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    posted a message on 1.17 - 1.18 Split; Is Mojang telling us everything?

    I've recently been looking at the new 1.18 generation in the experimental snapshots, and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. I think it's safe to say that I'm probably reading too much into this- this is by far one of the most impressive updates I've seen to date, and at the beginning of this I suppose I was under the impression that the update would consist of minor tweaks to improvements to world generation... not, say, a stunning, complete overhaul of the entire Overworld.

    ...So, I suppose while a Holiday release is more convenient, it makes sense for such an enormous update, especially given the development issues of dealing with the pandemic and more or less rewriting the entire world generation system to boot. ...I'm honestly beginning to think Mojang can do no wrong.

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    posted a message on The End ~ Ideas & Speculation for 1.18

    Most of Yung's mods are pretty cool! I highly recommend them. Before 1.18, if you wanted decent caves, Yung's the guy you go to. I'm not too into mods either, though there are some that really enhance the vanilla game without feeling too... moddy.

    ...Also, I just watched the announcement trailer for this year's Minecraft Live, and this could just be speculation on my part, but there sure do seem to be a lot of references to the End in it. I'm pretty solidly sure that everyone's favorite barren celestial wasteland is next up for an overhaul... but it certainly wouldn't be the first time Mojang surprised everyone and did something completely different.

    I guess it's just again important to reiterate the basic ideas, considering what a huge thing the overhaul of one of the game's three dimensions is: Adding unique and useful features that are both functional and atmospheric, essentially. Mojang has done a fantastic job in the past, and if this is what's coming next, I fully expect it to be one of the best updates we've seen yet, Nether Update included.

    (What would they even call it? The Update to End all Updates? The Beginning of the End? The Much Needed and Long Awaited Overhaul of a terrifying Transcendent Celestial Void of Barren Rock and Alien Revelations? Don't get me wrong, the Nether Update was fantastic, but the name was far from the most imaginative ever. This is a serious concern.)

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    posted a message on 1.18 factory update

    It could be sort of interesting if copper is implemented in an automation sort of manner- given that it doesn't really have many uses at the moment. Copper item pipes and basic autocrafters would go a long ways towards better automation. As it is, (thanks to hopper chains), it's basically impossible to automate anything without a vaguely exploitative iron farm first.

    Maybe copper can be used to make machines that can change blocks into different states automaticly- automating things like basic crafting recipes; and then some resource unique to the end could be used to make a full blown autocrafter. (Think a 'sawmill' block that can be set to craft a single wood based recipe.)

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    posted a message on Swamp and jungle villages in the new 1.18 biomes

    Definitely agree! It would be interesting to see some new and unique village types added in the near future, possibly along with additional features for the swamp. (Stuff mentioned in the biome vote, like mangrove trees, new mobs, possibly a new wood type, etc.) If you want to see a feature sort of like this, check out Repurposed Structures on curse forge, which adds new villages in both of these biomes, among other things.

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    posted a message on Rice

    I normally don't really support new crops or things- they often seem like they're just added for the sake of it. But I think this has enough potential to be implemented. Rice could have the interesting growing mechanic of requiring being planted in water, (Which would also have the benefit of lending something unique to swamps). The problem still remains that this would be more difficult to farm than wheat, so it would thus need some more unique uses. Some ideas:

    -Rice is used with honey to make rice cakes, or dried kelp to make Sushi. (Which would also give an actual use to Dried Kelp.)

    -Rice is used to breed some new mob unique to the swamp.

    -Rice can be condensed into rice blocks, which could be a falling block that would also have some sort of unique interaction with water? Or something?

    -Rice has some unique growing system that could make it more profitable than wheat, but only if you're willing to invest more time into it? Maybe it acts sort of like sugarcane, where it has a small chance of growing taller overtime- with each layer of the plant producing one rice when harvested.

    Anyways, full support. This could be cool.

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    posted a message on Mountain rivers

    Some of the terrain generation in the 1.18 update has been genuinely impressive- and it includes much better rivers. Waterfalls could use some work though- that is, some sort of custom terrain generate function to design bigger waterfalls, rather than just placing watersource blocks high up and hoping for the best.

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    posted a message on Netherite Shulker Boxes

    I don't see much of a reason why this shouldn't be a feature, though admittedly I've never had the specific problem of losing shulker boxes in the nether. (I imagine that would be pretty awful!) I guess that ordinary shulker boxes could just be made fire/lava proof, (I think they already don't despawn like normally when dropped, but I could be wrong), rather than adding a devoted item... but It could be cool, and netherite is already well established as being burn proof.

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    posted a message on Another Attempt at a Stronghold Suggestion

    This looks like a really interesting and well thought out idea- I've always thought that there's a lot of structures that could use a bit of an overhaul following the Village & Pillage update, with Strongholds being up there at the top of the list. I also think that it's highly likely they're going to be updated in some way with the addition of the deepslate layer- and it would be the perfect opportunity to also implement better generation and new rooms/modules.

    Personally, the Library is my favorite room- I like the existing Library, but it could be cool if there was also a larger variant. Considering the challenge of finding a stronghold, they definitely ought to be one of the game's more impressive structures.

    In the meantime, if you're interested in better stronghold generation, I would highly recommend the Yung's Better Strongholds mod on curseforge.

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    posted a message on Spelunky + Minecraft; Build/Mod Idea; (With Concept Art)

    What do Minecraft and Spelunky Classic have in common? A lot, actually! Both of them have a sixteen bit artstyle, both involve procedural generation, both of them are block based, for goodness sake... how about a mod pack, or even just some sort of build project; in which a player recreated the classic version of spelunky... in Minecraft?


