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    posted a message on Minecraft #2 (Mindthemood's April Fools)

    I want to make a Mod for April Fool's Day. One idea that occurred to me was to just implement literally any idea that occurred to me, however ill advised. (Given that it's to be an April Fool's Day Mod, especially ill-advised ones.) It might seem a bit early to start working on an April Fool's Day mod, but believe me, I want this to be rather ambitious...

    Anyways, I figured I might as well ask random people online for some more ideas, and keep track of everything I've come up with (and intend to add) so far. Please share your terrible ideas! If the idea is bad, (and bad in an amusing way), I'll add it, and possibly credit whomever comes up with it.

    In short, I need ideas. Phenomenally bad ideas. The kind of ideas that would cause the most talented of Minecrafters to grimace in bemused disgust. I've jotted down some of my own thusfar.


    World Gen

    700+ New Structures

    • ...All of which are just the word 'Minecraft' in different sizes and made of different blocks scattered literally everywhere.
    • Mostly made of painfully strobing rainbow blocks. (See below.)

    Junk Yard

    • A trashy new biome that consists entirely of garbage and half finished structures.
    • Makes up the majority of the Overworld.


    • A Biome in which literally everything is made of valuable late game materials, with no hazards whatsoever.
    • Should be fairly common.

    Creeper Woods

    • A mossy new biome that consists primarily of creepers and large piles of explosives.

    Diorite Plains

    • A lovely new biome that consists entirely of diorite.

    Frosted Slopes

    • A biome that consists entirely of candy. (Chocolate dirt, rock candy, caramel ore, hard candy trees, licorice grasse, etc.) As per the FDA's diet recommendations, all candy items decrease your hunger bar instead of increasing it.

    Slime Chunks

    • Randomly replace everything in them with slime.

    Abstract Shape Zone

    • A geometric new biome entirely filled with abstract shapes.

    Flesh Maw

    • A visceral biome consisting entirely of flesh and internal organs.

    Excessive Cacti

    • Copious amounts of Cacti generate literally anywhere with sand.


    • Found in snowy biomes.
    • Ranges from small to several-story-building size.

    Broken/Misplaced Structures

    • Weirdly generating Vanilla structures, such as Ocean Monuments in the Nether, Villager houses in the middle of nowhere, Igloos in the desert, etc.

    Traps Disguised as Natural Features

    • Trees, Ore veins, etc.

    Giant Pillars of Random Blocks

    • Just like we always wanted!

    Sheikha Towers

    • Allows players with a Sheikha Slate, (Not included), to teleport around the map.


    • Varisized square holes that generate basically everywhere at the surface level, making random deformed cutouts in the terrain.
    • Larger holes generate in the ocean, resulting in a hopelessly broken surface layer.


    Cleaning Supplies

    • Includes Mops, Brooms, and Vacuum cleaners, each of which comes in wood, iron, gold, diamond, and Netherite variants.
    • Exclusively used to clean up Filth. Also ghosts.

    Moby ****

    • Herman Melville's famous whaling novel.

    Double Jump Boots

    • Allows the player to jump in midair.
    • Can be used indefinitely.

    Iron Boots

    • Prevents the player from moving.
    • Cannot be removed.
    Internal Organs
    • An enormous variety of flesh-type items that can be obtained from animals in order to make you feel better about murdering them.

    Non Disclosure Agreement

    • For legal purposes.

    Revealing Undergarments

    • Sure, why not.

    Magic Wands

    • Fire Wand, Earth Wand, Steel Wand, Cake Wand, Goat Wand, Cell Phone Wand, Doctorial Wand, Home Owner's Wand, etc.

    Pre-Fab Homes

    • Comes in several tiers.
    • Immediately builds a house of increasingly ludicrious size when used, with no regard whatsoever for the surroundings.


    • Have a 50% chance of actually granting their corresponding effect instead of a randomly selected one.
    • Have an even more annoying sound effect than before.

    3D Glasses

    • Allows you to play Minecraft in 3D.


    • A superior form of currency.

    Rotten Foods

    • Rotten Meat, vegetables, fruits, fish, etc. Literally all foods rot almost immediately after collecting them.
    • Rotten Foods grant a variety of new and unpleasant status effects when eaten.

    Trash Can

    • Used to clean out the player's inventory, by randomly deleting stuff from it.


    • Which either will not come back, or will come back and immediately kill you.

    Web Gun

    • A Gun that shoots webs.


