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    Quote from Markillion

    Unfortunately not, sorry.

    A little warning would have been nice. There were 900k worth of items in my shop :(
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    Still have one of these things
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    This is very difficult. What I have in mind is to run 343 command blocks (7x7x7) every time you place cobweb just to locate where you placed it. Using a comparator, the successful command block will run another command block that will summon a Wither Skull in the cobweb. Using scoreboard and a clock that runs 20 ticks per second, count the number of ticks since the Wither Skull was spawned and once it reaches 600 (30 secs), use /execute to set an air block on the Wither Skull who has reached 600 ticks. Then another /execute kills the Wither Skull.

    All of this uses ~700 command blocks.
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    Dispenser Defense 3

    Lock the door, build a golem and load your dispensers because a zombie hoard is coming! Dispenser Defense is a Minecarft tower defense game where you need to defend what's left of your village using dispensers against 20 waves of zombies. Play mini games that tests your jumping abilities, agility, combat skills and luck to win ammo and other helpful things.

    How to play:


    At the start of the game, you find yourself in a small room that has 3 buttons, one for each difficulty.

    EASY: Each wave spawns 5 more zombies than the last. That's 100 zombies at wave 20. Plus, and you get 128 arrows, 64 fire charges and 15 XP.
    NORMAL: Each wave spawns 8 more zombies than the last. That's 160 zombies at wave 20. Plus, and you get 64 arrows, 32 fire charges and 10 XP.
    APOCALYPTIC : Each wave spawns 11 more zombies than the last. That's 220 zombies at wave 20. You get no free ammo at the start of the game.

    The Control Panel

    On this side, there are 5 villager heads that represents the 5 villagers that are still alive, lose them all and it's game over. Also, there are 11 Buttons. The middle button starts the next wave, the buttons on the left is for buying special ammo, and the buttons on the right is for support.

    List of buttons and their uses:
    :Green: Start Button: Starts the next wave.
    Left Side (Special Ammo):
    :Orange: Lava Bucket: Buy a lava bucket for 75 XP. Put it in a floor dispenser that has no pressure plate on top; otherwise the lava bucket itself will be dispensed instead of lava. ***You're not allowed to pour lava or take an empty bucket from a lava dispenser.***
    :Black: Wither (potion): Buy a splash potion that gives Wither III to anything within its range. 20 XP for 3 bottles
    :Red: Insta-Kill (potion): Buy a splash potion that deals large damage to zombies. Costs 15 XP each.
    :Rose: Splash Potion of Healing x5: Buy 5 Splash Potion of Healing for 10 XP.
    :Grey: Flint and Steel: Buy a flint and steel for 5 XP. Creats fire on the ground. Flint and steel must be placed in a floor dispenser that has no pressure plate on top; otherwise no fire will be created. ***It is against the rules to set blocks on fire. Let the dispensers do the work.***
    Right Side (Support):
    :brick: Archer Tower: You are teleported into the Archer Tower on the house. 10 XP for 1 minute in the tower. NOTE: You must bring a Bow (you may get one for free by pressing the brown button) and arrows to make this effective.
    :log: (Brown Wool) Bow: Free bow. To be used in Archer Tower.
    :Pink: Enchant the bow you're holding: Press this button while holding a bow to enchant it with Flame and Infinity, and get a free arrow. Costs 5 XP. NOTE: If you are not holding a bow, you will still be charged without getting enchantments.
    :Yellow: Flash: A powerful support used only once per round. Lights most zombies ablaze for free, but you need to unlock it first.
    :Teal: Night Vision Potion: Get a Potion of Night Vision to help you see in dark places for free.

    Mini Games

    The fate of your villagers lies on your performance in these quick mini games. Play them well and every round is a breeze. Screw up on every game and it's villagers on the zombies' menu tonight.

    From left to right:

    Jump for Treasure

    Jump over pillars and pick up treasures scattered over the area then drop them into the center hopper to aquire ammo and XP.

    Iron Ingot - 12 Arrows and 6 Fire Charges.
    Gold Ingot - 18 Arrows and 9 Fire Charges.
    Diamond - 18 Arrows, 9 Fire Charges and 5 XP.

    Skeleton Shooter

    Knock the skeletons off their side of the arena using the snow balls provided to win ammo and XP. Each skeleton knocked will give you ammo and more balls. XP is awarded for every few skeletons.

    King of the Ring

    You are given an enchanted shovel at the start of the game. Knock the skeletons off the arena to win ammo and XP.


    This mini game is based on your luck. Pick any of the two buttons, one will give you ammo and XP while the other will kick you out of the room. Prizes will multiply for every correct button.

