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    Trees. I've been fascinated by trees.

    I've been recording a 100 Day Tutorial with benchmarks or milestones; because minecraft can get monotonous and/or directionless. Its after playing minecraft with my 8 year old son and he kept on creating new worlds rather than developing an existing one. I think he likes the initial challenge of the start up; but he lacks the patience of mining for diamonds...

    Anyway the 100 day tutorial is based on 100 minecraft days ~ 25 hours of play. It goes into:

    a) setting up house (on an island);

    B) creating crops (wheat);

    c) creating a shaft mine (to the bottom);

    d) creating a farm (cows and chickens);

    e) mining for iron; exploring dungeons/caves;

    f) being an explorer bring samples of your world back to your farm (and planting these items if possible);

    g) preparing for the nether;

    h) making traps and redstone devices;

    i) mining for diamonds; excavating around lava pits.

    (up to day 55 out of 100).

    Anyways back from the segwey - two important discoveries about trees.

    1. They can grow inside a cave; as long as there is heaps of light (from jack-o-lanterns) and space for the leaves; adjacent to a water block; sapling planted on dirt.

    2. Trees can grow in the nether :-O. You need to clear out any nearby fires; plant the sapling on a dirt block. is the first video (there are about 20 so far)

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