    • An enormous variety of elaborate confections, including Bon Bons, hard Candies, Licorice, Chocolate, Lollipops, etc; all with multiple variants and assosiated blocks, crafted using a complex new system of confectionary.
    • Candy is bad for you, and thus, eating any of these items decreases your hunger bar instead of increasing it.
    • Candy toolset that can be eaten.
    • Candy themed biome in which literally everything consists entirely of candy.
    • New building materials, such as Chocolate, which melts when exposed to any light source.

    Trading Cards

    • Can be obtained completely at random.
    • Cards consist of various mobs, items, and equipment.
    • Each card has a regular and more powerful shiny variant.
    • Different cards have different offensive, defensive, cost, and modifier abilities.
    • There is an extremely complicated game system that allows you to build decks out of various cards you find, and use them to battle AI and other players in an Inscryption-style card dueling game.


    • Now break randomly to simulate the dangers of air travel.

    Junk Food

    • Can be obtained from vending machines found scattered throughout the world.
    • Isn't particularly nutritious.


    • A couple additional varieties of flowers, all of which just make dyes of their corresponding color and do nothing else noteworthy. Here's a small selection, based on a quick web search; all of which will, naturally, have to have flower pot variants to boot:
    • Daffodils (A small, star-shaped yellow flower)
    • Bluebell (Essentially a darker blue version of the swamp orchid)
    • Iris (An indigo flower with an elaborate blossom)
    • Tiger Lily (An orange flower with a star-shaped bloom)
    • Violet (A smallish light-purple variety of flower)
    • Crocus (An elegant, purplish-pink variety of flower.)
    • Carnation (A fluffy pinkish white variety of flower)
    • Periwinkle (A delicate light purple flower.)
    • Black Eyed Susan (Like a sunflower, but different)
    • Jasmine (An elegant white flower that is technically different from the Lily of the Valley)
    • Purple/Yellow Pansy (A purple and yellow flower)
    • Red/Orange/Pink Geranium (A pretty boring flower, by all reasonable consideration.)
    • Coxcomb (A poofy red flower)
    • Gladiolus (An tall pinkish flower)
    • Goldenrod (A smallish yellow flower with lots of blossoms)
    • Red/Blue Columbine (An elaborate light yellow flower with large buds)
    • White/Pink/Purple Snapdragon (Looks pretty darn similar to lilacs)
    • Hibiscus (A light purple flower with a yellow eye)
    • Hyacinth (A violet flower with unusually shaped blossoms)
    • White/Pink Hydrangea (A tall light blue flower with large clusters of buds.)
    • Coreopsis (A Red and yellow flower)
    • Lady's Slipper (The state flower of Minnesota. It's a pink Lily of the Valley.)
    • Lavender (Like lilacs, but on the ground.)
    • Bougainvillea (A tallish magenta flower with small blossoms.)
    • Dahlia (A poofy pinkish flower that is legally different than an Allium.)
    • Pink/Red/White Petunias (Generic looking flowers that come in a couple different colors.)
    • Lantana (Red and yellow flowers with smallish buds)
    • Ixora (Basically a pink version of the Azure Blulet)
    • Aster (A bushy magenta flower with a yellow center)
    • Allamanda (Light yellow flowers)

    Blocks & Materials


    • New mineral with a painfully colorful strobing texture; looking at rainbow blocks for too long hurts your eyes, literally dealing damage to the player.
    • Can be used to produce tools and weapons 10,000 times more powerful and efficient than diamond.
    • Comes in Ore, Ingot, Block, and Tile variants.
    • Can be found pretty much everywhere in the form of several hundred new structures, all of which are just the word 'Minecraft' spelled out in painfully strobing rainbow blocks.

    Uncomfortable Truths

    • New mineral with a shifty grey appearance; found exclusively in the Nether.
    • Comes in Ore, Ingot, and Block variants.
    • Can be used to make tools and equipment that reveal uncomfortable truths about video games.


    • New mineral that can be found rarely in all dimensions.
    • Comes in Ore, Ingot, Block, Stair, Door, Trapdoor, Fence, Slab, and Easily Digestable Pill variants.
    • Can be used to make tools and equipment with a distinctive sense of Minecraftiness.

    Feature Creep

    • New mineral that gradually spreads throughout your world.
    • Comes in Ore, Ingot, Block, Stair, Door, Trapdoor, Fence, Log, Stripped Log, Slab, Planks, Tile, Brick, and Dirt variants.
    • Can be used to make a wide variety of incredibly amazing items with no use cases whatsoever.
    • Also spreads uncontrollably, replacing everything in its path with new features.


