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    posted a message on I have a suggestion for some minecraft farming blocks

    Might I suggest an all purpose trough instead? The Quark Mod adds a Trough Block that can be filled with seeds, wheat, or other useable foodstuffs either by a player or a hopper in order to breed animals automatically. For balancing, using a feeding trough to breed animals only works about a third of tie time, making it more efficient to breed by hand. (Incidentally, Quark also adds compacted block versions of other foods, such as basket blocks of carrots and apples.)

    I would say this: I for one like this idea, and think automatic farming ought to be a thing- or at the very least a bit less nonsensical, seeing as the current ideal for farming meat literally consists of dumping a bunch of cows in a hole until they aphyxiate. An automatic feeding trough would encourage new designs of auto farms, and I for one don't think it would be overpowered. (Especially given how effective the whole cow thing is.)

    Nice job for a first post, by the way!

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    posted a message on No Summer release, full release in winter

    Yeah, you need to provide a little more context. (I'm presuming it has something to do with coming out with more finished features all at once in 1.18, but, quite frankly, players need something to tide them over.)

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    posted a message on Minecraft Lexicon

    I have mixed feelings about this idea. One of the odd things with minecraft is that despite a lot of mechanics that aren't initially clear, the fact that it's so incredibly popular means that pretty much everyone knows the intricacies of the game. (Even so, Mojang consistently adds things like ruined portals to give new players a hint as to how to do things.) While you can generally look things up with most games, Minecraft is one of those rare games that's so incredibly popular, you're hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know how to play.

    Another notable point is that such a system would invariably include lore- and I agree with the OP's reluctance towards lore. While there's certainly a lot of potential in that direction, Mojang has a very good reason to keep the lore vague and ambiguous: It allows players to develop their own stories, and, in fact, this ambiguity is actually one of those things that makes the game more interesting. However, I don't think there really is a way to add some sort of lexicon system without also adding lore.

    ...Ultimately, my opinion is that the Lexicon would make sense system wise, but wouldn't be worth the effort of implementing, especially when we already have things like the crafting book to clear up most of the remaining confusion over progression and whatnot. It would be sort of cool if you could collect different books with information on various aspects of the game, but this would also inevitably tread into lore territory. Considering just how widely known most of the game's mechanics are, a Lexicon wouldn't really make sense, even if this is for circumstances that are sort of outside the scope of the game itself.

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    posted a message on Radio

    ...Neutral, I guess? I don't really see what this would accomplish that couldn't simply be done with the existing jukebox. Radio waves... well, there's already a chat system built into the game. It could be cool, but I don't think it would be especially functional.

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    posted a message on The End ~ Ideas & Speculation for 1.18

    Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to respond to some of the things mentioned thusfar:

    -I personally don't think there needs to be any more dimensions added to the game, but this is largely just a preference. Mojang has stated before that they intend to stick with three, and it sort of makes sense- each of the existing three dimensions fills a specific gameplay niche. Firstly in terrain, with the Netherworld being entirely underground, and the End being entirely in the sky; but also in terms of progression. Again, just my preference, but I prefer a couple high quality dimensions to lots of simpler ones. (Again, mod developers have made some pretty fantastic dimensions that Mojang wouldn't develop for various reasons.) It's for this reason that I'd rather see the End upgraded than a new dimension added.

    -The End shouldn't be annoying or needlessly death inducing; but it also, obviously, ought to be pretty darn hostile, treacherous, etc. Keeping the barren vibe of the existing End, while adding new features to enhance the existing vibe. (Hence the End Ruins/Elytron Nests, which would act as incredibly challenging late game experience. (And would, obviously, be pretty rare. Elytron nests would have a frequency similar to bastions, whereas the End Ruins, while much larger, would be very rare, and filled with dangerous enemies and rare, high-tech materials.

    -Strongholds do need work, especially given the recent Caves and Cliffs Update. I really like Yung's new stronghold mod- it's a little over the top, but it gets the idea right, and it's a lot more atmospheric, if not the most challenging.

