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    Hi all! I know what my username on the forums is but call me Guz, Guzaboo, or strange person in charge of a mod. Remember to try to read the whole post before commenting.

    I've got an idea for a mod that I think would make Minecraft much more enjoyable. This mod would add a lot more mobs and possibly a few more biomes. We'd have mobs specifically designed for the different biomes. Currently in Minecraft there are only a few mobs such as farm animals and a few others. I'd like to see deer, monkeys, and lizards, for example, placed in the different biomes. We might add more tamable mobs with special features like the cat scaring creepers away. Like I said, we're still gathering ideas, and this is why it's better to join the team now! Be a part of a revolutionary mod!

    Want to join the modding team for Nature+? Here's the application:


    Team Role (Modeller, Texturer, Coder, etc.):

    Modding Experience:

    How much time can you put toward this:

    Why does this mod interest you?


    Planned Features: (Still being heavily modified)


    We'll make changes to the currently existing biomes including new plants and animals. We'll also add new biomes.

    Tundra (Already exists)

    -Arctic Fox

    -Polar Bears

    -Caribou (and possibly a Christmas Easter Egg involving these)

    -Musk Ox

    Desert (Already exists)


    -Various Lizards, peaceful and aggressive



    -Camels (An alternative to mules and donkeys)

    Taiga (Already exists)





    Tropical Rainforest (We could use the Jungle, or create a new biome)





    -Insects such as Butterflies?






    -Probably many more, I want this biome especially to be filled with diverse animals.

    Chaparral (New!)


    -Mule Deer



    Grassland (Already exists as Plains, but we might modify)



    -Gray Wolf


    Savanna (Already exists)








    Temperate Deciduous Forest (I think we'll make our own)

    -Black Bear





    Wetland (Swamp exists, we'll add marshes and/or bogs)






    -Venus Flytrap?

    Mushroom Island?

    -Mushroom Bears, etc.?

    Aquatic Biomes?


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    Welcome to the team, Potato!

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