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    posted a message on Minecraft Realms - Looking for mature players (20+)

    This seems pretty cool, I'll be more than happy to join.

    Age 32

    I played Minecraft more than I'd like to admit between 2011-2016. I wanna try to stick somewhere and throw some builds.

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    posted a message on Anyone else agree that Minecraft needs more realism, and less fantasy?

    You dislike so many things that are already in the game and asks for stuff which are not likely to be added. Maybe you want to play another game, not Minecraft.

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    posted a message on [Bedrock] [survival] [achievements on] [21+]

    Hi, I'd like to join!

    IGN: Junksteel
    Age: 30

    Do I really need to have a discord?

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    posted a message on Lost World - No coords/Vanilla Survival/Hermitcraft style 18+
    Lost World

    *Ok guys, we are reopening the realm with a new map and a different approach of what is more common around here. After some disasters in the last map we are recruiting new players (I hope we get more mature people this time)


    1) The realm doesn't have coords. It means people will need to increase their sense of direction. I believe it might spice things up a bit. Maps and compass are heavily necessary for exploration. Test your skills!

    2) Vanilla fresh survival.NO OP. YES, exactly. You wont see anyone flying above your head or displaying fancy gear while you are still struggling with iron tools in the early days of the world. I play 100% legit and there are no operators in the realm. The world starts untouched at day 1.

    3) Long term. The realm will be active while there is people playing. I have some IRL friends playing and if no one else is interested we will just keep it private. We really want to accomplish all minecraft goals, build complex farms and explore all the content displayed for vanilla minecraft. No hurry, but be active.

    4) Mature community. This realm is designed for adults. Only players capable to interact in this level are welcome. In other words: NO GRIEFING, NO STEALING. Most of us work in full time jobs and just want to enjoy a Minecraft relaxing experience with no drama and no traumas. Dicks will be removed as soon they are spoted.

    5) Normal difficulty. It means there is rain, night and accidental fire. Plain vanilla, no big deal. That's not that hard, right? Try to survive and dont get lost.

    6) Cheaters are garbage and will be removed. No further explanation needed.

    If you are a mature friendly player and read those points, drop some of your info bellow:

    Minecraft IGN:
    Minecraft interests:
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    posted a message on [The Realm of Kairos] 100% Vanilla Survival with Story :D

    I must say I like the idea.
    Everything depends on how you set all these concepts.
    I own a Realms myself but I would love to give it a try when released. Specially because it is vanilla.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I found my first diamond just when I hit level 11 in our fresh new realm map.

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    posted a message on We are welcoming 18+ players to join our server

    This realm is cool for 18+ people who wants to have a stable and long term minecraft fun.

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    posted a message on Whats your take on the new iron nuggets?

    Chestplate: 8 ingots
    Leggings: 7 ingots
    Helmet: 5 ingots
    Boots: 4 ingots
    Sword: 2 ingots
    Shovel: 1 ingot

    THAT would be reasonable.

    All those ingots are still not enough to craft a single pair of boots. Fair enough.

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    posted a message on We are welcoming 18+ players to join our server

    Woah, I deffinitely need to try this.

    PC username: Junksteel
    Age: 29
    Country: Brazil
    Favorite material to build with: wood and hardened clay when available.
    Best area of building: Taiga or somewhere near Mesa biome
    How long you have been playing: 4-5 years I believe

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    posted a message on MineCraft is dying:(
    Quote from Chawngus»

    This happens in every community of a big game. Wow is REALLY dying anyway, Minecraft is a lot better off than it is. The sub count has dropped pretty hard and the WOTLK glory days are long gone

    I miss Vanilla Wow and Burning Crusade age. WOTLK was a pretty decent and fun expansion too. I came back to the game in WOD, and holy crap, they destroyed the game.

    Minecraft is like Lego. It never dies while there is a kid out there wishing to play a good game.

    I'm 30 years old, not a child at all, but a huge lego collector and minecraft enthusiast.

    So no, Minecraft is not dying yet.

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