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    posted a message on ps3 survival maps add me 25+

    25+, must have mic and say hello, no toolbags wanted, our maps or yours it's whatever

    psn: dinguslord

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    posted a message on Trying to get platinum trophy

    Friend and i need cool players to beat the end drag and finish up trophies or just having some new voices would be nice. I'm 30/f he's 28/m,

    mics are appreciated. we're on almost every night/every other night. if you wanna join us, send a request to us with 'minecraft forum' in the message.

    add me: dinguslord

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    posted a message on Looking for adults 21+ to play with

    It's hard to find people to play with.

    I'm 30/f, husband is 32/m, our buddy howard is 21/m. all of us have mics. they're not always on so I'm looking to go rogue and join games. i'm down for survival and creative.

    I'm great with organization, crafting, giving tips.

    Sean is awesome with advanced stuff and does tutorials often.

    Howie is pretty new and hilarious but enjoys the game.

    If you'd like to add me, I'm dinguslord on PSN. Just shoot me a FR with the words 'minecraft forum' in there. I'll join your game or you're free to join mine if I'm in an open one. Otherwise ask. No griefing! No kids! Sorry!

    Thanks for looking :)

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    posted a message on TheBlaze Minecraft Ps3 Clan: Recruiting now

    hey there, i'm 30/f. have a mic. my husband is really good with advanced stuff [does tutorials often, works on and figures things out on his own] i am great with organization, beautification, and crafting among other things. we both have mics! been looking for a cool group to play with for a while. if you think you'd wanna have me join, i've sent you a fr on psn. hope to see you! ;)

    dinguslord on psn

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    posted a message on looking for pro people

    hey i'm 30/f, my friends and i like to play together and we all have mics. sean is really great at building advanced stuff right now, i'm kickass at getting supplies, organization, building creative structures and crafting, howard is comedic relief and newer to the game. if you'd like to start by adding just me- please do. just put minecraft in the friend request message so i know it's you. i don't grief and like to get things done. ;)

    psn- dinguslord

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