    • New ore that can be found fairly deep underground, and in garbage heaps. Proximity to any Uranium items or materials gradually eradiates blocks, players, and mobs.
    • Is an incredibly efficient fuel source. (But reduces everything it smelts to an eradiated mess.)
    • Causes radiation poisoning, which ranges from mild to severe.
    • Makes ridiculous explosives.

    Additional Ores

    • Tin, Silver, Nickle, Zinc, Tungsten, and Aluminum Ores can be found very commonly throughout the world.
    • All of them have ingot and block forms, and literally no other uses.
    • Most other ores have been moved to Bejewled dirt to compensate for how much space these take up.

    Bejewled Dirt

    • Like regular dirt, but with large amounts of valuable ores in it.
    • Can be found pretty much everywhere.

    Light Sources

    • Light Sources randomly go out shortly after being placed.
    • Includes torches, lanterns, candles, etc.


    • Bedrock, (And all other unbreakable blocks), are now highly breakable.

    Gilded/Bejewled Materials

    • Gold plated and diamond studded leaves, logs, grass; etc, for the Opulence biome.


    • Flesh, intestines, skin, hair, etc.

    Poison Ivy

    • Grants an itching effect that deals constant low level damage.

    Bluer Ice

    • Like Blue Ice, but even sliperier.

    Vertical Slabs & Stairs

    • But only for raw Diorite.

    Easter Eggs

    • Loads and loads of multicolored Eggs that can be found literally everywhere and do absolutely nothing.

    Pointed Dripstone

    • Falls automatically when a player is directly under it.


    • Prevents food from immediately rotting.
    • Occasionally breaks, causing everything inside it to rot immedieately.


    • A disgusting block that drops random stuff when mined.


    • A disgusting, layered block that accumulates randomly from all livestock animals.
    • Causes players to become filthy.

    Invisible Block of Instant Death

    • Exactly what the name implies.

    Crafting Table Deluxe

    • A larger 2*2 block version of a crafting table with a 6*6 crafting grid.
    • ...Does absolutely nothing.

    Warp Pipes

    • Can be entered to allow the player to progress to the following level.

    Crafting Tables

    • Occasionally breaks after crafting stuff.
    • Explodes if you try to craft anything explosive.
    • Sometimes yields the wrong amount of items.
    • Certain (important) recipes are mixed up.


    • Cakes can be combined to make a Mega Cake, a larger version of the cake that takes up eight blocks.
    • Mega Cakes can be combined to make Ultra Cake, a larger version of the cake that takes up sixty four blocks.
    • Ultra Cakes can be combined to make Doom Cakes, a cake so mind bogglingly enormous that it takes up the space of a multiple-story building.
    • Cakes consist of multiple different corner, edge, and candle blocks to ensure a phenomenal cakeish experience.


    • Now instantly kills anything that steps on it.

    Better Paintings

    • All existing paintings are replaced with images of Mindthemoods.


    • Explodes when randomly ticked.
    • Has a 10% chance of exploding immediately when placed.
    • Can generate naturally in deposits underground.

    Redstone Components

    • Redstone blocks sometimes don't work as intended. (Observers sometimes tick randomly, pistons don't push, slime blocks don't always stick, hoppers delete items, etc.)
    • Can generate naturally in deposits underground.

    Lucky Blocks

    • Does something random when the player gives it valuable items.
    • Exclusively does unpleasant things to teach players the dangers of gambling.

    Sculk Sensors

    • Immediately spawn wardens when triggered.

    Command Blocks

    • Can now be crafted in Survival mode.

    Broken Blocks

    • Special blocks that look identical to their normal counterparts, but have minor differences.
    • This includes extremely different harness values, gravity on blocks that normally aren't gravity effected, non-solidity, etc.
    • These generate naturally in the world replacing their ordinary counterparts, and also have a small chance of occurring whenever a normal block is placed.

    Textured Blocks

    • For the sake of Nostalgia, random patches of blocks are replaced with their 1.12 Programmer Textures.


    • Light nearby blocks on fire when used.
    • Have a small chance of exploding whenever something is smelted.

    The Player

    Thirst Bar

    • Goes down constantly.
    • Drinking water always gives you various negative status effects unless repeatedly boiled.
    • Can also give you various waterborne illnesses.

    Sanity Bar

    • Goes down whenever weird stuff happens to the player.
    • Weird stuff happens with increasing frequency the higher your sanity is.
    • Lower sanity causes hallucinations, random noises, weird overlays, etc.

    Energy Bar

    • Inflicts slowness on the player if they don't consistently eat sugary foods.


    • Goes up to '294 mph,' with worrying implications.

    Magic Bar

    • Exclusively used to cast spells, in addition to the EXP bar.

