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    posted a message on FRIDAY UPDATE: October 1 2010
    Quote from TurtleeyMC »
    I'd like to see AT LEAST fish.
    It'll only take about 5 minutes of coding for a slightly buggy version.

    you obviously have access to the Minecraft sourcecode plus deep knowledge of its inner working (otherwise, why would you know how much work it is to implement which feature), so why aren't YOU updating the game while notch is getting his company started.

    (as a programmer myself, I hate nothing more than non-programmers telling me how much work it'll be to implement feature suchandsuch)
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    posted a message on mcmap (isometric renders, SSP/SMP, Minecraft 1.3.1 support)
    also special thanks for your awesome script. This makes creating incremental shots incredibly easy.

    Perfect for our little in-company mining operation we are running :-)

    Here's the world we are working on as rendered by mcmap:

    I built that road and the bridge - 4x144 tiles of cobblestone, 144 tiles of smooth stone, 2x144 tiles of half-stones - and I'm still not done as it needs some lighting plus a little house in the middle, I think. A coworker built a water-road to use with a boat and the third coworker is going crazy underground - unfortunately you can't see that in the picture

    Building that bridge caused the world to grow from 5MB to 30 MB :-)
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    posted a message on mcmap (isometric renders, SSP/SMP, Minecraft 1.3.1 support)
    this is amazingly cool. I managed to compile it for 64bit Linux (Ubuntu Maverick Beta) after including <stdint.h> in helper.h

    It's way faster than cartographer, the command line parsing is sane (cartographer linux doesn't parse the command-line) and the output is correct (no strange gray space between tiles like cartographer does under Linux).

    And the code reads very, very nicely.

    Have you considered putting this on github so people can easily contribute?

    Personally, I'd love to look into reducing the memory consumption, maybe by incrementally parsing/rendering, but I fear my C skills are a bit lacking - but who knows.
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