    -I'm not especially into the Minecraft Feedback website, and mostly just enjoy discussing ideas and whatnot, but if anyone else wanted to put it on there, I'd hardly object.

    -...And, on a side note, it also occurred to me that the addition of Amethyst to the game would go really good with the End. (Amethyst themed blocks would be really cool! Polished Amethyst, Amethyst Bricks, etc. Maybe they make incredibly satisfying noises when you walk on them?) There could be an Amethyst themed biome that consists of crystal shards suspended in the void.

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    posted a message on Base Raids

    I think this could be a cool mechanic- but one of the major design philosophies of Mojang is 'no natural disasters-' that is, whenever something goes wrong, it's the fault of the player in some way, and can to some extent be prevented, presumably because they want the game to be fair as well as challenging. This is a bit of speculation, but I can see the reasoning behind this- making the game feel fair, without making it feel too easy. (The Nether is dangerous, and you need to go there in order to obtain essential resources, but the player still fundamentally decides when they go there.)

    Now, this isn't to say that raids against players couldn't be a thing, but this would be, firstly; a pretty big change that would require significant balancing. (Admittedly, players have already figured out how to farm raids, but I digress.) And secondly, would be a significant ramp up in difficulty. I would propose making the raids triggered by player actions- such as burning an Illager banner.

    ...At which point one could feel free to make the raids genuinely difficult and overpowered. However, (again), if the event is player triggered, there also has to be some sort of reward for 'victory,' as well as clearly defined loss and victory conditions. ...Not to mention the fact that you want to try and prevent players from exploiting this mechanic, and possibly introduce some new, more challenging Illagers.

    Suffice to say it's pretty complex idea, but not an inconceivable one.

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    posted a message on Granite, Diorite and Andesite Bricks

    I guess I feel sort of neutral towards adding new brick types. I've played with the Quark Mod installed before, and among other features it adds these new brick types, which are made by crafting w/ polished stone, or via. the stone-cutter. However, I did notice some problems, the biggest one being that diorite bricks are almost indistinguishable from regular stone bricks... except they're much easier to craft. Stone bricks are more difficult to make because they require refined stone, which makes them look more impressive given the difficulty of obtaining them.

    On a second note, I didn't actually wind up using the new brick types that much, despite building with different stone types. I don't think it's a question of whether Mojang could add more bricks as much as a question of whether it's worthwhile. Admittedly, it could be said that I didn't use these new blocks because I was still accustomed to them not being present.

    ...So there's pros and cons. If new brick types were added, I'd want them to be different enough from stone bricks to be distinct. However, despite considering myself something of a builder, I don't think these new blocks are strictly necessary, particularly given that the only reason for their addition is more building materials.

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    posted a message on A Compilation of Horrible Ideas ~ April Fools 2022

    Mojang has something of an amusing habit of doing elaborate April Fools day pranks- this year's was a little underwhelming, if only because of the combo of working on the Caves and Cliffs update, and setting really high standards for themselves last year. This is one idea I had more as a fun thought experiment than something to be taken seriously- an idea for the next April Fools day prank with a pretty open ended premise: An 'update' that adds a ridiculous amount of comical bugs to the game.

    Now, just to be clear, this would only effect worlds made during the update. Mojang could release the April Fools day update under the guise of a small patch, and could then come out with a list of the 'bugfixes' the following day, apologizing for some... 'slight' oversights with the previous snapshot.
    Again, this is really just for fun! If you have any horrible bug ideas of your own, please include them in the comments!

    The idea is that the changelog would initially appear relatively normal, acting as a guide for players to explore some of the more bizarre changes. Similarly, the game would appear normal at first, but would increasingly become stranger and stranger as time went on.
    I've presented some of the genuinely awful ideas I've had in the form of a changelog, with the description in normal text, and the actual implications in italics.