    For those unfortunate folks who've never heard of the second best block based game ever created, a brief overview of what this sort of project would entail:

    -Procedurally generated levels that are built by combining a series of prebuilt 'rooms' in different configurations and with different variations.

    -Four unique worlds- in the original Spelunky, the player progresses through four areas of increasing difficulty; an abandoned mine, a subterranean jungle, a treacherous frozen cavern, and a trap filled temple. Each world consists of four levels- some of which have some sort of special feature, such as being dark, or having a special structure or layout.

    -Various unique items such as bombs, ropes, various weapons and artifacts; etc. Spelunky has a wide variety of items that players use to better navigate the caverns, some of which have Minecraft equivalents.

    -Various unique enemies, again, a lot of which already have Minecraft equivalents. (Spiders, bats, giant alien overminds, etc.) Each area has different enemies that are unique to it, along with various traps and hazards. All of them involve a great deal of spikes.


    I've also included some concept art, featuring a lot of repurposed and recolored Minecraft textures- it really is amazing how much the two games have in common, at least visually.

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    posted a message on Minecraft cogs

    This could be cool... but yeah, it would sort of require a major overhaul of the existing physics of the game. That being said, with the addition of copper, I think there's a decent opportunity for some interesting new bits of machinery.

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    posted a message on End Update for minecraft

    I'm seriously convinced the End will be the next place to update, given that every other aspect of the game has been upgraded in some sort of way at this point. (The Nether, the Oceans, the Caves, the Villages, etc.) It's a really fantastic oppurtunity to add a bunch of late game content and new ideas to spruce up the End, while still retaining the barren, alien feel.

    I've heard a fair bit of different ideas discussed regarding an end update, and suggested some of my own. A couple of my favorites include:

    New Blocks, such as a hardened version of endstone that's super blast resistant, or a sediment version of endstone called 'Shattered Endstone' that's effected by gravity, and slows walking speed somewhat like soul sand. The End islands currently consist almost exclusively of End Stone, which is decidedly a bit bland. Some sort of ore or mineral could be added to the end, and while it could be some overpowered netherite upgrade, it could also be a sort of weird overpowered ore with unusual properties- such as making blocks that are invisible unless struck or unless the user is wearing armor made from said material- which could also offer some sort of temporary invisibility effect?

    New Biomes- there's a great deal of potential here, given that the current biomes are literally just end wastes and chorus forests... which are literally just end wastes with chorus plants. The existing biomes could be upgraded- End Wastes would still be barren, but might consist exclusively of larger islands with vast tracts of shattered endstone. Chorus Forests could have new rotted fruit blocks and some sort of grass equivalent for the end; as for new biomes, I've heard a lot of theorizing about the Skulk growths/deep dark having something to do with the End- perhaps a hostile Skulk Jungle filled with extremely dense black and blue flora, hostile plants, and dangerous creatures. Finally, I've always liked the idea of 'proper' end cities- the existing ones feel more like outposts. What about an 'End Ruins' biome that consists of islands made entirely out of clashing and alien structures of purpur and endstone? The generation could be especially bizarre, and might host an extremely powerful new variety of golem, guarding some priceless resource.

    New Terrain ~ Finally, there could be different terrain variants for any new biomes, similar to how terrain works in the Overworld- such as large single islands, archipelagos of smaller islands, towering pillar shaped islands, far flung islands, etc.

    New Structures- One really clever idea I read about awhile back, (which I now can't find for the life of me), consisted of an 'End Hive,' a series of islands that were home to a hostile race of insectoid aliens. These 'islands' would be roughly spherical conglomerations of some sort of hardened purpur armor with an interior of different types of endstone, and would be riddled with tunnels. Different varieties of the insects would have different abilities/specalizations- (flying, block breaking, fighting, etc.) and similar to silverfish, they would be able to burrow into blocks. Unlike silver fish, they would be extremely dangerous, and this would encourage players to progress through the hive without breaking things- it could be a sort of end game dungeon with some sort of extremely valuable reward.

    ...Suffice to say there's a lot of potential for an End Update, and I for one think it's more than likely in the near future.

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    posted a message on Ambience for Biomes

    Yes please. I seriously can't play the game anymore without Ambientsounds 3 or Dynamic Surroundings installed. (Check them out on Curseforge.)

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    posted a message on Enchantment Unification

    Some changes to enchanting could be helpful- but I guess I don't think they're strictly necessary. There's definitely a great deal of oddness going on with the enchanting system, and while some tweaks would be welcome, there's also something to be said for existing systems. Even if they're not the most streamlined, the history of it is worth noting- if it were a bit more seriously broken, I'd be more inclined to say go ahead and change everything, but as it is, I think enchanting works pretty decently.

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    posted a message on Stairs and slabs

    Mojang has made it clear they don't have any intentions of implementing vertical slabs in any way, presumably because it's a bit of a slippery slope, and would sort of invalidate older creations. As for more stairs and slabs... I can see where these could be useful, but I can also understand the reasoning behind the existing cast of options- namely that it's another slippery slope to adding stairs or slabs of every single building block. (Which wouldn't necessarily be bad, just a bit excessive.)

    It would be nice if stacked slabs didn't look identical to blocks- seeing as they're still slabs in that instance.

    I don't see much of a need for doors or trapdoors, (Could you elaborate?)
    Also, how about placing things on top of slabs? Currently, things like carpet, candles, torches, item frames, etc; can only be placed on full blocks. This is hardly an essential change, but it would certainly be welcome.

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    posted a message on Warden mob drop

    I'm not sure if the warden should drop anything. I recall the developers saying something along the lines of the Warden being the sort of thing that you want to avoid, and that it thus shouldn't have a drop to encourage players to fight it. ...Rather, perhaps the warden is protecting some rare resource unique to the Deep Dark?

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