    Nutrition Bar

    • Inflicts hunger on the player if they eat too many sugary foods.

    Mystery Bar

    • What does it do? No one knows!

    Cleanliness Bar

    • Tracks the player's cleanliness.
    • Low Cleanliness degrades all items with durability, and spreads Filth wherever the player goes.

    Lawfulness bar

    • Tracks the player's standing with the Minecraft Police.
    • Low standing with the Minecraft Police, (obtained by breaking the laws of Minecraft), causes them to take increasingly drastic measures against you. Innocuous looking blocks may attempt to murder you, traps may materialize beneath you, etc.
    • Continued violation of the laws of Minecraft may result in arrest and a considerable fine.


    • Includes Cholera, Typhus, and Dysentery!
    • Can be caught completely at random.
    • More or less incurable.

    Randomized EXP Bar

    • EXP changes to a random value whenever EXP is collected.

    Incomprehensible Leveling System

    • Allows the player to finally spend some of that EXP to improve speed, strength, charisma, suaveness, cheese mongering, necromancy, political savvy, hacking skills, eldritch bloodlines, etc.

    Inventory Improvements

    • Items occasionally rearrange themselves when you're not looking.
    • Number of items in a stack can randomly decrease.
    • Stacks of blocks are occasionally replaced by blocks of a similar color.


    Killer Rabbits

    • Not only do these now spawn naturally, they also replace all existing rabbits.

    Flying Pigs

    • Objectively better than regular pigs.

    Baby Zombies

    • Might as well just double down and make the things practically invincible.
    • Also replacing all other zombies with baby zombies.
    • Also, Baby zombies have decent chances of spawning with high level enchanted armor.

    Creeper Management

    • Creepers have a 30% chance of just exploding whenever they're attacked.


    • Always spawn with invisibility.

    Wandering Traders

    • Now exclusively purchase valuable materials in exchange for large quantities of dirt.


    • Have an overhauled Trade interface designed to be a bit easier to understand, less cluttered, more straightforward, etc.
    • All Villagers now use the Swamp Texture, regardless of location.


    • Have had their HP nerfed.
    • Withers now have 3 HP.


    • Can now hold a variety of new and exciting blocks, and always spawn holding something interesting.


    • Explode immediately when injured.


    • Now spawn in the Nether.


    • Can one shot you.


    • Now spawn in the End.
    • Can jump about 30 times higher, w/out taking fall damage.

    Poorly Drawn Entities

    • Like normal entities, but with textures drawn by a five year old with a deadline.

    Broken Entities

    • Like normal entities, but with poorly applied textures.

    Eradiated Entities

    • Like normal entities, but gradually succumbing to cancerous tumors caused by longterm exposure to radioactive materials.


    • Why not?


    • Infest literally everything they touch, including blocks that previously could not be infested.

    Miscellaneous Bad Ideas


    • Sweden is a really lovely song, and, as such, all songs, (including Music Discs), should just be replaced with Sweden.

    Nerf Loot Tables

    • Every single loot table in the game has been nerfed, (and now includes Nerf dart guns), with the exception of the Fishing Loot Table, which can now be used to obtain incredibly rare items.

    Pop-Up Advertisements

    • In order to thank my many sponsors. Probably won't have all that negative an impact on gameplay.


    • To educate players on the dangers posed by bad weather, storms are more common, and lightning randomly strikes at the player's exact location.


    • Commands are fun. Therefore, whenever a command is used, other commands trigger randomly.
    • Several new commands have been added with identical names to existing commands, but very different functions.

    Incredibly Detailed Marble Bust?

    • This one seems pretty self explanatory.

    Randomized Projectiles

    • To mirror the difficulty of becoming proficient with real world ranged weapons, arrow trajectories will be completely randomized when fired.

    Additional Achievements

    • To make the game feel more enticing, ought to reward players for lesser achievements. Jumping. Moving. Mining twelve thousand netherite blocks. That sort of thing.

    Remove Diamonds

    • It's not like anyone will miss them.

    Randomized Random Tick Speed

    • Exponentially more random.

    Randomized Nametags & Naming

    • Using a name tag on something does not, in fact, randomly select a name for that thing, but instead names that thing Stanley.
    • Attempting to rename anything in an Anvil instead changes the name of that item to Stanley.

    Remove Herobrine

    • Not sure how to do this, so I might just leave him in the game instead.

    Time is Arbitrary

    • For added realism.

    Chest Locking System

    • Players can create locks for their chests.
    • Keys break randomly, all look identical, and randomly disappear from your inventory.
    • No amount of begging will allow you to get your stuff back.