    After playing mini games and buying some special ammo, you are ready to load the dispensers. Press the "Teleport Down" button on the purple corners to access maze. Now put the desired amount of ammo into the dispensers of your choice. There are 3 different dispensers:

    Horizontally facing dispensers - All ammo except Flint and Steel and Lava Bucket.
    Upward facing dispensers w/o pressure plate - All ammo, but Fire Charges tend to miss the zombies and potions sometimes hit the ceiling.
    Upward facing dispensers w/ pressure plate - All ammo except Flint and Steel and Lava Bucket. Fire Charges tend to miss the zombies
    and potions sometimes hit the ceiling.

    Remember to leave some arrows in your inventory in case you need to use the Arrow Tower.

    Once everything is set, use the purple corners again to go back up then start the wave. Repeat until you pass wave 20 or lose. Have fun!

    • Do not break blocks.
    • Do not set blocks on fire using Flint and Steel or Fire Charge.
    • Do not pour lava from a Lava Bucket.
    • Do not take an empty bucket inside a dispenser.

    Download from...
    Curse - Show your support!


    Can you please tell me what you think?
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    Quote from Shemtar

    How do you get the zombies to actually move from one end of the map to the other?? i was making a map to try and show you a few suggestions, but I can't find out how to get them to move from point A to point B lol

    Hope this answers your question

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    Thank you everyone.

    Quote from Kinetize

    Idk if youre the first with this idea but it seems nice, DL!

    Dispenser Defense is not the first tower defense map but it is the first to use villagers to lure the zombies through the maze.

    Quote from CreeperXplosion

    This looks extremely well done. How many hours of playtime is it exactly? +1 to you =)

    Edit: Tested out the map and there were a few bugs. First, if you start a round and go to the archer tower before the text "Round Ended" appeared, you get stuck in the archer tower. Maybe you should add a home button to get out of the tower whenever..? Secondly, if you buy a potion when you already have the same potion in your inventory, it deletes it. Don't know a fix for that. I only played up to like round 4 then I got stuck in the archer tower because of that bug and couldn't go further. It seems like a nice map and I also discovered something cheap. I fill up all the dispensers with fire charges and snipe the zombies at the archer tower, really effective.

    Thanks! The playtime is estimated to be 2 hours. Depends on how long it takes to load the dispensers one by one or how long you last in the mini games.

    Now about the bugs. The archer tower lasts about 1 minute. Did you get stuck in there for too long? I should have added a command block that teleports the player back when the round ended. The potion bug that you are talking about is not a bug, its a feature ;)

    Edit: Updated the map. Fixed some bugs.
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    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
    Dispenser Defense 2
    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

    Dispenser Defense 2 is a tower defense game made in Minecraft where your goal is to prevent waves of zombies from entering your house.

    Instructions/How to play: [spoiler] At the beginning you find yourself staring at a welcome message. Look behind you and you can see 4 entrances to different rooms, go inside the room nearest to you which is the Ammo Shop. Inside you can see four holes on the floor, at the left you can see a wall with instructions and info written in signs, and at the right you can see a cart that contains sand. Sand is used to buy essential items in the shop. The next 3 rooms are mini-game rooms, here you can play mini-games that reward you more sand when you win. Mini-games can only be played once before every round. Here are the instructions to every room:

    Ammo Shop: [spoiler] In this room you use sand as currency to buy more ammo. To get your ammo. place sand inside hole 1. If you still have extra sand left, place another sand inside the next hole. Don't place sand in a hole if the hole before it is empty. For example, don't place a sand in hole 4 if hole 3 is empty. If all sand is in place, press the "TRADE" button and wait for your ammo to arrive. Note: Before you buy ammo, try getting more sand from mini-games for a higher ammount of ammo. Remember that mini-games can only be played once before every wave. Also every end of each round, a free cart arrives that contains sand. Destroy this cart to make way for other carts.

    1 sand = 16 arrows and fire charges
    2 sand = 32 arrows and fire charges
    3 sand = 64 arrows and fire charges
    4 sand = 128 arrows, 128 fire charges and something very neat!

    Mini-game "Shoot the Zombies": [spoiler] In this mini-game, you must kill the zombies before they reach the fence. Zombies can be killed by just one hit from an arrow. To play, open the chest beside the button and take the arrow inside. After a second, 6 zombies spawn and head towards you. Kill the zombies using the bow, which you got from the free cart in the shop, before they step on the pressure plate behind the fence. If you succeed wait for a cart to arrive and take the sand. [/spoiler]

    Mini-game "Wood Room Parkour": [spoiler] This room is a quick but challenging room. Your goal is to jump your way to the other side without falling to the ground because you only have 7 seconds to get to the other side. To play, step on one of the pressure plate then immediately jump to the other side. Once you reach that side, step on the rail and catch the falling cart that contains sand. [/spoiler]

    Mini-game "Keep the Cart Away from Lava" [spoiler] In this mini-game, you need to keep the cart away from the lava pit by changing its course using a lever until it reaches the exit. To play, press the button then go to the lever and wait for the cart to appear. Change the course of the cart by using the lever. [/spoiler]