    Minor tweaks to terrain generation. Fixed some issues with terrain generating properly. This may cause some slight issues with new worlds, but they shouldn't be especially noticeable. (The frequency of Ravines has been multiplied by ten. Terrain has a chance of generating in bizarre shapes- including giant creeper faces. Chunks have a chance of being missing entirely. Some biomes have a chance of generating with one or more types of blocks being replaced with a randomly selected block type. Random plateaus and chunk borders can generate, along with other examples of hopelessly broken terrain further from spawn.)

    Slight changes to Loot Tables. Made some minor tweaks to make loot tables more balanced. (All loot tables are changed to randomly replace blocks generated inside with dirt, tools and armor with wooden/leather variants, and items with rotten flesh.)

    Rebalancing towards Village Loot. Rebalanced village loot to be less overpowered early in the game. (Some village chests are replaced with trapped chests rigged with excessive amounts of TNT.)

    Optimized Sound Effects System. Slightly improved sound effect capacity to make SFX more effective. May cause some slight issues, as the new system is still in its early stages! (As the game progresses, sound effects can be replaced with completely randomly selected sounds. All noteblock noises have been replaced with explosions. Creepers now make random animal noises before detonating, food eating noises are extremely prolonged, cats are constantly making noise, creeper noises can occur at random for no reason, all animal noises are mixed up- (Pigs make cow noises, cows make pig noises, etc.)

    Minor improvements to Rabbit & Parrot AI. Players likely won't notice these changes, but the AI for these has been slightly tweaked to improve pathfinding. (All rabbits are now incredibly hostile to any living creatures, and spawn more frequently- their AI is replaced with the unused Killer Rabbit AI. Parrots now attempt to dive bomb players, dealing high knockback.)

    Improved Narration/Subtitles. We've revisted the Subtitles system to be more accessible and more helpful. (Subtitles and narration now provide unhelpful advice, needlessly personal comments, questions as to your capabilities as a player, give false warnings, seem to find said false warnings amusing, and other unpleasantries.)

    Fixed Beds not working in the Overworld. Fixed a small issue where beds were not functioning as intended in the Overworld. (Beds now explode in the Overworld when one attempts to use them.)

    Tweaked Wandering Trader Trades. Readjusted wandering trader trades to be more balanced. (All wandering trader prices are tripled. Failure to purchase anything causes the trader and their llamas to attack you w/potions.)

    Fixed Foodstuffs not behaving Properly. Fixed some minor bugs that caused food not to function properly- players can rest assured that foodstuffs will now work as intended. (All food items now quickly turn into rotten food if not consumed shortly after being crafted, and give random negative potion effects when eaten.)

    Minor Tweaks to Stonecutter GUI. Added some small changes to make the Stonecutter interface more intuitive. (Literally any block can now be turned into slabs and stairs, resulting in some especially bizarre blocks available. Now, you can build that Dynamite house properly, just like you always wanted!)

    Tweaked Critical Hit Chance. Fixed a rare issue where critical hits were not working as intended. (Attacks can randomly do a ridiculous amount of Knockback, light everything nearby on fire, summon lightning, etc.)

    Minor Bugfixes for Mob Spawnrates. Did some minor balancing towards the mobspawning algorithm. This may cause some small issues, but should provide some much needed improvements. (Mob spawning no longer works properly, and becomes increasingly broken the longer the game goes on, with mobs spawning in the wrong biome or dimensions, in ridiculously large or strangely colored groups, etc. Think herds of rainbow sheep, fish out of water, ghasts in the Overworld, etc.)

    Fixed Daylight cycle Bug. Removed a rare bug that would cause minor discrepancies in the Daylight Cycle. (Day and Night length are now determined at random, ranging from days less than two minutes to nights that go on for ages.

    Fixed Skybox not generating correctly. Removed a rare bug that caused the Sky to briefly stop working. This may cause some slight issues while we work out how to get the sky working properly again, as we're not exactly sure what we did to it. It's probably fine. (The Sky now has a chance of randomly flashing the wrong colors, which increases over time.)

