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    posted a message on Improve Fire Mechanics; Ash & Charred Wood

    Fire in the game could use an upgrade comparable to how water was eventually improved in the Aquatic Update. Right now it just burns stuff away without leaving a trace... suffice to say it could use some work.

    -Now, when fire burns a block, it generally produces a layer of ash on a surface directly below it. Ash can accumulate like snow layers, and slows movement. (Perhaps it can be collected for a crafting recipe of some sort. Maybe rain or water washes it away? Or maybe it can be used as some sort of fertilizer.)

    -When fire burns wood blocks, it has a small chance of creating charred wood instead of turning the wood to ash. This is a new wood set, which includes stripped charred logs, charred logs, charred planks, and various variations thereof- however, the only way to obtain these is through burning them. They can only be collected with silk touch, and otherwise produce ash when broken. Charred wood is slightly more durable than normal wood, grey, and (of course), fireproof.

    -In this manner, when a fire occurs, it leaves burnt logs and piles of ash, a sign that it's been there. (I've included some simple concept art- the wood is just the oak wood textures in grey scale. (Note how foliage can also produce ash when burned.)

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    posted a message on Vertical Minecarts & Tracks! For travel to Bedrock & Mountaintop

    There are existing means of vertical travel; but I don't think that completely this completly invalidates the idea. Copper needs more uses, and I could see some applications in the minecart system. (Which, conveniently, could also use some improvement.) In fact, I would even be all for replacing minecart rails with copper entirely; as it is, minecarts are too expensive and too impractical of a means of travel to ever see much use. Maybe then iron rails could be given some unique properties, such as moving along with their block when pushed by pistons. (Allowing for both the track and the cart to move horizontally or vertically.)

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    posted a message on Minecraft Music

    Are you referring to unused tracks from Volume Alpha & Beta? I'm just going to assume that's what the OP is referring to. From what I understand, a fair bit of the original music composed for the game was intended to be used for specific biomes or situations. However, when technical difficulties prevented this from being implemented, they instead selected tracks that could specifically apply to any situation, and featured some of the more niche pieces in the form of Music Discs.

    ...However, the Nether update does demonstrate that this isn't necessarily the case. The new music added for the Nether is actually biome specific, as is the ambience.

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    posted a message on The Minecraftian Language

    That, and it just occurred to me that with 1.18, there's potential for new words. (These are just some I came up with, based on the existing lexicon)

    Ksataktsamaktok ~ Kind of a long word for 'Lush Cave,' (Jungle + Cave), but very fun to say!

    Ritoketi ~ Azalea, (Flower + Tree)

    Milgo ~ Moss, (Variant of 'Mil' for Mossy)

    Milkahotil ~ Glow Lichen (Mossy + Light)

    Karahkahotil ~ Glow Squid (Squid + Light)

    Kon ~ Copper. (kahpilinkon ~ Cut Copper, rotkon ~ Weathered Copper)

    Tokdon ~ Dripstone (Variant of 'Tok' for stone) tokdonom ~ Stalactite tokdonim ~ Stalagmite

    Kahotilposoko ~ Glowberries (Literally 'Light Food')

    Kolkoto ~ Skulk Growth ('Weird + Death')

    Kepakoto ~ The Warden (Death + Terror/Boss) (There isn't a word for noise, but that could be incorporated.)

    Kaetok ~ Deepslate (Dark Colored Stone)

    Ompaa ~ Goat (Sheep + Up. Also very fun to say.)

    Melpoktopitok ~ Axolotl (Friendly + Water + Cave)

    Ksofkaleron ~ Amethyst (Variant of 'Purple')

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    posted a message on The Minecraftian Language

    This is really interesting! Have you considered developing some sort of mod for this? I think it could be quite successful. (Though finding a way to generate speech situationally would probably be pretty difficult- as might finding some gameplay incentives for translation.)

    Also, (just something that occured to me), the idea could be extended to Piglins too... albeit I imagine their language would be a bit cruder. Maybe Endermen speak scraps of an older language? There could even be an option to have the GUI show up like this, or, extending the idea of situational dialogue, be able to find procedurally written books in this language.

    Anyways, this definitely isn't something I would have thought of, and it's really intriguing. (I do, admittedly, have a soft spot for fictional languages.) I wanted to try out some sentences of my own: (Though I'm probably not using them correctly):

    'ehenperikef' mamsessan kam' ~ Minecraft is full of creepers.

    'o nakah ah lep!' ~ Hand over the Fish!

    'i ielna mankatoltolo' ~ Your head is full of cave spiders.

    'horak inlak roketaw rolak' ~ There is a ruined village in the swamp to the North.'

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    posted a message on Top 12 Most Needed Overworld Terrain Changes

    There's a lot of good ideas here- and, luckily, I think a lot of these will eventually be covered in 1.18 or 19.

    1.Not sure about continents; I think it's possible, (I'm not sure how 1.18 changes generation on a larger scale, though I seem to recall something about more mountainous terrain generation further inland. Two is sort of similar- I guess some smaller islands could be interesting, but not to the extent that they entirely replace the ocean.

