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    Crusher, stop rationalizing with "but userZero this and userZero that." It's really annoying.

    Just PLAY THE GAME. Just because Tazz won't let you completely rip the game apart doesn't mean strategy doesn't work!

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    EDIT: Nevermind, this should probably go in the main thread.

    @supercool: Probably not, since that was a counter on your action.

    @ultimate: No, it doesn't count for your free action, you can unleash a charge AND do your action at the same time.

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    Sweet, that means you're catching on faster than most peeps do.

    I also commend you for thinking to ask for help in the off topic thread, I think we've only ever had one other newbie do that.

    Good luck out there, 0rigins is pretty hectic.

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    I have Tourrettes, haven't been able to go to school for three months, and need to try and make up all that work as quick as I can, all while not being able to focus because of the constant shaking, which has also somehow given me insomnia to boot.

    No. No it is not.

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    Instead of raging about the update that may or may not be a thing yet, how about you guys all watch .

    Dust: An Elysian Tail is a charming game, and Talist is already doing a fairly good job at commentary.


    One of these days... one of these days...

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    Ah, the reason this isn't in suggestions is because this isn't actually a thing for in-game Minecraft. I think it'd sort of ruin everything if everything at an actual in game value. This is just a sort of thing outside of Minecraft to come up with a system for comparing hordes. It's entirely Just For Fun, and not actually something I want in the game.

    Also, care to elaborate why you think stone counts as 3? I'd think that since wood can be used in more ways, and you'll generally always have plenty of excess stone just from mining, they'd be worth about the same. (not questioning you entirely, just want to sort of feel around)

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    I haven't got a whole lot of time, so a random guy shows up, he begins charging something...


    A distant force begin preparing to try and tip the scales a little more drastically: 1/25

    Nevermind, I'll do it now.

    George wasn't sure where he was, or why he was here. He'd doubled-clicked on the Mineplex server and suddenly the glitch bar had appeared as he put his finger down, and suddenly he was receiving death threats from a random person who he had never met before.

    And just after the whole thing with Project Binary was over too!

    He vaguely recognized the man as the godmodder, but the godmodder was supposed to be dead, wasn't he?

    George shrugged to himself and decided to just run up and punch User0.

    "I mean, come on, what am I gonna do without gear?"

    Two figures slowly coalesce into being on a hilltop overlooking the fight.

    This is what you wanted me to see?


    What's so unusual about this place, crossover events have been spiking up everywhere these days.

    Look deeper. This place had no energies even implying that it would be such a place just two days ago.


    I see it.

    What is going on here?

    I do not know.

    For once my knowledge and visions offer me no information on where this conflict will lead.

    Wait, look at the golden one.


    Gods... How? How is that even possible?

    Is he a Descendant?


    He's The Epicenter.

    He should not even exist.

    So we watch?

    Nothing more that we can do for now.

    I feel... there's something wrong here.

    Relax, the feeling will subside. When this much energy comes together in one place, even beings of your status, perhaps even especially beings of your status, are bound to feel uncomfortable.

    The two figures, now visible as what looks like a college professor in a tweed jacket, and a shadowy, wispy figure in a purple cloak obscuring all his features, settle down and wait and watch.

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    I'm sad now. I remembered an amazing idea a friend told me at school and I was making plans to implement it all day...

    I get on the computer and see I missed my deadline by like 5 minutes.

    And since I'm almost certain there is no way I will ever get to do it now, here it is.

    "And suddenly, a swarm of... oh, oh godmodder no... NOT AGAIN!!!

    A swarm of tie-shaped TIE fighters, made in Thailand, flown by Tyrones and made by Tyson (all nicknamed Ty), tying knots in their formations, all placing the same place in a race, and covered in mosaics...

    Ty's tied tying tie Thai Ty TIE tiled Fighters! "

    Just to set off twin's PTSD one more time...


    I'm Christian (LDS more specifically, which gives me an even lighter perspective on death) and the idea of physical death has never held much form for me. Death isn't permanence. Sentience isn't something you can just... snuff out. That's an idea that just doesn't feel right to me.

    On that note though, I have considered the ramifications of if your spirit could die in real life. That's something that scares me, I still don't think that would extinguish you as a person, but since there's no information on what comes after where we are now, there's not a whole lot about what the after-afterlife (if there is such a thing) would or could be like.

    But even that doesn't scare me in and of itself.

    Forgetting is what scares me. Forgetting who and what you are, and what you stand for. That's the ultimate form of death. Even if you still live, completely losing all sense of who you are is permanent. More permanent than death. The ideas of heaven I hear in some Christian ideals chill me when I think about them, the idea of forgetful bliss... Honestly, if I had a choice, I'd choose an eternity of torture, but still being able to remember what I was, how I got there, and so on, rather than go on, completely unaware that I once had hopes, dreams, and goals separate from what I once was.

    Change doesn't scare me. I welcome change. Emptiness does. No eldritch abomination or being of oblivion could scare me more than the concept of being able to destroy a person.

    On that note, the horrible thing that I feel comes with dying in DTG isn't the fact that you're dead, its what the Narrative does once you die. Instead of leaving you dead, to allow your friends and family to continue on while you wait in Limbo for something to happen, it remakes everything. Ripping your experiences and self out of where ever your afterlife is to put you in a universe-long groundhog day loop, only without anyone who remembers what happened last time.

    Otherwise death would just be moving on. True, Limbo is a bit deadening, but at least you are still there. Progress is slowed, not removed. You're still you, and... yeah.

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    Question, talist, how much did you nerf my game breakers? Just wondering how much they increase/decrease your power now. I'd just like to say that were it not for the fact that angering the Narrative is already grounds for instantaneous death as shown by what happened to the L()rd, I'd ask for it to be set to -100 on each stat, but, you know. That was still freaking hilarious.

    My (belated) commentary.

    @tazz: go ahead and draw up stats for my characters.

    I think its really funny that serpent killed Hank again, as serpent's the one that killed him the first time around too.

    Holy cow maniac, you went on a murder spree!

    But the only person more hardcore than maniac is Lothrya... holy cow, Lothrya steamrollered Pane, and then maniac, after maniac took out two people.

    Commentary on round 2:

    That... that round was just horrible on so many freaking levels.

    engie, you want an aspirin or something?

    Sorry astria...

    Holy cow, my event KO'd the L()rd. That was AMAZING!!!

    And for anyone wondering, now we know whether Raven or Bill is stronger.

    please pardon the slight going over in stats for these five, but please let it pass, just for the sake of hilarity.

    The brick wall {150s, 1d, 1i, 1a, 1e}

    Geometry Dash {1s, 150d, 1i, 1a, 1e}

    magic cueball {1s, 1d, 150i, 1a, 1e}

    The alchemiter {1s, 1d, 1i, 150a, 1e}

    The boss vortex {1s, 1d, 1i, 1a, 150e}

    Yes. Five inanimate objects. If they survive, it will be by stupid amounts of luck. And it will be hilarious.

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    Okay. Thank you.
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