    Pets Give You Allergies

    • Again, added realism.

    Incredibly Long Stanley Parable Narration Monologue that Triggers by Interacting with an Adventure Line

    • I mean, people have been asking for this since at least 2012.

    Rearranged Block Tags

    • Probably won't cause any issues.

    The Netherworld can Spontaneously Light you on Fire

    • Again, for added realism.

    Additional Settings

    • It feels like the game could use some more.

    In Game Purchases

    • This is just flat out a missed oppurtunity, really.

    Beds Explode in the Overworld

    • Currently, using a Bed in the Overworld dimension causes you to sleep in it.

    Xerox Alto Desktop Computer

    • Allows you to play Minecraft within Minecraft (By adding a computer-screen overlay, clearing the inventory, and teleporting you somewhere random.)
    • Has a Text Editor (With exclusively prewritten documents you can type sending heated complaints to Mojang)
    • Has a Search Engine (Which could have various amusing secrets, but would mostly just not do anything.)
    • Allows you to buy stuff with Robucks, which is then shipped to you from the sky at terminal velocity.
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    posted a message on Can Optifine set textures based on NBT?

    Working on a texture pack recently- one thing I wanted to try was giving iron golems built by players a different texture from naturally spawning ones. Iron Golems have a number value that determines whether they're naturally spawned or player made, and I was wondering how I would go about referencing this using optifine properties.

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    posted a message on Random Theory ~ Spawners actually serve a Lore Function

    There are plenty of things in the game that hint at some sort of deeper lore or story behind the world we find ourself in... and there are other things that seem like they're just there either for gameplay purposes, or no purposes whatsoever. (Is the crafting GUI, for example, canonically part of lore? I'd say no, but it's still a part of the game.)

    That being said, it did occur to me that there could be an explanation for the spawners- clearly artificial devices that generate hostile mobs when activated. What if they're the overworld's equivalent of respawn anchors? If the Ancient inhabitants of the overworld were able to respawn, (like us), it makes sense that we find spawners where we do. (Ocean Ruins, mineshafts, Nether Fortresses, Bastions, etc.) All of these would have been either fairly dangerous locations where death would have been likely, or places where one would want to return to respawn.

    Once the zombie infection became a thing, it was somehow able to remain with the ancients even through death- hence why spawners today either generate zombies and skeletons, or have since been corrupted by other hostile mobs who understand their function. (Such as spiders protecting spawners with webbing.)

    This would also explain the illagers trying to investigate the spawners, and the seemingly inexplicable presence of spawners in dungeons- if there was a disaster on the surface, the safest place to respawn would be underground.

    ...Anyways, there's multiple holes with this theory, (the biggest being that we, the players, somehow use beds to respawn), but it just struck me as an interesting idea.

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    posted a message on Opinion ~ Disk 5 Proves the Deep Dark Frame is a Portal ~ (But not how you think.)

    For some time now people have been speculating as to what the Deep Dark Frame does- if it even has a use. Personally, I'm far too certain I've got it solved, and surprised I haven't found similar theories to date. Put simply, the Deep Dark Frame Is a portal- but it's a portal to the End, and indicates that an End Update is in the future.

    Thoughts? Additional Points? Counterpoints?


    • It seems fairly obvious that the Frame is a portal- It is made of nearly unbreakable blocks, and has a rectangular frame. Like the End Portal, it only generates in one specific location in the world.
    • A smaller ancient city structure shaped like the frame was previously called the 'Small Portal Statue,' and was later changed to 'Small Statue.' in the following snapshot.
    • The Deep Dark City makes more game-progression sense as a point from which to reach the End, especially if the End's difficulty is increased. The Warden's name also implies (firstly) that it is trying to keep something imprisoned, and (secondly) goes well with the Stronghold.
    • The Stronghold is an extremely outdated structure, and, unless an End Update was in the works, it would have made sense to upgrade Strongholds during the Caves and Cliffs Update.
    • Arguably, the Ancient City's Loot and unique items and blocks aren't good enough to justify both its danger and rarity.
    • The Portal is (suspiciously) dragon sized. (Or Army sized, given hints from Disc 5.)
    • ...Also, uh, the End Update is just an extremely logical next step, especially given that the Nether has been updated. Since Mojang has said they want to overhaul the existing dimensions first, it is likely there will be more biome updates before the Devs turn to the End.

