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    Cranny Mansion is a minecraft map in which the goal is simple, to explore a mansion! There are many secrets and easter eggs to be found all around the mansion, be sure to find them all!
    We've been working on this map in our spare time for the past year. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

    There are two types of secrets in the game to be found. Finding all of each type open up a door in the lobby:
    Secrets are represented by signs spread througout the map. When walking near a sign, a message will show if the secret has not been activated already.
    Secret Demo

    Journals are found in chests throughout the map (except for one!), and once the journal is in your inventory it is registered as found and a message shows up on screen
    Secret Demo


    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4

    Installation and Downloads
    This map is available as both zip and tarball form. The map runs in Minecraft 1.9.2 only.
    Server config can be found in the downloaded map, yet the game can also be run in singleplayer.

    Tar - http://static.platypro.net/dl/mc/crannymansion/CrannyMansionLATEST.tar
    Zip - http://static.platypro.net/dl/mc/crannymansion/CrannyMansionLATEST.zip

    Sometimes a sign doesn't trigger properly. If this happens, make sure the secret has not been activated already. If you are sure of this, just try approaching the secret again.

    A couple of the signs in the lobby might become blank after closing the game. This is an issue with the scoreboard system. It should fix itself after you unlock another secret.

    Map Created by:

    Testing by:

    We hope you like it :D

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