    Fixed Minor GUI Bugs. Made some minor changes to the inventory UI. (Now this would be incredibly annoying. The Inventory now has some slight discrepancies- items can move places ever so slightly, can lose small amounts of a stack, you can occasionally obtain the wrong thing when picking up the item, stacks of blocks can randomly change to similarly colored blocks, and other annoying issues. Any object can now be used as fuel for furnaces/smelters/smokers, )

    Fixed Issue where using the iron hoe would result in an Anti-Piracy measure that crashed the game and started deleting files on your computer. The name really says it all. (I mean, I'd be relieved if this bug was finally fixed.)

    Reimplemented Correct Pathfinding for Squid. It turns out all that was needed to fixt eh Squid AI was adding back the original pathfinding. We're relatively sure this won't cause any issues, but as always, this is an experimental feature. (Squids are once again capable of flight. Because... why not?)

    Slightly adjusted End Dragon Behavior. The End Dragon's AI has been slightly adjusted to work more smoothly. (The End Dragon now has ten times more health than usual, rains Endermites down on the player, shoots projectiles in all directions, and is generally ridiculously difficult.)

    Slight Changes to Structure Generation. Made some minor changes to the structure generation system to prevent faulty generation. We're still adjusting this, so bear with us in the meantime! (Structures can now generate with random blocks, several structures can generate on top of each other, around each other, or in the same place, etc. These anomalies become more common further from spawn.)

    Minor Changes to Weather Frequency. Weather frequency has been slightly tweaked to provide a more immersive gameplay element. (Weather now occurs more frequently, and can consist of Anvil Rain, intense snowstorms that cause huge accumulations of snow, and other bizarre events.)

    Reintroduced Unused parts of Soundtrack. We've added some of the previously unimplemented pieces of the soundtrack! While many players may not know about these pieces, they were always intended to be a part of the game, but never actually added. We have had reports of some minor issues with consistency, but these issues should be fairly uncommon. (Music has become broken- the music discs have all been mixed up, and the soundtrack can randomly be interjected with opera music, bangoes, or kazoo solos.)

    Reimplemented Locked Chests! This previously considered feature has been added back in this snapshot! Players can craft an iron key using an iron ingot and nugget, which can be used to lock chests or shulker boxes, preventing other players from accessing them! This feature is still in development, and we encourage you to try it out in order to protect your valuables! (Players can now craft an iron key that can be used to lock chests. However, doing so makes it completely impossible to unlock the chest, causing players to lose any items stored inside. In fact, the chests are almost incapable of being destroyed, and cannot be exploded, break any tools used on them, etc.)

    Water Bucket Bugfix. Fixed a rare error that prevented water buckets from working properly. (Water buckets now have a small chance of producing lava when used. They can also be used to capture any mob whatsoever, including the Ender Dragon, Wither Skeleton, villagers, etc.)

    Implemented Automatic Bug Removal System. We're experimenting with a new system in this snapshot to automatically remove dangerous bugs from the game- this is a relatively new idea, but the system has been tested extensively, and has proven to be incredibly effective at eliminating bugs. (Whenever the player gets near a bee, spider, silverfish, or other arthropod, the chat informs them that a Bug has been detected, and the arthropod explodes with the force of a charged creeper.)

    Slight Mining Adjustments. Fixed some minor bugs relating to certain blocks not mining properly. (Bedrock can now be mined, but becomes unmineable when placed.)

    Minor Improvements to Command Interface. We've added some slight changes to the command system to make using commands more intuitive. (The Command system is hopelessly broken, and commands cause random events to happen. A fill command somehow winds up generating a horde of multicolored creepers. A summoning command causes all nearby flowers to explode. The results of any commands would be generated utterly at random, with a variety of different and equally bizarre scenarios sure to infuriate command savvy players.)

    Tweaks to Enchantment System Enchantments and Curses have been rebalanced to make the enchanting table slightly easier to use. (Some of the new enchantments added include an armor enchantment that causes nearby entities to detonate, 'Volatility;' an armor Enchantment that causes any block you touch to turn to dirt, 'Earthwalker;' a weapon enchantment 'Kindness' that heals hostile entities you attack; a 'Bane of Everything' Enchantment that causes all entities to become hostile towards you; a 'Laser' enchantment for the Bow that causes all arrows to become ridiculously overpowered projectiles that have insane knockback)
    (Changes have also been made to all the other enchantments. Fire Aspect now sets everything you touch on fire, Featherfalling now makes you fall excruciatingly slowly, Aqua Affinity makes you suffocate out of water, Looting turns anything you touch or hold into golden variants, etc.)

