB tech pack 2

    Note: If there is a (pp) then that means per person (for multiplayer)

    "The Challenge
    I challenge you to build a modern city. Throw away your old Minecraft habits and join the 21st century."

    General Rules Always in effect
    1.Environmental considerations must be taken. Residences and farms need to be away from noisy or polluted areas like factories or nuclear power plants. Temporary living quarters may be located near industry but it doesn't count as a permanent residence.
    2.All resource processing must be done in the correct building. Ore is smelted in the foundry, wood is cut into planks in the wood mill, and items are assembled in the factory. You may use Buildcraft pipes, Applied Energistics, Itemducts, or any other way to transport items, after processing to transport materials.
    3.Use at least easy difficulty.
    4.Multiple players can cooperate, but, each needs their own primary residence
    5.Don't cheat.
    6.You must have a helmet on when underground

    Stage 1: A New Land
    You have been sent by your people to colonize a newly discovered land. Unfortunately, your ship was destroyed by an unknown animal. Only one crewmember besides you survived, an old school teacher who was injured and can do nothing but share his knowledge with you. Your first step is to seek temporary shelter and food. You must also build a lumber yard to begin making equipment.

    -No tools.
    -You may not use your crafting grid.
    -Only building materials are dirt and logs.

    -A lumber yard. Set 6 logs on the ground to show where you'll be processing lumber.
    -Spend at least 1 night in a dark cave or mud hut, cold and hungry
    Stage 2: Building Begins
    Now that you can process logs, you are able to make simple tools. During the night you had much time to think. You recall your survival training, where you were taught to craft simple stone tools and torches using fossil fuel. After selecting a colony location, you build a shelter, gather food, and a small school house for the old man to teach you.

    -Wooden and stone tools only.
    -No ores can be processed.

    -A residence with a front door, kitchen with a furnace, bedroom with a bed, and outhouse. (pp)
    -A single classroom schoolhouse with at least 1 bookshelf.
    -A storage building for all stage items to be stored (unless stated otherwise)
    -A stack of logs (pp)
    -A stack of stone (pp).
    -1 Stone sword, pick, axe, shovel, and hoe (pp)
    -1 leather helmet (pp) and a full set of wooden armor (pp)
    -A simple mine for cobblestone.
    -At least 16 food items (pp) plus 16 for the old man..
    Stage 3: Promising Future
    From studying with the old man, you learn the basics of metal working and redstone wiring. With this knowledge, you upgrade your lumber yard into a lumber mill and build a foundry to smelt ore.

    The first ship of colonists arrive. It is a group of children accompanied by two teachers. You build a high school to accommodate them while continuing to build the colony.

    -No use of diamonds, gold, or machines.

    -Upgrade your lumber yard to a lumber mill. Make a dedicated building with an automatic crafting table that turns logs into planks.
    -A foundry dedicated to storing and smelting mined ores. It must have at least 1 iron furnace.
    -A mine with a surface storage room that contains at least 1 stack of redstone. (pp)
    -Upgrade your schoolhouse to a high school. It must have at least 2 classrooms with 2 bookshelves in each. It must also have a dormitory, cafeteria, and principal's office.
    -Upgrade your primary residence. In addition to the previous requirements, it needs a living room and a bedroom. (pp)
    -1 bronze sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe (pp)
    -A bronze helmet (pp) and a full set of leather armor (pp)
    -16 food items (pp), plus 48 food items for all the new people.
    -1 stack of torches (pp)
    Stage 4: Forgery
    From one of the new teachers you learn about how to make better tools by melting down materials and then casting them into tool parts. With this knowledge, you create a forge to create the wonderful tools.

    -No use of diamonds or machines.

    -Build a forge for creating tools and make a functional tinkers construct smeltery with it to create tools.
    -Make 1 tinkers construct sword made completely out of iron (pp)
    -Make 1 tinkers construct pick made completely out of iron (pp)
    -Make 1 tinkers construct shovel made completely out of iron (pp)
    -16 food items (pp), plus 64 food for all the villagers
    -A full set of bronze armor (pp)
    -1 compass (pp)
    Stage 5: Earthquake!
    An earthquake awakes you in the middle of the night. This one was minor, but there are more coming. You have three days before your buildings are weakened and your mine shaft has been filled with dirt. The colony elects you to lead them through this crisis. You must reinforce all buildings against future earthquakes and continue mining operations from the surface.

    On the bright side, the students have now been trained in electrical engineering. They will build electrical components for you in a factory. Use this to your advantage by building a simple power plant.

    -No use of diamonds or advanced alloy.
    -Every used mineshaft must now have support beams every 10 blocks.You may still enter natural caves normally as their integrity hasn't been compromised.
    -You may no longer use cobblestone as a primary building material. Structures must be less than 25% cobblestone.