    Disc 5

    • The cracking of flint and steel and sound of bats suggests the recording takes place underground.
    • The only sound in the game that matches the clanking noises at the start of the disc is that of armor being equipped. This, combined with the 'barracks' in the Ancient City, and sychronized sound of the footsteps, implies that there was an army preparing to enter the portal. The distorted noises afterwords are a reversed sound bite of collecting experience- further implying the presence of sculk.
    • The Music sounds suspiciously similar to the Aether soundtrack. I do Not think this implies the addition of the Aether- but rather serves as a sort of signature from the developer of the deep dark, who was also responsible for the Aether mod- he may have thought it ironic, (and spooky), to play a slowed version of a previously made Aether Track in an out of place underground setting.
    • The noise of an Amethyst being placed following the music seems to suggest a means of igniting the portal.
    • Later static noises and pulsing breathes resemble that of a sleeping dragon.
    • This is followed by the noise of Silverfish, (assosiated with the Stronghold), and an Enderscent, a chararacter exclusive to Minecraft Dungeons. (Specifically, the End DLC.)
    • This is followed by a sound of explosions echoing through the caves- we here a character going to the surface, only to quickly return back underground upon hearing the sound of thunder and sirens. (Suggesting the presence of a Wither- or possibly just implying that the surface world is no longer safe.) The fact that the city itself is underground also implies its residents were hiding from something, as there is otherwise no conceivable reason to build there.

    • The track concludes with what sounds like the ignition of a portal, followed by the scream of a warden, and, (very faintly), the sound of a Wither dying. To me, this is the most confusing part- the most obvious implication is that a Wither managed to breach the city, but was then killed by a Warden- leading its residents to worship the Sculk. However, (crucially), it's unclear whether the Warden came from the portal, or if the sculk had already infected the city. (Which could either imply a new dimension, or that sculk will exist in some form in the End- I find the later to be the most likely possibility, given the combination of sculk and dragon noises earlier in the disc.)

    • Unlike much of its previous development, (specifically Discs 11 and 13), Mojang doesn't really implement features these days without any function- in fact, I genuinely cannot think of any 'useless' item in the game since the Update Aquatic. Disc 5 has no actual function in the game, does not interact with any existing components, and, like 11 and 13, has a name that implies it both has secrets to unravel from listening to it, and that it is much older than the other two. There is no reason to add Disc 5, (and to make it so difficult to obtain), unless it has some deeper meaning.
    • The Fact that Disc 5 is literally split into fragments suggests it is intended to be 'pieced together' in bother a literal and figurative sense.
    • Weird patterns on Disc 5's spectrographic analysis resemble textures from the game.
    • ...To me, this disc tells the city's story, though even when complete it remains confusingly fragmented, (as always), giving hints and suggestions, but never fully resolving.


    • How would eyes of Ender work if the Stronghold were replaced with the Deep Dark City? Also, what about the fake End Portal in the Mansion? Deep Dark Cities don't have an easy means of locating them as is.
    • Still loads of unanswered questions about the city itself- we know the portal must have worked at some point, if the 'army' theory holds true, but it's unclear why it stops working, or how it would be reactivated.
    • It seems unlikely strongholds would simply be removed from the game, though if the Deep Dark is the new access point for the End, this would be the way to do it, since they couldn't be removed before the End Update was released.
    • Neither Disc 13 or Disc 11 actually have a hidden message, they simply serve as weird novelties. However, Disc 5 is also novel from other discs in that it is crafted in a unique (and challenging) manner, and has a unique appearance.
    • Pointing out noises from Minecraft Dungeons DLC is a tenuous connection at best- especially since said DLC involves a Stronghold, rather than an Ancient City.
    • While running theories suggest that the Endermen are the remnants of the people who built the Ancient City, the army could suggest that either the Endermen were an alien race that the Builders provoked by invading their dimension; or that there was something else (such as dragons), that were preventing them from safely evacuating everyone from a ruined Overworld.
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    posted a message on I did Pixel Art. Not sure if I'd recommend it.

    Allow me to present, more or less every single texture from my new mod, 'Cooking with Mindthemoods;'

    I'll admit, I had a lot of fun making these. (Also, on an unrelated note, I learned how to embed images into things.) The trickiest part? Color pallets. For a Vanilla+ sort of mod, I wanted colors to match up- for other things, I wanted templates of Vanilla food items. Guess what isn't available for distribution online? The original texture files of Minecraft at a 16*16 scale. I eventually just got a color picker app and painstakingly copied stuff off the Minecraft Wiki, which was annoying, but not intolerable.

    ...This is also the first time I've made pixel art before, so all things considered, I think it turned out pretty well! Thoughts?

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    posted a message on I Learned Modding. (And you can too!)

