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    posted a message on ★I-MINE★★[PRO-HOSTING][SilkSpawners][1.3][24/7][FACTIONS[MCMMMO][PVP][SURVIVAL].
    I'm so happy we're getting more players!
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    posted a message on Looking for admins will get paid if you are great.
    I'm a better admin than pre because I help people. :I
    There I win.
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    posted a message on More food!
    So, personally I would like to see more food and more items to cook food.

    Like, add a spoiling system and a refrigeration system! Also, cooking in more items would be cool. Like adding a stove and cook books. I do know the technic pack has food add ons, but even more would be nice. Foodcraft! Or maybe MunchieCraft... who knows.
    :Ham: :Bacon: :////:
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    posted a message on Looking for admins will get paid if you are great.
    Have you been banned before: No and I'm proud of it.
    Do you have teamspeak or skype: Nope, I'm not talking to you right now. Noooope. xD
    How much time can you commit to the server: After 3 eastern time, I can put in a few good hours.
    Age: 17
    Can you spell/use grammar: Well, of course. You know my grammar level.
    Know anything about some plugins: World edit, Chest protect, I'm learning a few others including Console manual programming and Bukkit. I also can run a server, I can learn to configure, also I am a public speaker, I baby sit, and I am not bias.
    Type out why we should make you an admin: Personally, I would like to be an admin because I like the server, for one thing. I love talking to you guys. I'm nice but when someone's doing something wrong, I crack down the law. I have been learning to curb my language and I know your rules. I'm polite and I am chilled out a lot of the time.

    Thanks for your time! :RedShroom:
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    posted a message on PIK servers : Factions : PVP : Iconomy : Teamspeak : Mcmmo : Mob Arena : 1.1 : 50 slots!
    Age: 17
    Name: Alora.
    In game name: Prismchan
    Have you been banned before: Never.
    3 sentences why you think we should allow you you: Well, I do not grief even if given the chance. I'm a nice girl over all and I want to help newer gamers. I also take pride in building normally and with creative.
    Did you read the WHOLE forum post: Yes, I actually did! Wanted to get all the rules in before hand.

    Thank you for your time! :Pig:

    By the way, Ender. :3 :obsidian:
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    posted a message on Can someone help me?
    Well, I've noticed that when I open my inventory in my friends Multi server, my minecraft client shuts down and actually glitches really badly.

    Is it just my client or is this happening to other people?

    Thanks for the help! :smile.gif:
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