    Requirements (Choice #1 - IC2)
    -Add at least 1 macerator to your foundry.
    -A power station with at least 1 batbox, and 1 generator.
    -A factory with at least 1 extractor, 1 compressor, and 1 canning machine.
    -A government center with at least 3 offices and 1 meeting room.
    -Upgrade the high school to a university. In addition to the high school requirements, it must have a library, a lecture hall, and a sporting arena.
    -At least 16 food items (pp), plus 90 food items for the people.
    Requirements (Choice #2 - Thermal Expansion)

    -Add at least 1 pulveriser to your foundry.
    -A power station with at least 1 leadstone energy cell, and 1 furnace generator
    -A factory with at least 1 induction smelter, 1 cyclic assembler, and 1 energetic infuser.
    -Upgrade the lumber mill with a sawmill
    -A government center with at least 3 offices and 1 meeting room.
    -Upgrade the high school to a university. In addition to the high school requirements, it must have a library, a lecture hall, and a sporting arena.
    -At least 16 food items (pp), plus 90 food items for the people.

    Requirements (Choice #3 - Rotarycraft)

    -Add at least 1 pulveriser to your foundry.
    -Do what you want here with rotarycraft, as long as it's similar to the other 2, also I might change this in the future as I don't know much about rotarycraft.
    -A government center with at least 3 offices and 1 meeting room.
    -Upgrade the high school to a university. In addition to the high school requirements, it must have a library, a lecture hall, and a sporting arena.
    -At least 16 food items (pp), plus 90 food items for the people.
    Stage 6: Civilization
    Despite being far more advanced than the average Minecraftian, we still have a problem with monsters. You have decided to build a wall around our city. Also, the research at the local university is getting too dangerous. We would like you to find an alternate location for their studies.

    -No nuclear devices or reactors.

    -A wall or other form of protection that keeps most mobs out of your city.
    -A research station far away from your city. Put it in an interesting location like the ocean or a mountain.
    -At least 1 quarry.
    -City streets connecting all your buildings.
    -Upgrade your power station to provide at least 20 eu/t or 400 rf/t. It must have at least 1 MFE unit or 1 redstone energy cell.
    -Create a system of pipes to send all goods to a central warehouse.
    -At least 32 food items (pp) plus 128 food items for all the people
    -At least 1 clock in an item frame in each building
    -A full set of diamond or nano armor (pp).
    -1 diamond sword / nanosaber, 1 diamond pick and shovel / 1 drill, 1 diamond axe / 1 chainsaw, and 1 diamond hoe. (all pp)
    Stage 7: Digitization
    Your researchers have found a way to turn physical matter into pure information. They say using this they could be able to store many items, easily transport items for automation, and even store entire structures inside of drives.


    - 1 ME controller, 1 ME drive, 1 ME access terminal, and 1 ME 1k storage.
    - Build a molecular assembly chamber
    - Connect all of your buildings together using applied energistics and connect it all to 1 ae system so you have access to everything in one spot
    -At least 32 food items (pp) plus 128 food items for all the people
    Stage 8: A Modern City
    You're now an established city. It's time to focus on the excess. Those guys out at the research station have discovered an amazing power source. From here, all we can do is keep growing. More ships will be arriving soon carrying colonists.


    -A nuclear power plant with a ic2 reactor or a bigreactor protected by reinforced stone or another strong material.
    -An MFSU or resonant energy cell.
    -A skyscraper. Make a penthouse at the top.
    -A full set of quantum armor or power armor
    -At least 64 food items (pp) plus 256 food items for all the people
    Stage 9: Mod Mastery
    Your city is a beacon of light in the Minecraft wilderness. Here's where you can focus on masterpieces of engineering that show a mod's full potential. The requirements section is replaced with projects. You can't finish this stage, so just relax and have fun.


    Extra Utilities: Setup a basic town in the deep dark with villagers, and keep them alive.

    Forestry: BEESSSS!!!!!

    More Forestry: TREESSSSS!!!!!

    Vanilla: Kill the enderdragon and make a super secure facility in which to store it

    MFR: Make alot of automated farms

    Steve's Carts + Railcraft: Rollercoaster
    Useful Tips
    1. Have a plan for your city when you start. It wouldn't hurt to build roads early so you have space for them.
    2. I like to run all my electrical and pipes under the streets. It makes it easy to navigate from below.
    3. Transplant some rubber trees near your city, but don't cut them down. Saplings are rare.
    4. Have lots of organized storage. A single quarry generates a ridiculous amount of cobblestone and dirt.
    5. Use the wikis, especially if you haven't used these mods before. They're complicated.
    6. Feel free to interpret rules yourself and combine buildings to save resources. For instance, there's no reason your government center can't be inside your skyscraper or a coal power plant with your foundry.
    7. Don't limit yourself to building only what's said in the challenge. It would be very beneficial to exceed the stage requirements, especially when it comes to power production.

