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    Yes of course :D I put alot of effort into this, more viewings = more better;

    please post a link here so I can add it to the general info

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    Go Big Or Go Home

    A Brief History Of The House

    The House was designed in 1935 by Frank Lloyd Wright. Edgar Kaufmann Senior, an established businessman and department store owner in Pittsburg, commissioned the residence at Mill Run Pennsylvania to replace deteriorating and ill-located lodgings already on the family property. The central feature of the property had always been the beautiful Bear Run Waterfalls upstream of the Youghiogheny River; Wright unconventionally decided to design the house over the waterfalls, focusing views of the surrounding forest with low ceilings and using cantilevers throughout the house to mimic the landscape and waterfalls themselves.
    The main house was complete by 1937, and the guest house overlooking the property was finished two years later.This guest house also included the garage (now theatre) and servants quarters (now offices). Edgar Kaufmann Junior, an educated architect himself, had suggested Wright to design the residence and he was also influential in the design process. In 1963 the junior Kaufmann donated the property to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and it opened a year later as an architectural museum, continuing so to the present.

    About My Design

    How it started: Originally the plan was recreate the falling water property and finally play through an entire round of the latest Thaumcraft at the time. I had made one of these Falling Water maps before, but in the end wasn't satisfied with the level of detail and accuracy, so...practice makes perfect right? I got a little carried away about those last two points, not only ditching the Thaumcraft venture altogether but upping the scale of the property to accomodate more detail and wiggle room with the accuracy.

    Admissions and Errors: I'll be the first to say, some parts look a little wonkey. The stream quite obviously runs too straight and parallel to the property - this was actually something I did to save having to put the overlook (at the end of the path) even further out and thus having to terraform even more (ugh!). The driveway up to the garage was also somewhat shortened for the same reason. Additionally, all this was done by pretty much eying up the plans, lots of googled photos, and youtubed tour videos; I know there's another Falling Water map out there that's also designed quite well and in fact to scale - I didn't do that. Could've...just...didn't. Anyway, because of this, a few areas and vertical levels became exaggerated a little beyond even the amplified scale. Meh. The amplified scale itself helps hide these, and I'm pretty happy with the level of detail I was able to put in thanks to a more freeform design process. (Although wow, it did take ALOT of tearing down mistakes and rebuilding large chunks of the property). Finally, although I tried to furnish the entire residence as accurately as possible, there were many rooms for which I had little or no reference material, so please keep this in mind.

    Stuff I'm happy about: I guess the detail I could get in all the rooms as well as in the landscaping/terraforming - all thanks to the big four mods I used for this map; Bibliocraft, Furniture Mod, Multipart and Carpenter's Blocks.

    Extras: I've taken the liberty of adding a crap-ton of vanilla and mod items to help furnish the house, and if you look closely enough you'll find some clues to my own personal (structural) addition to the house.



    Driveway At The Bridge
    Main House Living Room
    Dining Room
    Guest House Living Room
    Guest House Master Bedroom
    Garage/Servants' Quarters
    Guest House Pool


    Required and Recomended Support


    Minecraft 1.7.10

    Forge 1232

    Bibliocaft 1.10.3

    Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.5

    CodeChickenCore 1.7.10 -

    Forge Multipart 1.7.10 -

    MrCrayfishFurnitureMod 3.4.7

    RecipeAPI 1.0.1 ("Furniture API")


    Optifine 1.7.10-HD_U_A4

    Fastcraft 1.21

    Not Enough Items 1.7.10 -

    ModernCraft 1.8 (resource pack)

    (***This is strongly recommended as it is the pack used during the design process, and yes, 1.8***)

    Shaders of your choice (typically Karyonix')

    (If you have a decent computer)


    To the Mod Creators and Modding Community; couldn't have done this without you folks!

    To the yogscast! Especially Sips because he's hilarious and kept me entertained through all this. Also Especially Sjin as he inspired and motivated me with all his Let's Build episodes. In fact, I was thinking of joking calling this the "Paul Sykes Memorial Falling Water House 'XL'", but then thought...nah, I don't need to be accidentally starting a death hoax - don't do it kids! it really sucks for celebrities!

    To the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy for keeping Falling Water alive

    I would also like to thank my patient, loving and beautiful lady for putting up with all this :)

    Additional Links

    Legal Shizwaz

    This is my creative property. Do not take credit for it. Otherwise, use it however you want.

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