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    posted a message on New adventure ilands server
    Adventure Islands

    try with or without port

    leave ign and i will add u
    5 players only
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP][1.3.2]Fossil / Archeology [v6.9 P-4]
    a couple of ideas for this AWESOME mod:

    1. Make it were u can breed the dinos and the baby stays with its mommy until it is an adult

    2. Instead of right-clicking the ground with an egg and the dino instantly hatches, make it were when u right-click the ground and white rectangle standing vertical (an egg) is placed on the ground and takes 1 minecraft day for the egg to hatch

    I hope u add these to the game because it would make it more realistic and be like ur actuly hatching an egg
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