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    heres a teaser for bluebird

    just gotta do 90% of the pack still and get flowers i like

    yall will get it one day

    im back off to my cave now baibai

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    sup yall, it's been a minute. i got a few things.

    update on bluebird is coming alright. working on it just whenever i feel like it. much of the core blocks that hadnt been changed in years are now different, most notably the planks, leaves, and cobblestone. there have been a lot of color adjustments, toning down some of the saturation but still keeping in vibrant. i will probably have all the blocks done for the next update but might not have any items

    it wont be out by the end of the year, but it will probably be out sometime in spring next year.

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    Hey guys.

    Workin on a blubirb update

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    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
    -Leonardo Da Vinci

    Bluebird 3.8! What's new?

    • Less clutter in the file, and a few textures I forgot to add last time :P

    Old versions (In case any of you need them.)

    Q: When can we expect the 2016 update?

    A: Soon. Hopefully.

    Q:Why did you start a continuation?
    A: I spent 2 years of my life on this pack. My heart and soul went into this, and people loved it. My thinking was that just because I don't play the game and don't want to work on the pack anymore others should not be unable to play with it. People were disinterested however, and it didn't take off.

    Q: Can use textures/edits from this pack in my own?
    A: Sure. I'd prefer if you asked me first though.

    Q: Can I use this pack in my adventure map?
    A: Yes, just link back here for the download so I can keep track.

    Q: Can I make a video of this pack?
    A: Yes, and please send me the video if you do so I can feature it here :)

    Want to help support the pack? Put this banner in your signature, or wherever else you want it! :D

    Bluebird is sponsored and supported by the Texture Artists' Union.

    Special Thanks!
    BonreoCat, Urdothor, Neoncube123, Turek279, Steelfeathers, Taiine, JimmyWalker97, Imnumberfour, Paddy, DatMuffinMan, Deonyi, Verticity, NorthenerSouth, XSSheep, Dyz-69, cowsareawesome, Minihilly, Stronghold257, FishyMint, SkyChaseZone, DiamondAir, Alvoria, SamMaher, EpicLizzard, Teddy, IceKreem, ScarletBox, Lantosyt, Danori, corner_g, seanbreen97, Visual_Argonian, MSchwaa, Thistle, Appleslinky, Balduran, vfd42, Greenbean9396, P1gtails, Goodlyay, SpeedyCube. thecrazydudesrd, Gigfran_Enfys, Zamaj, insomniac_lemon, cipons, Seradicus, Zardium, Moozipan, SycloneSJS, Drazile12, Plenty_of_Fish, MopyDream44, Reec3ty, Theevilpplz, Kefka, LilFella, KnobleKnives, Meringue, PixeloveR, CreepinAtMyDoor, samohtj, Folicorow, Arty, Bryroz, Wayuki, SiikiKala, Fire_Fist, grar, DinowCookie, ryanninjasheep, NinthClover, kvSketch, Insanity, sk8aninja, and the hundereds of other people I am forgetting to put on this list.
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    Since creating bluebird over 4 years ago, the pack has amassed over 85 thousand downloads.

    Bluebird is easily the most realized project I've ever created. When I gave up work on the pack a year ago, I was hoping the community would rally and continue where I left. However, no continuation projects managed to take off, and the community project I attempted to set up here didn't either. But despite the pack being out of date and no continuation by the community, the amount of downloads since I quit more than doubled in this last year.

    Now, what does any of this have to do with anything and why should anyone care? Because I am planning on doing another update soon.

    Bluebird 3.9.

    Bluebird 2016.

    It might happen.

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    Hey all, how've you been doin? Just cheking in on you all. Good to see I still recognize 90% of you :P

    (secrets tho i might update Bluebird if Alv finishes his pizza soon)

    Irish_Pixels, those are looking good.

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    Ayyy commenting so it is also confirmed here that this is official.

    Quote from Ringoster»

    Yay! Bluebird definitely needs to stick around.

    Does the pack follow a set palette? Or is one free to be flexible with colors?

    Hey Ringo :D

    Mostly flexible. Some substances use a palette. I'm sure everyone will be smart enough to figure out how it all works :P
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    What I have so far, Still have some things that I haven't quite nailed yet. Using Fuzzlechan's palette.

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    Hmm, didn't know about this. I guess I'll see if I can make something.

    Here's my palette. Same as the last contest, but whatevs.

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