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    Hello! I'm the animator and texture artist of this mod

    We're upgrading horses in every way! We're adding a whole new model, coat colors, animations, tack, weapons, armor, progression, and decor. SWEM is being implemented in 3 Phases:

    • Phase 1 being the core release with the model, animations, and tack.

    • Phase 2 is an art release, adding more coats colors, genetics, more decor, etc.

    • Phase 3 will come back around to the survival aspect with adding a dimension with magical beasts to tame, a set map to explore, and lore. Plus more but thats a secret. Its no fun if there's no surprises. ;)
    • We are currently in development of Phase 1 (Art 95% done, dev 60%, animations 70%). ---We have a master list of carefully planned content if you have any questions.---

    Join Our discord!
    ~~ We update our progress there and you can check our official faq ~~

    Animation Showcase


    Jump levels


    Items showcase


    .........and somethings you should see yourself!

    We are looking for:

    Texture Artist - Horse coat colors, item variants, stable decor, etc. (We have 1 fantastic artist but the Phase 2 work is too much for one person).

    Dev - Armor, weaponry, horse armor, doors and gates, leveling system, genetics, etc (We have a part-time dev now and a full-time looking to join in a few weeks). Besides the mod, we do need specific plug-ins made to service the accompanying server (stuff like permissions, admin levels, and mini-game accounting).

    Animator - Animating the new horse model for walk, trot, canter, gallop, jump, rear, buck, flight states, idle, and idle variants - plus a couple player seating positions.

    Payment: There is also a Patreon started so as the mod gains more notoriety we will be dividing that up to help support y'alls work for continued development.

    Hey! You've come all the way here, can you leave us a feedback?
    it's very important. Thank you for your attention ^^
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