    After you finish buying ammo, head to the tunnel(right side of the image on top) and jump down. Distribute the ammo into multiple dispensers then head back to the tunnel and use the elevator to go back up. After you loading the dispensers its time to start the first wave. To start a wave, press the button found near the spawn. Now watch the zombies come out of the cave and get killed by your dispensers! A wave lasts 5-6 minutes so even though all the zombies are dead, you still have to wait until the torch ,near the "Start Wave" button, is off. Repeat the process until you beat all 20 waves or until your bedroom explodes.
    One last note: destroy the storage carts to give way for other carts that will arrive later. [/spoiler]

    New Features:
    - added a 'trashcan' in the shop
    - ammo tweaks
    - a little change in "Wood Room Parkour" mini-game
    - removed the bow dispenser in "Shoot the Zombies" mini-game. the bow is now found in the free sand cart in the shop

    - Never break blocks.
    - Never place blocks except pumpkins. Sand can be used for shop only.
    - Pumpkins can only be placed on top of iron blocks.

    - 20 waves of increasing difficulty
    - more dispensers than in Dispenser Defense 1
    - mini-games
    - ammo shop

    Upcoming Features:
    - in game manual
    - a way to detect if no more zombies are in the path
    - brewing your own splash potions
    - lava buckets for dispensers. exclusively for Desert map style only.
    --> Making a lava dispenser is harder than I thought. If you know a design that shoots twice when you step in a pressure plate please post in this topic.
    - more map styles

    Download Links:
    Classic 2.1 [spoiler]
    750 Downloads! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!

    Download links(pick one):
    Dropbox (outdated - version 2.0)

    Nether 2.1[spoiler]
    200 Downloads! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!

    Map style, pathing, and features [spoiler]

    - Nether themed map
    - sand is replaced with gravel to fit the theme

    Download links(pick one):
    Dropbox(outdated - unplayable)

    Desert [spoiler]
    might not be able to work on this.

    If you have any questions, problems,suggestions or requests regarding Dispenser Defense 2, just tell me.
    Your replies are what keeps this thread alive so please tell me anything you think about my map!

    If you think my map deserves more attention than it is getting, then you can help by using this as your signature :) Just copy the code below it.


    Dispenser Defense 1 (deleted thread)

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
    Dispenser Defense
    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

    Hi, let me present to you my first map in the forum! This map is called "Dispenser Defense". Its basically a tower defense using dispensers against zombies. At the beginning, you are given 32 arrows and 32 fire charges. Distribute them wisely on multiple dispersers to survive the wave. There are 15 waves, each wave adds two more zombies than the previous wave (2 x CurrentLevel = #of zombies). If they reach their destination, which is the bedroom where the villager is sleeping, you lose and you have to reinstall the map(sorry, I haven't thought of a resetting mechanism). Have fun!

    1.1 Update:
    +Added a cat standing near the tunnel for more protection against creepers.
    +Entering the house is now possible.
    +Added a "win" message when all 15 waves are cleared.
    +More automatic dispensers.

    *15 waves with increasing difficulty
    *Ammo and other useful things rewarded after every wave
    *67 empty dispensers that you fill up with ammo
    *Zombies follow a path without the help of water
    *A very cruel penalty when you lose
    *Infinite player health (sorta... the player has a total of 16383.5 hearts)
    *Iron Golem. Iron Blocks appear in carts but the pumpkin must be found

    Instructions/How to play:
    When you first play the map, you are on The Viewing Deck, this is where you view the action below. Now check the cart behind you to get your first ammo, destroy the cart to make way for other carts. Once you got the ammo, go inside the tunnel and jump down. After that, you should find yourself at the place I call The Play Field, this is where zombies follow a path filled with dispensers. Distribute the ammo you took from the cart into the dispensers. after you finish doing that, head back into the tunnel and use the elevator to go up. Now, run towards the other end of The Viewing Deck, there you will find a button, press it to start the wave and watch the zombies get killed by your dispensers. After the wave ends (torch off), take the contents of the cart and do the same process over again until you win or lose. Kill any mob that spawn outside the path. Even though all zombies are dead, the wave might still be running. One wave lasts at least a minute and wont go over two minutes.

    Rule: Never break and place blocks until you finish all 15 waves. You may only place Iron Blocks and Pumpkins to create an Iron Golem. You may only use the Iron Blocks and Pumpkins to create an Iron Golem. Doors taken from the carts can also be placed anywhere you want.
    You may not break the Pumpkin from the small farm in The Play Field, find a way how to get it without touching it.


    Dispenser Defense

    The Play Field

    What happens when zombies enter your house?




    Download and Enjoy!

    If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to comment! Thanks!

    Also try out my other map(s): Molten
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    I experimented with this feature. I stacked a thrown ender pearl on a mob. Killing the mob will teleport you to the place where the mob died.

    I also tried putting a minecart on an ender dragon! A dream come true!

    Edit again:

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    I expected the electric clippers to explode the instant it touches Notch's beard.
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    haha nice one.
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