    Changes to Difficulty Settings The difficulty levels have been altered slightly to provide a more personalized game play experience- these changes are relatively minor, and shouldn't be readily apparent to players, but should provide some subtle improvements to different difficulty levels. (It is now literally impossible to die in peaceful/easy mode, with the game automatically saving you from various near death scenarios. All ore blocks have been replaced with solid mineral blocks, the player always spawns in a village directly above a stronghold with an easily accessible tunnel downwards. Other tweaks include all trees dropping golden apples, and various other ridiculously overpowered mechanics designed to be as condescending as possible.)
    (In higher difficulty settings, mobs now spawn far more frequently, all entities are replaced with explosive creeper variants, several essential materials are lacking, and things are generally ridiculously and needlessly hard.

    [Edit] Minor Tweaks to some Redstone Components Made some minor tweaks to make the use of some redstone components more intuitive. (Blocks like observers, dispensers, pistons, and other blocks where direction is important aare now randomly rotated when placed. Redstone repeaters now have a randomized level of delay. Pistons will now continue extending if they continue to receive redstone power up to several hundred blocks. Any other ideas to drive redstone builders insane?)

    [Edit] Minor Changes to Torches. Lighting has been slightly adjusted on torches to fix minor bugs with rendering. (Torches now go out after awhile. It's alarming to consider that this was once actually a feature. Torches that go out cannot be relit, and are thus utterly useless.)

    [Edit] Minor Changes to Durability. Made some small adjustments to durability stats to deal with durability problems. (Elytra now break randomly, (I mean, more randomly than usual), Wooden tools have incredibly high durability, and Netherite/diamond tools break very quickly.Tools can now realistically break without warning, even when at any durability level.)

    [Edit] Slightly Improved Illager AI ~ The Pathfinding and spawn mechanics of Illagers have been slightly tweaked to be fairer and more intuitive. (Illager attacks now become progressively worse if you tick off the Illagers- they bring successively stronger enemies to attack you, which can amount in ridiculously overpowered raids if you kill too many of them. The Illagers will now try and steal your stuff, put Illager banners everywhere, etc. In stronger raids, they lay dynamite, dump lava on things, set fire to your home, etc.)

    [Edit] Slight Changes to Slime Mechanics ~ Slime block mechanics have been changed slightly to make them easier to use. (The amount of blocks slimeblocks can now stick to is more or less completely unlimited, with extremely broken results. Bouncing on slime blocks randomly stops working, or does the opposite, launching players to ridiculous heights upon landing.)

    [Edit] Removed Block of Eternal Screaming It was high time we got around to doing this. (Blocks of eternal screaming are more or less exactly what the name implies. They're found randomly when mining or exploring, and serve no use whatsoever. Instead, whenever a player is nearby, they start screaming in an excruciatingly loud and obnoxious tone of voice. Of course, thanks to the stonecutter bug, you can now make Chiseled Blocks of Eternal Screaming, Stairs of Eternal Screaming, Slabs of Eternal Screaming, etc.

    [Edit] Slight Changes to Minecart Speed. Minecarts have been balanced out with some minor changes to speed and acceleration. (This likely won't be noticeable, but should be useful for optimization.) (Minecarts now randomly go ten times as fast, set blocks behind them on fire, and can cause death and explosions if the player runs into anything while riding the Minecart; OR move excruciatingly slowly, with no foreseeable cohesiveness.)

    Removed Herobrine (A mysterious and unsettling figure can frequently be seen in the distance...)

    I would love to hear some of your ideas! Share your best worst ideas, and feel free to make them as obnoxious, ridiculious, or outright bad as possible. We're not judgmental. Make them genuinely awful.

