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    Minecraft Username: ZiolekCraft

    Would you consider yourself experienced in WorldEdit? Why?
    I'm a builder for some time now and to make my buildings faster I learned to use WorldEdit

    Would you consider yourself experienced with WorldPainter? Why?
    I never used WorldPainter but I was watching a lot of tutorials and I think I know how to use it

    How active would you be on the HerbalCraft Build Team?
    Probably something like 2 hours a day or more but I can't promise that always

    Why do you want to join HerbalCraft's Build Team?
    You probalby know that I joned server today so you won't accept it but this server is good and I want to help this server grow and make it even better

    What would you consider your greatest strength with building?
    I learn fast new ways to build

    What would you consider your greatest weakness with building?
    Modern buildings

    Pictures of previous builds (if Any):
    here is one picture

    Sorry that it's only 1 picture but the server I was building this on was deleted and I only had this one sreenshot(there are so many torches because I was building it in survival)

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    Hi Mike

    I would like to be a a part of your server's staff. I was a chat mod on a medium minecraft server and owner of a really small one and also a builder for some time. My discord:Ziolek #0678.

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