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Hey fellow minecraftians!
I am 14 years old.

I play piano and have for 8 years. I really enjoy playing it and would love to study music in Japan some day. My favorite genre is jazz, but I play a lot of music from videogames, movies and anime. I will take requests as long as you can provide me with some sort of sheet music or a link to some.

I just started violin in April, also, but I am not very good yet. However, in a few years, I will play movie and videogame music on violin, too.

Just recently, anime has led me into a love of Japan and it's culture. I never knew such a beautiful culture was in our world. I would like to go on an exchange to Japan soon, and maybe later go to college there and live in Japan.

As for anime, my top 3 are FullMetal Alchemist (original and brotherhood), Death Note, and Black Butler.

I love all kinds of videogames. The Uncharted series, AC3, The Legend of Zelda (all games), and Shadow of the Colossus are just some of my favorites; Minecraft being at the very top.

Well, anyways, I look forward to meeting new people through this site. Don't be afraid to send me a message, I will answer. Thanks!
Interests Piano, music, violin, videogames, camping, swimming, anime, Japanese, Japan.

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