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    Deobfuscator3000 is a universal tool for deobfuscating minecraft mods! It meant to be upgraded and improved variant of BON that was abandoned by its authors a long time ago. Compare to BON this one allows you to chose a deobfuscation mappings by your self and it deobfuscates the java sources of the mod and not whole mod (.jar file)! Deobfuscator3000 can also deobfuscate individual java files and it can also works with zip files not only jars! It also has more user-friendly UI with tooltips, logging console and other things!

    How to use

    1. As well as BON, Deobfuscator3000 is programmed in Java so you need Java to run it!
    2. First you need to select deobfuscation mappings! These are excel files that tell the deobfuscator what to do with your mod! Defaulty there are mappings for 1.7.10 and 1.12.X and all what you need to do is write/select path to one of these folders into the first text field. If your mod is on a different version, then you need to obtain mappings for this certain version! In this case the best thing you can do is download them in MCP, unpack the downloaded zip and select "conf" folders path into first the text field!
    3. Now you need to decompile your mods jar! For this, I recommend to use Procyon on this online Java decompiler.
    4. After decompiling your mod, all what you need to do is select the path of the downloaded zip into the second text field and hit "Deobfuscate" button that supposed to be active by this time. If it is not there is most likely something wrong with deobfuscation mappings path or mods zip path. In this case the path in the text area will be red otherwise there should be no problem!
    5. After clicking on "Deobfuscate" button program will take a while to deobfuscate the selected mod using selected mappings. Unzipped folder with deobfuscated mod sources will appear on your desktop. Now you have decompiled and deobfuscated mod sources to work with.

    Valid deobfuscation mappings composition

    Deobfuscation mappings are instructions for deobfuscator! They supposed to be a .csv (excel format) file or group of 3 files, the fields, methods, and params (each is optional since 1.0.5 but must be at least one of them) in one folder! Inside these files there supposed to be some sort of map with keys and values! These keys supposed to be in the first column of excel file and must contains at last one "_" or since 1.1.0, can alternatively starts with "#" and then do not need to contains "_"! And second column in excel file supposed to be the values for the keys. These values can be anything, there are no limits! But value should not be the same as key is and also should not be empty!

    Download on GitHub: https://github.com/PetoPetko/Minecraft-Deobfuscator3000


    If your mods files were not deobfuscated correctly it is most likely not the deobfuscators fault but invalid mappings! Make sure your mappings are for same minecraft version as your mod is! If you have encountered some other issues that feel free to report it! Also always download the latest version of deobfuscator!

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    Actualy there is an mod "Mo burnables" on 1.7.10 that can do this already. U just need to write 2 lines of code in JSON.

    But when i look at date of last post here, I dont think so there is still somebody wondering about...

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    What is this mod?

    Mo'Burnables is mod that is changing vanilla fire behavior while adding some new mechanics to the game.

    And also allows you to make whatever existing block burnable using some kind of script in JSON!


    Mod is compatible with practically all other mods!

    Only similar genre mods might be a problem.


    Ability to make blocks burnable.
    AI that can automatically finds out with block should be burnable!
    New fire mechanics like smoking blocks, falling burning blocks and more!

    Highly reducing chance to finding floating blocks afterburn!
    Config file!
    Entity self extinguishing logic like in 1.9+

    Extinguishing mechanics!

    Better visualization!

    Planned content:

    Extinguish mechanics (Completed)!

    Mcmod.info file (Completed)!

    Version for mc 1.12.X (Completed)!

    Time will show :)


    Download and install forge and run MC with forge as game version!

    Download library java-json, and mod itself from files section.

    Copy and paste downloaded .jar files into your mod directory (%appdata% then .minecraft/mods)!


    1. This mod itself is not increasing fire spread speed or making fire more aggressive (it did before v1.3).

    2. Do not think about downloading older version of mod than 1.3 because there is a lot of bugs! Always download the latest!

    3. Yes of course you can use this mod in Modpacks. It was designed to...

    4. Also, it will be nice to have some form of feedback!

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    But maybe more shorter and elegant way will be this:

    public static void RebuildFireInfosOn(final BlockFire newFire)
    Block.blockRegistry.forEach(new Consumer()
    public void accept(Block b )
    BlockFire vanillaFire = (BlockFire) Blocks.fire;
    if (vanillaFire.getFlammability(b) > 0)
    newFire.setFireInfo(b, vanillaFire.getEncouragement(b), vanillaFire.getFlammability(b));

    I recommend to call this from init method.

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    OK so I found it BUT i understand one huge nothing.

    But I found a solution of whole problem!

    At the end i also return back to substitutionAlias. I really don't know why getFlammability and get getEncouragement returning 0 but I have a simple solution.

    Just ctrl + c and ctrl + v this method below in to your custom fire class and call it from class constructor or from whatever u want, just call it :) And at finally we have arrived problem should be SOLVED!

    public void initIngameFireInfos()public void initIngameFireInfos()
    setFireInfo(Blocks.planks, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.double_wooden_slab, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.wooden_slab, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.fence, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.oak_stairs, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.birch_stairs, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.spruce_stairs, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.jungle_stairs, 5, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.log, 5, 5);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.log2, 5, 5);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.leaves, 30, 60);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.leaves2, 30, 60);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.bookshelf, 30, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.tnt, 15, 100);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.tallgrass, 60, 100);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.double_plant, 60, 100);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.yellow_flower, 60, 100);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.red_flower, 60, 100);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.wool, 30, 60);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.vine, 15, 100);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.coal_block, 5, 5);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.hay_block, 60, 20);
    setFireInfo(Blocks.carpet, 60, 20);
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    Hello there!

    Im also making mod that will replace block by another block when it burn but i also end with this problem.

    I mean find event or method that will be called always when some block burn. But i find out that there is no such a thing an I was forced to make my own custom fire block extends BlockFire but it is simply impossible to force game to replace normal in-game fire by my fire without iterating all Blocks in world or in some radius what will totally kill your CPU, and RAM. There is some methods in game that possibly can do a job but all is private, only thing that is not private is substitutionAlias what you also use as you said in you other thread, but this method is totally broken somehow simply GJ Mojang!

    It looks like this is impossible. I thought it too, but then i find mod called glens gasses and in this mod in-game fire will spawn smoke when burn some block away with means it must be possible somehow.

    OK so now only problem is find that code in glens gasses source code what is big problem because that mod is simply huge but i let u know when i find it.

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    I'm making my first mod on 1.7.10 and I need to find or most likely create an Event that fired always when whatever block being destroyed (replaced by air or something else).

    And I mean no BlockEvent.BreakEvent, I mean always when block being destroyed in a world no just when player brakes/mines it but also when it being destroyed by some Minecraft in-game mechanics/event like fire, TNT or stuff like that.

    I try to google this topic but nobody has addressed it before!

    Please HELP!

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