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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Compasscraft! A Vanilla Minecraft server!
    First name (Optional): Connor

    Minecraft username: Pizzaplox123

    Age: 17

    Why do you want to join us?: I want to join because, I've been looking for a vanilla server for quite awhile. I want to just make some friends, build some cool stuff, and just hang out.

    Where are you from?: Ohio

    Do you think greifing or stealing is right or wrong? Why?: I think both of them are wrong. If you take a lot of time to build something nice, and someone comes and ruins it. It's not cool. They need to be kicked / banned.
    Stealing isn't good either because, you take the time to get the items for what ever. Then someone just takes them for no reason for their own gain.
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    posted a message on Closed
    1. IGN: Pizzaplox123

    2. Age: 17

    3. Country: USA

    4: Skype (you can PM me it if you would like): Connor.jk (i'll PM also)

    5: How long have you been playing with mods: I've played FTB ever since it started to get really popular. I would just play it on and off until I got the hang of things. Now I really enjoy it.

    6: Why do you want to join: I want to join because I've been looking for a good Feed The Beast server for awhile. Mainly because single Player gets pretty old. I just want to come on, build some cool stuff, make friends and have a good time.

    7: Tell me a bit about your self: I'm a 17 year old gamer coming from Ohio I play pretty casually but sometime's I get really into a game so i'll really want to play it. Pretty much like the Minecraft FTB pack. Just overall a pretty cool person to talk to and hang around with.

    8: Who is your favorite mindcracker: Guude
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    posted a message on 1.4.7 Mature Survival Server ( 20 Slot 24/7 Semi-Vanilla )
    IGN : Pizzaplox123

    Age: 17

    Skype - Connor.jk

    Hope to get a reply, seems like a pretty cool server from what i've read. :)
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    posted a message on New-ish Vanilla Server | Whitelist | Accepting!
    IGN • Pizzaplox123

    Skype (if possible) • Connor.jk

    Minecraft Experience • I've been playing since around the very early alpha stages. So I know a thing or two.

    Building Skill (1-10) • Around a 7.5 or so

    Redstone Skill (1-10) • Around a 7.5 or so. ( I mainly try to do complex big builds )

    Can You Take a Joke? (We have pranks) • Yes, unless it goes to far.

    Do You Get Along With Others? • Yes, Some more than others.

    Other Information • Just a 17 year old gamer, I play casually so don't expect to see me on 24/7 if I get accepted. Nothing to much to say.
    Estimated Activity (1-7) 5 - 6
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    posted a message on Mindcrack - Feed the Beast Server! [Whitelist] [Mature 16+]
    Ign: Pizzaplox123

    Youtube channel (recommended): Seepov

    Skype (recommened): Connor.jk

    Age: 17

    Why you wanna be on this server: I want to be on the server because I really enjoy FTB and I think it is more fun to play with multiple people instead of yourself on single player.

    Are you apposed to pranking?: No, I think it's fun, as long as it doesn't go to far.

    What's the best way to get in contact with you if you are accepted? My skype. I don't check my messages on the forum's to much.

    Will you be recording on my server? Possibly, when I get the correct software

    Have you ever been banned? Yes.
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    posted a message on [NEW] Private Whitelisted Vanilla Server [1.4.7]
    Idk if it's just me but neither of the IP's Work.
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    posted a message on [NEW] Private Whitelisted Vanilla Server [1.4.7]
    IGN : Pizzaplox123

    Age: 17

    I would like to join because I really want to play on a basic vanilla server, were I can have a "single player " experience with some people. Make some friends, build some badass stuff, and just have a good time.
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    IGN: Pizzaplox123

    Age: 17

    Reason for wanting to play: I've wanted to get into a vanilla FTB for awhile, single player FTB just isn't cutting it anymore, I want to converse, and just hang out makes some friends with some people.

    Goals on the server: Build a complete empire.

    (If youve seen "MindCrack" before) Favourite MindCracker: I prefer Guude, He just has a great sense of building with his projects.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server 1.4.5
    - Your Ingame-Name: Pizzaplox123

    - The timezone you live in: Est

    - How old are you? 17

    - Why do you want to join? I want to join because I'm looking for a nice vanilla server that I can just come on, hang out and build.

    - Your experience of vanilla Minecraft: Before I got into multiplayer I played the single player through out the indev / Alpha stages. I have since then been on in off from multiplayer to singleplayer.

    - Would you make Youtube-Videos? Yes I would. ( I use fraps, + After effects )

    - Where are you good at? I'm good at a lot of things. Making big structures to just small decorated areas.