    3.Definitely! Regular forests are quite boring compared to various updated biomes... and just other existing biomes. I'm hoping the Wild Update adds more interesting generation to existing forests, even if it's as simple as podzol/coarse dirt in forest floors, and more unique tree shapes for different forests.

    4. ...Neutral? This is really up to personal preference, and it's already an Optifine Feature.

    5. Pretty sure cool oceans already have darker blue water.

    6. Yes please! It would be such a small tweak, but would give savannahs something interesting other than Acacia Wood and Coarse dirt.

    7.Too big of a change to work properly; especially if it alters existing birch wood. Birch trees themselves could generate more slender, (as in, 1*1 block), compared to other trees.

    8. Deserts could use some work...

    9.Could be interesting, and it would be neat to have another way of finding tuff.

    10.Deep Dark? Dripstone Caves?

    11/12.I kind of like cliff faces and aquifers, but again, I haven't really noticed much to have a preference.

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    posted a message on Glow inc sac's use as paint.

    You wouldn't need to add dynamic light to make such a glowing potion. Consider this:

    -Glow Ink can be applied used on the surface of certain blocks to make them 'glow,' (That is, it changes the brightness of the block, and causes it to emit a small amount of light. At this point, literally anything for more glow ink uses!)

    -When you drink a Glowing potion, blocks you walk on gain the glowing affect for a short duration.

    -Problem solved! (Now just to figure out giving a new glowing/non glowing attribute to dozens upon dozens of existing blocks...)

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    posted a message on Detailed Nether Villagers (Lots of Images)

    ...This still seems redundant to me. I'd rather see the Piglins be more fully developed than having an entirely new species added to the Nether. (Smaller ruined villages made from basalt, in the style of the Bastion Remnants.) I understand the concept, I just don't see much in the way of justification for it.

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    posted a message on Short idea - Purifying dripstone into calcite

    I also like the furnace idea; renewable calcite via.drisptone would make for an interesting mechanic, even if it is a bit more available in stoney peaks. (Though admittedly, I don't think there's enough you can do with Calcite at the moment to make it worth farming.)

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    posted a message on Windy Plains

    ...Elytra already exist. I think there is potential for new methods of transportation, but not if it's identical to the existing system. (I'd rather see more elaboration on Elytra- or even a Nerf, given as they sort of render other methods of transportation useless.

    Wind is an interesting idea though! Air blocks could have an ambient tag for wind direction and power, which would vary based on weather, biome, altitude, etc. Stronger winds would be more noticeable, and all would affect flight, movement of entities and objects, etc. (Flying with the wind could give you a powerful boost, where as going against it would slow you down.) Fans, (as suggested), could be used to influence the wind states of adjacent air blocks.

    The trouble is this would probably be very performance heavy, especially with the increased world height. The alternative would be to have a global wind value that would just effect entities based on biome and altitude- the problem here would be accounting for enclosed spaces. (You wouldn't want to be blown around in a room at altitude.) You could do something like having a separate 'Sky' air type that is effected by wind, and Enclosed air that's exclusively affected by fans.

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    posted a message on Glow inc sac's use as paint.

    Could make an interesting potion. You could use Glow Ink Sacks to make a 'Potion of Luring' that attracts hostile mobs to you (or a target) in a much wider radius, distracting them from other nearby targets (within reason), and turning normally neutral mobs aggressive. (Maybe it also allows mobs to spawn nearby in larger numbers?) Could have some farming implications if this was the case, as you could (more or less) renewably create such a potion using a glow squid farm and autobrewer.

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    posted a message on What is Minecraft to you?

    I sense that talking about Mojang's development choices is kind of beside the point here... but I feel I ought to respond anyways. I don't see Minecraft so much of a game as a world unto itself; and trying to treat it like the usual, linear type of gameplay obviously makes it seem pointless and boring. The whole whole idea is to create a universe; a system that players can utilize however they want. (Hence also why modding is such a big part of Minecraft.)

    When Mojang implements new content, it's not going to be from the 'let's add some straightforward new challenge to the game,' so much as 'let's try and add something interesting to the world, and see how players explore/interact with it.' I'm not saying they're perfect, but by and large I've really approved of the direction Minecraft has been going. Toeing the line between the classic vanilla experience and interesting new ideas can't be easy, and Mojang has increasingly been taking more community feedback into account. Obviously, Minecraft is filled with weird and arguably buggy gameplay mechanics... but on some level this is a kind of emergent gameplay. (I don't think iron farms, for example, were ever intended to be a part of the game- but they became one, as players came up with new designs and ideas for them.)

    That, and when you have so many people working together on a single project, over so many years, it's obviously going to be a bit of a muddled final product, instead of some streamlined work of creative mastery. ...But I kind of like that. Without its countless bizarre little quirks, I feel like something crucial would be lost. (Can't get vauger than that.)

    ...All rambling aside, I'll try my best to stick to the prompt...


    I got into Minecraft around version 1.11, and was initially about as skeptical as you'd expect a young person to be confronted with such a game, (without much access to, say, convenient internet forums or whatnot.) For awhile I mostly played around in creative mode, trying to decipher a game that was so utterly different from anything else I'd played before. (I still remember watching the game's trailer for the first time. 'A game with no rules?' How was that even possible?) I didn't think this could possibly be the case, and when it did turn out to be the case, I wasn't entirely sure what to do.