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    posted a message on Are obsidian stairs and slabs a thing yet? We've been waiting for over ten years.

    Firstly, I think yes, we could do with more slabs, stairs, and in general variations on existing building materials- but there's definitely such a thing as taking it too far. I really don't want to get into the vertical slabs argument, but suffice to say regardless of whether it's a slippery slope, too many block variations I think would cause the opposite problem. The right amount should encourage creative building, while too many would be excessive- there is such a thing as a happy medium.

    There are plenty of blocks that ought to have more variations, however; when the only reason for adding the new variation is that it would be more aesthetically pleasing and good for building... it's a decent reason, but not a good enough reason to add new variations for every block in the game, of which there are already well over 600 unique block types, (According to a brief trip to the Minecraft Wiki). Dirt slabs in particular have already been considered by Mojang, but were unable to be implemented into terrain generation. Trying to stay on topic, obsidian slabs... Maybe? I guess I'm kind of neutral, I for one would never use them for the same reason I would never make a diamond slab, Obsidian is just rare and irritating enough to get that while an obsidian structure might be impressive, I wouldn't deem it worth my time.

    That being said, I'm certainly open to the idea of more variation in general- especially in regards to more wooden blocks, (Crafting tables, Wooden tiles, that sort of thing- maybe a carpentry block similar to the stonecutter?); along with more chiseled stone types, pillars, etc.

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    posted a message on Should rotten flesh be removed from the game?

    Rotten flesh is pretty useless, but rather than being removed it ought to be given a use- like making a really effective compost, or maybe turning a couple rotten flesh into leather.

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    posted a message on Add castle ruins

    I'd appreciate more ambient structures- I think we're fine on big, rare finds- but things that would make the world more atmospheric, (Such as occasional ruins), would be appreciated. Consider the desert well- wouldn't biome specific variants of an equal rarity be sort of cool to come across? Ruins would could have a small bit of loot, value towards the admittedly vague lore of the game, and, uh, would look cool? (Sandy ruins for arid biomes, overgrown for jungle, etc.) Maybe some rarer large ruins, but I don't think more large structures are strictly necessary. (Even if they would be cool, I think the likelihood of them being implemented is pretty low.)

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    posted a message on Add birds!

    A lot of the comments seem to be about performance- which is a valid concern, but I don't think it's strictly related to the issue at hand. (It could just as easily be said that plenty of different ideas would create performance issues, but that isn't, in my opinion, the most important aspect of an idea.)

    Focusing on the concept of birds... well, I've always been open to more ambient mobs for the simple reason that many areas of the game that should be full of life feel eerily quiet. In fact, I find it difficult to play the game without a simple ambient biome noise mod just to make a forest feel less lifeless.

    However, I'd also like to acknowledge that yes, any new addition ought to serve a proper niche in the game, or have some practical application. Ideally, an idea should do both, providing something aesthetically nice and visually pleasing, as well as functional. (Of course, you don't want to make your ideas aesthetic to the point that they're no longer functional- or do the opposite, and tack on half thought out functions to an idea that was already good.

    Which, getting back to the point at hand, is to say that I wouldn't mind birds, or other ambient mobs for that matter. (I came up with a similar idea about beetles, you can check out the link below.) They'd provide a welcome addition to the atmosphere, and could have a variety of uses. (I mean, you wouldn't want to add a flying mob that was completely useless!) (Stupid bats.) An even easier method would be to just make some new sounds for parrots, and use the parrot model to create other birds unique to other biomes. (Think white and yellow cockatoos for savannas, brownish sparrows for plains, red jays and bluebirds for forests, the original parrots for jungles, and so on and so forth.)