    - Why should we pick you? You should pick me because I can bring a fresh perspective to the server. I can start by helping people, to just simply adding one more person to the people you can talk to.

    - Your favourite PvP-Map: I'm not into PvP maps.

    - What is the concept of this server? The concept is to just have a good time, hang out, build and play the game in its normal fashion, no mods, plugins Etc...

    - Who is your favorite Mindcracker? Etho + pauseUnpause. ( I also enjoy Hermit Craft )
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    posted a message on Whitelist Vanilla Server, no Mods, Just fun
    What will you do first when you join? I will most likely just interact with other players and just start some projects.

    How long can you play per day? I can play really anytime I want. I normally play about 2 -3 during the week. and a lot more on the weekend.

    Information about yourself: I'm a 17 year old gamer. I've been playing minecraft for a few years now, so I know my way around the game pretty well. I mainly just enjoy talking to people in the game and making new friends and such. Just all around having a good time. and staying drama free.

    Location: Ohio ( rather not say the city )

    ]Age: 17

    What do you like to do in Minecraft? I like to normally do BIG projects. It's hard to say. Normally my projects are complex, I really try to pay attention to detail.

    IGN: Pizzaplox123
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    posted a message on Feed the beast mature whitelisted server
    1. Age: 17
    2. Minecraft Username: Pizzaplox123
    3. Why do you want to join our FTB server? I want to join a FTB server because, I'm getting tired of playing FTB on single player. Want to interact with other people and possibly do dual builds and such.
    4. Do you have any experience with FTB? (no experience required) Yes I have experience. not 100% on how long I've been playing FTB thought.
    5. Do you have any friends that currently play on the server?: I do not.
    6. Are you registered on any minecraft ban websites, ie: mcbans, etc: No. I'm not registered on any of them.
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    posted a message on SMALL VANILLA SURVIVAL [WHITELISTED] [15 SLOT]
    Ign: pizzaplox123
    Age: (Optional. Please leave this blank if you don't want to submit your age) 17
    Why you want to join: I want to join because, I've been looking for a small vanilla survival server for quite awhile. I could never find the right one because the owners would always end up quitting or just adding pointless plug ins to ruin the fun.
    I figured I would apply to hopefully have a great time :)
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    Ingame name: Pizzplox123

    Do you have skype: Connor.jk

    Age: 17

    Country: United States

    What do you like most about minecraft: What I like most about it would easily be the freedom to build nearly anything that can come to mind. From tall skyscrapers to small humble villages. Just overall a great game.

    Have you been in any other servers? If so, why did you leave: I've played multiple servers. I leave normally because the staff doesn't act professional or mature.

    What are you good at: I'm good at making intricate builds, and also learning redstone.

    What kind of builds do you make: I like to build anything really. I just enjoy making things that people can look at and say.. Woah.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: I've been playing for about 2 years.

    How often will you be online: I'm online a lot. Can't really give a perfect time span.

    How do you deal with social conflict? I talk it out. Try to get it settled and keep everything calm.

    Why do you want to join this server in particular?: I want to join it because it seems pretty cool. Mindcrack inspired really caught my attention because i've been a big fan of that server for a long time.

    Do you watch any LP'ers: I watch all of the Mindcrack players ( Mainly etho )

    Do you have a youtube channel (if so, name): I do have one but no videos. Youtube - seePov

    Do you consider yourself quiet or outgoing: I consider myself outgoing. I love to spark conversation with other players and just be a fun person to talk to.

    Tell me about yourself: Well, I'm a 17 year old gamer. I enjoy being a chill person to talk to and just making some good friends on generally any games. Not to much to say here.

    Thanks for the time :)
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    posted a message on Azure ~ Survival Server ~ Purely Legit ~ Whitelisted
    IGN: pizzaplox123
    Why do you want to join?: I want to join because, I want to play on a good survival server, not one that's packed with hundreds of players, just a nice humble server were everyone can just chill and have fun. Yours seems good because it is a legit survival server.
    Previous Builds?: I made a model of the twin towers ( wen't to sky limit 256 )
    Any specialties?: Large builds
    Have you been Banned?:(If so why?) Yes. I've gotten into an argument with a friend so he banned me..
    Skype?:(Optional) Connor.jk
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    posted a message on New Small Survival Server!
    Username: pizzaplox123
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Do you agree to the rules? yes
    How active are you? (hours per day) 3-4 hours
    Location? (where are you from?) USA, OH
    What is your personal reason for wishing to join this server?
    Just looking for a chill server i can settle in for awhile.
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