    Well, I finally got around to making a mod, and surprisingly, I'm pretty pleased with the End Result. I've been accumulating plenty of ideas these past few years, so I wanted to start with something that would necessitate a fair bit of different skills. After a little over a week, I wound up with something I'm actually pretty proud of!

    For me, the biggest hurtle to coding has always been the language itself, rather than the approach to problem solving- thus, to my surprise, once I learned the basics of scratch, (please don't laugh), things went relatively smoothly. By the end of it, I was able to do relatively complicated functions without too much hassle- the end result was a mod including new plants, trees, foods, a nutrition system, and an astonishingly difficult-to-program achievement that requires murdering the Ender Dragon using a hunk of cheese.

    ...To make a long story short, for all its issues, if you want to get into modding, I highly recommend taking Mcreator for a spin. It's fairly user friendly, and the perfect thing for beginners with a vague idea of how any of this actually works. (Also, if you want to try the cooking mod I came up with, check out this Curseforge link.)

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    posted a message on Wait... what? "Because you own java you'll get bedrock as a bonus" legit?

    Yes, it's legit. I actually tried it out, and... I mean, it was novel to play Bedrock addition, and try all the 'bedrock exclusive' things... but honestly, the novelty wore off pretty quick. (I was mesmerized by movable tile entities... but that was about it.) On the other hand, if you normally play bedrock, I definitely recommend trying out Java modding if you've got the time and energy.

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    Agreed- bamboo is kind of underappreciated. It would be nice if you could at least use it to make ladders or something, or use it in place of sticks.

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    ...And the Jungle Temple is finished! I like how this turned out much better than the Desert Temple- though I'm now realizing the Desert temple looks tiny by comparison. The finished product is now available in curseforge, if you want to give this thing a try.

    If I ever do get into modding, (and I've been considering it), I'll definitely hope to overhaul structures- designing these rooms was a blast. Getting the machinery working... not so much- but it's functional, and that's what counts. I'm happy to declare this one complete.

    (Also, I even gave the Jungle Temple Jeb doors. I swear, it took me longer to try to figure out how to make a Jeb door, give up, find a decent tutorial online, and then make a Jeb door; then it took to do most of the other command block and coordinate nonsense. Priorities, I guess?)

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    posted a message on I'm making a Modular Desert & Jungle Pyramid (And I could use some Ideas...)

    Sorry I haven't posted for awhile- here's a sneak peak of some rooms I've been working on for the Jungle Temple. (I've learned a lot from the last design- such as, 'designing and programming separate rooms for every single different rotation is a nightmare!) I'm having a bit more trouble coming up with clever trap idea, (at least in part because the Desert Temple mostly just involved explosives), but it's coming together!

    (Update: spent the greater part of several hours getting all of the room generation things locked into position. Still, it's telling that it only took me several hours instead of multiple days this time. I think I might be learning.)

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    posted a message on Distant Horizons Mod (64+ Chunk Render Distance w/out FPS hit) (Pros/Cons)

    ...Also, most of these images were taken directly above my surprisingly productive mob farm, and my FPS still didn't take a hit. This makes my mountain outpost way cooler...

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    posted a message on Distant Horizons Mod (64+ Chunk Render Distance w/out FPS hit) (Pros/Cons)

    To be perfectly honest, I didn't think this thing was going to work. However, I've seen 'Distant Horizons' touted as one of the best survival-friendly render distance mods out there... but I honestly didn't expect it would live up to the hype. However, I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. (It's rare that a mod thoroughly impresses me. Usually it's more like, 'Oh cool, it does exactly what I'd expect, that's neat,' but this one really does go above and beyond.)

    ...Enough so that I wanted to make a proper thread about. Distant Horizons: Is it worth it? Obviously I've already come to a conclusion on the matter, but by personal observations are as follows:


    -The most obvious disclaimer to get out from the start is that Distant Horizons does not actually increase your render distance- instead, it generates lower-detail copies of chunks, which decrease in resolution the further away they are from you. If you look closely, (with the Optifine Zoom, or a Spyglass), it's easy to tell where the 'fake' chunks begin and the real ones end.

    -The Mod also takes a fairly long time to get running- once you teleport into a new area, or load into a world, it can take about three minutes for all of the fake chunks to finish loading at the standard distance. Once you're in the world, (as long as you're not using elytra-rockets), they seem to update much more consistently. (Just walking or running around, for example, I didn't have any issues.) During the initial loading period, however, it can look a bit strange, especially if you load in at high altitudes.