    As for uses- admittedly, not many spring to mind. Different types of birds would require different seeds to breed, and you could breed different birds together to create offspring with a mixture of their color palletes. Perhaps similar to beehives, you could make a birdhouse block that can keep birds inside, can be opened or closed, and can carry birds when mined w/ silk touch. (Maybe it produces feathers overtime, so you don't have to kill birds? It could also be used w/ noteblocks to make bird noises.) Another application in the direction of the fletching table could involve different birds dropping different colored feathers, which could be used with the fletching table to create arrows with different ambient bonuses. (Such as red feathered arrows doing more damage, yellow feathered arrows charging faster, blue feathered arrows flying truer, etc.) Colored feathers could also be used to adorn tools, giving them colored highlights in the same manner as dyed leather armor. (And maybe ambient boosts?) You could also make colored feathers by combining white feathers with a dye- eight feathers per dye.

    Made some combat art for biome specific birds below- including a skeletal one for the Soul Sand wastes.

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    posted a message on 1.17/1.18 Split- Opportunity for integration of new Features

    I'm not exactly thrilled about the 1.17 1.18 split, but I have been trying to find a silver lining- (Besides the obvious 'when given more time, the new features will likely be better and more thoroughly tested.) One thing I came up with was that this split provides an opportunity for the developers to better integrate the new and upcoming features with existing features.

    ...That sounds neat, but to be clear on what I mean by this: One thing that I think developers should always be careful of when updating is not just the introduction and balance of new features, but how they can be used to enhance a variety of aspects of the game. Mojang has historically done a pretty good job with this- there are very few mechanics and parts of Minecraft that don't have a good reason to exist. (Ahem... bats.) Increasingly, their strategy seems to be to enhance and improve upon existing content- this is a very intelligent development plan on several accounts- firstly in that it ensures the game is gradually tending towards a more cohesive product; and secondly because the prospect of negative feedback is far less when you're improving things you know players already like, rather than adding things that are utterly new.

    Mojang generally finds a perfect balance of this- improving old systems with new features and eccentricities. The Nether Update, Village Update, and Update Aquatic have all been great examples of this.

    I'm not trying to dissect the development process here- in fact, this is getting a little overreaching for the main point- that any new additions don't merely need to fill some sort of niches or have useful mechanics; but that they need to be integrated with the existing features. Consider it a 'welcome the new while honoring the old' sort of philosophy. However, there aren't really that many examples of that- largely since most of the new features have been in areas where existing features weren't present. Before the Village, nether, and Aquatic updates, the villages, nether, and oceans were pretty bland.

    The Caves and Cliffs update is different primarily because it is one of the first updates to make some really fundamental changes to the Overworld, as well as enhancing outdated systems. The 1.17 update is going to add a lot of the features themselves, while the 1.18 update is supposed to bring terrain generation changes- essentially, 1.17 will add features, and 1.18 will implement them. And a lot of these features seem to be a lot newer than anything Mojang has tried for awhile.

    It's a rather roundabout way of putting it, but I think 1.17 gives an opportunity to add minor examples of implementation for features that will be more extensively added in 1.18. Partly because some of these features seem a bit too exclusive to new areas of the game. Ideally, there shouldn't be a palpable divide between new and old. And you can sense this in some parts of the game- such as how barren the End is compared to other parts of the game- (This could be put off as an aesthetic choice, but it has been some time since the End received a considerable update, or how basic many of the structures seem compared to new structures.

    There's been a lot of improvement in this regard- such as the recent tweaks to mineshafts. However, some of the new features seem in need of balancing, or seem a little highly specialized.

    -Moss Blocks are a cool addition with unique properties, but are apparently going to be exclusive to the moss caverns. In 1.17, they could be implemented in other areas- such as bits of moss in kelp forests, or jungles.

    -Rooted dirt is another block that seems needlessly specific towards Azalea trees. Rooted dirt could generate in single blocks beneath other trees, making dirt a bit trickier to remove in forests. (And also provides a way of adding rooted dirt in 1.17.)

    -I'm not sure whether or not copper is going to be implemented, but it currently doesn't have that many uses, and quite a lot have been suggested. The new ore veins are pretty interesting, but, (unlike other metals), it doesn't seem like Copper shows up elsewhere in the world- unlike Gold and Iron. Gold is found in Ocean Monuments and Bastions, and Iron can be found in the form of bars and doors and chains and stuff. Considering how common copper is, it doesn't seem too far fetched that it could be integrated into villages or other structures. (How this might be done could become clearer as we get more applications for copper.)

