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    It would be nice to have a music interface built into the game- as it is, it's hard to add your own music without messing around with music files, and even then you can't really add new tracks without getting rid of old ones. I love C418's music, and would definitely be happy to have the ability to add more of it to the game. It would also be neat if you could further determine the parameters of when music plays- so you could add tracks specifically for certain biomes, events, or areas.

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    I like how Quark improves caves and adds larger dungeons- and definitely think this could be incorporated into the actual game, adding more incentive to explore further underground. (Yes, it would definitely require a pretty big terrain generator rework), but it would be interesting to see, say, subterranean forests, ice or sand caves, etc; as well as larger dungeons, possibly accessible from the Overworld. I don't really think more ores are necessary- it just seems sort of needlessly complicated- but maybe cave biomes could be added that feature a specific ore type? Such as gold being more common in sandy caves, iron in frozen caves, etc.

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    A mod that adds new portals/dimensions (Like the idea described here) would be interesting- I'd certainly love a new aspect of exploration.

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    It's been mentioned that, while obviously introduced jokingly, the features introduced in the Infinity Update actually had some interesting play-ability in survival. It would be interesting if a mod could add portals that access various, themed dimensions- not necessarily as complex as the Nether. Building portals out of different materials could provide access to said dimensions- (This is largely just a general idea- could also be incorporated into a 'dimensions' themed modpack that would streamline similar dimension mods) -The general idea being to provide dimensions that allow players to further specialize on specific resources- (Such as forest or mineral themed dimensions; or simply dimensions that are just a single biome preset) -as well as opportunities to try and colonize unusual new worlds.

    Obsidian ~ (Obviously) Accesses the Nether.

    Quartz ~ Used with water in the Aether mod; could provide access to a sky-world version of the Overworld, w/different flora/fauna variants?

    Stone/Stone Bricks ~ Already used in the Under Garden Mod; a somewhat overgrown, dark underworld.

    Logs/Wood ~ Could provide access to a super-forest themed dimension with large trees. Simply because wood is so easy to find, dangerous hostiles might be introduced to discourage casual exploration. Maybe different types of logs would lead to different forest presets, themed after respective tree types?

    End Stone/Purpur ~ Could provide easier access to the End if players have already gotten through a stronghold and returned w/endstone.

    Gold/Other Mineral Blocks ~ A needlessly expensive portal that could take players to needlessly gaudy dimensions, themed around said mineral? (Again- overpowered hostiles could make the high reward of dimensions that feature a lot of gemstones or metal more balanced.) Said worlds might be entirely underground, but could feature unusual cave generation.

    Concrete ~ Could lead to some sort of maze dimension, or a creepy dimension consisting entirely of abandoned hallways. It might also be interesting if a maze generator were added to normal overworld terrain generation, creating bedrock walls from the bedrock layer to height 256; and making for unusual exploration mechanics.

    Glass? ~ The Lost Cities mod was originally accessible as a separate dimension if you didn't want to incorporate cities into your world. a city dimension would be interesting- if difficult to design from scratch.

    Sponge ~ The sponge dimension from the Infinity Update looks nice- it would be interesting to try and explore in Survival.

    Honeycomb ~ The BeeZone mod is surprisingly advanced, and definitely interesting to explore. Personally, I hate bees- in my book, far worse than the Netherworld. Piglins & Blazes are one thing. Bees are in a class of their own.

    Ice ~ A frozen dimension, in which it's perpetually snowing- could just be an ice-spikes biome, with larger spikes.

    Dyed Terracotta ~ Could provide access to the 'shapes' biome preset from Infinity. Alternatively, differently colored Terracotta could lead to the different color-present versions of the Overworld also featured in Infinity.

    Sandstone/Chiseled Sandstone? ~ Could provide access to some version of the Atum mod? Or just a desert biome preset for easy access to sand?

    Prismarine ~ Access to some sort of ocean dimension, possibly with more extensive ruins or giant ships based off of the Ocean Monuments.

    Slime ~ Slime dimension, obviously. Bigger slimes?

    Random Blocks ~ Trying to activate a portal, (Possibly using some new object specifically designed for it that would work on all portals- to discourage portals from randomly occurring), that consisted of random blocks would lead to a chaos dimension- something where the Terrain Generator just went nuts- (Like most of the dimensions in the Infinity Update.)

    Again, these are just general suggestions. Other suggestions? I for one feel such a mod could add a deeper level of exploration to a game sadly limited to three dimensions to explore. Plus, It would look undeniably cool to have a bunch of different portals lined up in a row. Not really looking for new content (in the sense of ores or resources/equipment) so much as new ways of utilizing existing content.

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