    I eventually got into servers almost completely by accident, and that drastically changed my view of the game. I got hooked on this one obscure Australian server, (that, for the life of me, I cannot remember the IP of), complete with creative building, some simple minigames, a survival and shopping district... and I was astonished, simply by the things people could build, the sheer size and detail and color of it all. (I still had no idea what I was doing, or how servers worked at the time, but it was still a spectacular experience.) And indeed, a lot of my experience with the game has been like that, seeing new levels of exploration that I had never considered.


    I suppose my 'Present' in Minecraft really began when I tried out Survival for the first time. After some frustrating early experiences, I was determined to play the game 'as it was intended,' and oh boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

    In short, I was not exactly great at survival. I've gotten better, admittedly, but even having played the game for years by the time I finally played the default game mode, I still had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I died, a lot, and very nearly would have just given up... but I kept coming back to it, over and over and over again.

    My first few Survival Worlds were all lost to the hands of time. Some new game came up that I wanted to try, and I forgot about them. Or I got frustrated, and abandoned them. Or I just wanted to start over. Whatever the case, I've gone through at least eight at this point, and it's never really clicked.

    I did at one point get into modding, and initially downloaded literally anything that looked interesting... but ultimately, (to my own surprise), found myself coming back to the classics. Now, aside from the beloved 'Stay True' resource pack, and Complementary shaders, ...I guess I don't really feel as inclined to download mods. Which is strange considering my initial enthusiasm, and the enormous number of fantastic mods and modders out there... but I guess I'm not entirely sure.


    At this point I've been working on a project in creative for awhile now, and have been waiting for the release of 1.18 to start a new survival world- and this time, I've resolved to make it last. I'm tired of the cycle of frustration, and I think it's at least in part because I've never really had just one world to come back to. (Or perhaps because I set my own expectations too high?) Whatever the case, I want this one to be the last.

    I honestly can't say where the game is going... but contrary to the doomsayers, I don't think Minecraft will ever 'die,' not in the traditional sense. Once again, because Minecraft... isn't really a 'game' in the traditional sense. Its popularity may fluctuate, maybe it will vanish entirely, a day might even come when it recieves its last update... but that doesn't mean the game is over. Most games do have an End. (Minecraft has a literal 'end,' but it's not actually the end of the game, ironically), but Minecraft doesn't. It exists as a medium for players to utilize; it isn't 'over' after the credits roll. As long as there are players who want to explore its depths, Minecraft will remain. Consider that while some franchises have endured for ages with new installments... Minecraft, a single game, has been around since 2004, and has been constantly updated since then. And in fact, Mojang has consistently made choices that, (IMHO), have been in the best interests of the game, rather than immediate profits. (How easy would it have been to release caves and cliffs prematurely? Or make 'new' versions of the game that force people to buy it over and over again? Admittedly, they're one of the bestselling games in the world, but still.)

    In the short term, I can see the End being updated, new things added that enhance or improve upon the old. Minecraft continues to evolve, without losing the voxely core that makes it... 'Minecraft.' Endlessly malleable, infinitely vast. Maybe something better will come along, or maybe the game will end abruptly... or maybe we'll all still be playing some version of Minecraft well into 2082. Who can say?

    ...This is a really cool prompt, by the way. Just figured I ought to say it.

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    posted a message on Jellyfish

    ...I appreciate the enthusiasm, but PLEASE work on formatting!

    That being said, I think the actual idea is solid. Just aesthetically, they'd add a lot to, say, a Warm ocean environment, providing an ambient glow underwater. Gameplay wise, I'm not entirely sure what they could add, but there's plenty of potential. (Though, admittedly, with the introduction of both the Axolotl and the Glow Squid, on top of existing fish species, I'm not entirely sure if the oceans need more ambient mobs.

    That being said, I did still make some concept art. (Tried to add bubbles inside the Jellyfish, but Blockbench was being finicky w/ transparency.)

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    posted a message on Glow inc sac's use as paint.

    Frankly, this is one of the best (and only) ideas I've heard thusfar that would make glow ink sacks even remotely useful. Don't get me wrong, the sign thing is cool... but seriously? It's an entire new mob, and the extent of its uses is that it can add a new font for signs, and make item frames brighter? (I'm still a little ticked off about that mob vote...)

    Glow Ink could be used in the same manner as a dye, making existing textures emmisive. (Pretty sure this doesn't actually work with Minecraft's existing lighting system, so it would basically just make them brighter, w/out shaders.) Thus you could get glowing leather armor, glowing shulker boxes, and glowing shields/banners.

    Maybe you can even dye sheep/wool to get a slightly emmisive variant? Now that could be interesting...

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    posted a message on Witches plant nether warts, new witch behavior

    An automatic netherwart farm could be interesting... but I ultimately don't think it would be the most useful thing ever? I've never really had the experience of needing more Netherwart for anything, it grows reasonably quickly and yields multiple wart, each of which can be used to make three potions, and you can still harvest it with water, to the best of my knowledge.

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