    -Amethyst is a cool and unexpected addition- and perhaps small pillars of amethyst could be found in deeper caverns? Or witch huts or something?

    -Candles would also look cool in witch huts, villages, and wooded mansions.

    -There's a lot of ways deepslate could be implemented- namely, I've heard it mentioned numerous times that the strongholds ought to be made of Deepslate now that they're to be found deeper underground. Other structures- such as Illager Outposts, Wooded Mansions, and dungeons- would also look good with a bit of deepslate blocks.

    -Other ideas about minor implementations of 1.18 features? I'd appreciate feedback!

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    posted a message on Adding copper wire for redstone use

    I'm certainly not a redstone expert, but this seems like it could work. I'm generally open to suggestons for copper, in part because it's seeming to be increasingly... not all that useful considering it's an entire new metal. All the other types have uses in armor, tools, and unique blocks and items- making metals such as iron and gold pretty darn useful. I know copper is a new thing, but thusfar the only uses we've seen for it are some decorative blocks, and the spyglass.

    That being said, I'd be a bit cautious about changing such a fundamental aspect. I think I'd rather see copper used in new redstone components than used to make such a big change to redstone.

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    Yes, lasers. Is this idea ridiculous? Maybe, but it seemed neat at the time it occurred to me. Guardians use lasers to attack things. Clearly, us players are missing out on this wonderful opportunity. In all seriousness, I had this idea as sort of a way of implementing a new redstone contraption that could be used in some interesting ways.

    -The Laser is a redstone block made using one prismarine crystal, one redstone dust, one quartz, two glass, and four cobblestone. When it receives a redstone signal, a short charge up ensues, (Two seconds or so, for balancing reasons), during which the laser charges, and then fires- releasing a powerful beam of energy, similar or perhaps identical to those of the Guardian. This beam has some unique properties:

    -Contact with the player deals a considerable amount of damage if the laser hits the player directly upon activation, and still does a smaller amount of damage if the player runs into an already activated laser. Doing so slows down the player in a manner similar to that of a sweet berry bush. (You could use lasers to make moderately effective, but incredibly cool looking gates.) In this manner, lasers can also be used as interesting weapons, as the blocks can be moved with pistons to make hidden turrets and traps.

    -Lasers can be used to carry redstone signals over a long distance very quickly. If an inactive laser is hit by a laser on its projecting side, it releases a redstone signal with strength proportional to the distance the laser has traveled. Despite the time delay in the charge up, the time made up for by instantly carrying a signal across loaded chunks from a long distance would largely make up for this. (Lasers would have to have some sort of distance limit besides 'stops when it hits a solid block.')

    -Lasers can be placed facing any direction, and are not the same thing as a beacon. (Even if they share some properties- such as creating a beam, and being able to change the color of the beam with stained glass.) Perhaps the distance the beam travels is based on redstone signal strength, and limited to a certain amount of blocks? Or maybe they could only be placed horizontally? They also wouldn't act as a powerful light source, and, obviously, wouldn't provide status effects. (I've always thought the beacon beam looked a bit dinky given the incredible expense and power of the block in question.)

    -Finally, perhaps lasers have different effects depending on which block they come into contact with. (Lasers could gradually light wooden blocks on fire, ignite TNT, or slowly melt stone, however slowly?) This would give players an opportunity to create automated mines of some sort, though perhaps blocks mined in this manner shouldn't drop anything. Lasers would also make considerable weapons in multiplayer games if given the ability to gradually light things on fire, which could either be a catastrophically bad idea, or possibly sort of cool. Maybe they can be redirected using the new tinted glass?

    -Because lasers primarily go in a straight line, and are somewhat expensive, they would primarily serve as a novelty, lighting object, advanced red stone component, and would otherwise not be useful for more compact devices or contraptions.

    Anyways, tell me what you think. I've provided concept art below.
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