    Please leave feedback in the comments.
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    posted a message on FTB Monster Server
    Sorry, just made a quick edit to the info
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    posted a message on FTB Monster Server
    Right now we are a good, but small community of players
    Pack: Monster version 1.1.0
    Rules: Just generally, be mature, nice, and don't grief or rob somebody else
    IGN (minecraft username):
    Where do you live? (Country/State):
    Current date and time:
    How long have you been playing mods?:
    Why do you want to play on the server?:
    What are you like? (Personality-wise):
    What are you good at?:
    Have you ever been banned? If so why? (Be honest, you won't be denied just for saying yes):
    Anything else?:
    Enabled Mods:
    Blood Magic
    Special Mobs
    Site: http://pokecraft-monster.enjin.com/home
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    posted a message on VANILLA MINDCRACK LIKE SERVER (1.7.4)




    Youtube Channel if you plan to record:pokecrafter2201 (might record, might not idk)

    What country are you located in?:USA

    Favourite block in Minecraft? PINK WOOL!!!!!
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    posted a message on My theory of the truth
    To start off I have one thing. I think the reason monsters attack player and not animals is because both monsters and animals are hunted by players, they are on the same side, but the animals are to weak to defend themselves, so the monsters are protecting them, think of it like we are the bad guys, animals are normal citizens, and monsters are the police, that would mean we are the terror we are the bad guys, I mean think about it, we are abducting the animals from their home and forcing them to have children so we can eat them, we are killing them out in the wild, murdering them, and we destroy their land and build for our own happiness and productivity, and we are ruining the caves, killing the monsters and stealing their resources, force them to spawn for their items for our own use, and lighting up their happy, dark cave homes. And think about another thing, the reason why the endermen attack you when you look at them. When we look at them they think we are a threat to the end, and their dragon because of the countless number of players who have killed their queens, the dragons, and stolen the egg that would be their next dragon, or ruler for a trophy. And if you look at then wearing a pumpkin, then they don't see you as a player, maybe they see you as a snow golem who would shoot at them and make them teleport away. And the snow golems are just another pawn that work for the players and are disposable. Blazes and wither skeletons are another line of defense defending themselves and the end, they have nether fortresses to protect themselves. And they are protecting the end seeing as you have to murder a blaze to get blaze rods for blaze powder and murder an endermen to make an eye of ender to locate the fortress and take it down. They use the stronghold as defense against you. The stronghold is also a portal between the end and the overworld. If any people get in the silverfish will attempt to defeat you, or at least crumble the fortress to protect the portal and stop you from getting to the end. And what do many people do once finding the stronghold? They loot it. Essentially robbing from the endermen, who have picked up blocks and built the fortress. In the end I think that the ender dragon could be the ruler of every living thing in minecraft, except for you, the players who just appeared out of nowhere one day and began to destroy. We use the world, we destroy for our own amusement, and we can disappear and reappear at any time. I think we are truly the evil, that we are the ones that are destroying minecraftia. Finally, this might have happened in the world before you, the testificates. Their race ruined habitats, built half buried dessert temples and jungle temples. They even made traps to protect their treasures from looters. But what would them be protecting them from, I mean the monsters didn't hate them, yet. But the ancient testificates built mines, either destroyed many of the monster's hives, or trapped many of them in small cages. They robbed them and passed down the items for generations. That's why zombies attack them. The zombies try to convince them to join them, the villagers even sometimes giving them stuff like swords, armor, shovels (to help them grief the villages and get back their treasures), carrots and potatoes. Villagers wait until you are trusted to give you really good things like diamond armor. I also think they build the iron golems. But their ancient civilization fell. The mines were taken over by spiders who evolved to fit in the mines, the dessert temples were buried, and the jungle temples become overgrown. Now they stay in their small villages afraid. In the end we are the baddies, they are the goodies. Please leave your opinion.
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    posted a message on Pokecraft New 1.7 Server
    Also, could ya guys post a comment or something on here, we don't want this getting shoved back
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    posted a message on Pokecraft New 1.7 Server
    Welcome everybody, Pokecraft is a whitelisted server run on assassin's PC right now. To apply please goto this site and sign up. http://pokecraftftb.enjin.com/forum/m/17547956/viewthread/9303972-whitelist-application
    have fun
    no trolling/greifing
    don't take or touch thing that not yours on less the owner of the item tells you that you can
    don't kill unless you have the other person say you can
    no hacking/cheating
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    posted a message on EliteCraft FTB Ultimate Whitelisted Bukkit 24/7
    - IGN: pokemon2201
    - Age: 13, but I am very mature
    - Location: NC, USA
    - Minecraft, FTB experience: I have alot of FTB experience and know about almost every mod in it

    - Why are you interested: Because I was looking for a new group of people to play with in a nice friendly community
    - What you consider yourself good at: I personally would say I am good at a variety of things, but mainly building things that work
    - If Applying for Staff what experience do you have? I'm not applying for staff, just want to have fun
    -Are you currently contributing to any other server that may take away from your activity on this server? (Yes/No) I am currently not contributing to any other servers, as why I want to come on here

    - Other info: Your name seems familiar to me, have we met before?
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    posted a message on SOTF - [Pure Survival][Mature][LWC][AntiGrief][1.7.2]


    Why you want to join (Must be more than a sentence): I am looking for a server with a good community. With people who I can hang out and have fun with, but having it be protected from greifers, hackers,spammers, and other people who mean to do harm. It has been a while since I've played vanilla minecraft and want to get back to it and make some friends in a good enviroment.
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