    -To the best of my knowledge, this doesn't work with shaders. (Or at least, it doesn't work with Complementary Shaders or Makeup Shaders, which are the only two I actually tried.) However, it looks nice enough once everything's working properly that I'm kind of disinclined to mess with it.


    -Again, most obvious things first; by default, Distant Horizons allows you to have the equivalent of a 64 chunk render distance, without any hit to FPS. throughout, my FPS never fell below 20, and hovered around the 30-50 range, when I wasn't flying or actively loading into an area for the first time. The settings can be turned up much, much higher, but I personally find the default distance to look the best.

    -Fake Chunks... actually look kind of nice, enough so that I could imagine this system in Vanilla Minecraft. The system of decreasing detail with distance works quite well, and transitions between different detail levels were smooth and barely noticeable. The Chunks also seem to accurately depict the areas they're modeled on, including player-made and naturally generated structures.

    -The Mod does work with resource packs, as far as I can tell. (I'm using the Stay-True resource pack, along with Optifine 1.18.2 in these screenshots, and as you can see, the orange pallete for the birch forests is accurately loaded.) I'm honestly not sure how this works, but it works quite well. As far as I can tell, it's also Client-Side, and has multiplayer functionality.


    If you want to try Distant Horizons, it's available on Curseforge, (Linked here), for versions 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18. (I recommend keeping the default render distance, but increasing fog density to around five for the best visuals.)

    (As you can see with the screenshots, the mod creates some visual glitches when initially loading, and has a distinct border between real and fake chunks it one looks closely- however, once everything is fully loaded, it is quite consistent, and has minimal impact on FPS. All of these images were taken with a Render Distance of 10, on a relatively dinky computer.

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    posted a message on Random Ancient City Theory

    ...One of the recent changes to the Ancient City added additional ruined structures, some of them repaired with dark oak and wool- suggesting, (to me), that whomever lived in the city saw it crumble around them over a long period of time, and gradually forgot its methods of construction. Most interesting to me, however, were the piles of blue, light blue, and cyan wool, as well as its use throughout the city.

    It's entirely possible it's just a coincidence, or simply that the colors go well with the ancient city's palette... but it seems a bit too odd to be coincidence. How would the city's residents even get wool? Why are similar piles found in the Woodland mansions? Most notably to me, why does the color pallete almost perfectly match Steve's clothing? And those of the zombies?

    I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but I definitely get the feeling there is some sort of connection implied here.

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    posted a message on I'm making a Modular Desert & Jungle Pyramid (And I could use some Ideas...)

    ...And the Desert Temple is (for the most part) fully finished! It still has a couple minor bugs, but for the most part, the thing works pretty well! Rest assured, this ought to be fairly challenging, even if you aren't going in blind.

    Includes the following traps/puzzles:

    • A creeper spawner/treasure room on top of the pyramid which, if active, has a nasty habit of dropping creepers on players from below.
    • Various Mosaic based puzzles, in which the color of terracotta used indicates which blocks are safe to mine. (I may make these a bit more complex in the future, as they seem pretty easy once you know the gimmick.)
    • Additional spawner rooms can generate in the temple catacombs.
    • Halls in the first floor of the catacombs have a small chance of being rigged with tripwires.
    • First floor loot rooms are protected with explosives- you'll have to be extremely careful about collecting the valuables.
    • Descents into the second floor, in which an array of tripwires makes the climb down somewhat difficult...
    • Second floor halls always feature more complex tripwire arrays; and can also include loot chests, (and a Sculk device that detects block-breaking.)
    • More complex second-floor treasure rooms, protected with tripwires and explosives.
    • Second floor mural rooms, which contain a lot of glazed terracotta, and little else.
    • Second floor enchanting rooms- which are relatively safe, so long as you keep your mits off the enchanting table.
    • Rare second floor altar room, which contains gold, sculk, and crying obsidian. (Along with Sculk based block-breaking detectors for would-be defilers.)

    ...I've also got a decent idea of what I want to do with the Jungle Temple- though I don't want to reveal anything just yet, I think it's already looking pretty fantastic.

    If you want to try out this version, check out the world download on curseforge! I recommend using the latest snapshot, if you want the placefeature functions and sculk related stuff to work properly.

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    posted a message on Snapshot 22w16a ~ Biome Overhaul Confirmation???

    ...Also, (possibly unimportant), the album cover for the Wild Update's new music has a silhouette of a taiga forest in the background, (to the right- you can tell because of the skinny tree)- and what looks like an ordinary forest to the left. An ocean monument can also be seen beneath the water. (Alex is also holding an ocean explorer map, interestingly enough.)

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