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    posted a message on Cannot assign requested adress: JVM_BIND
    Quote from Lord_Ralex

    We are, and unless you understand the finer points of how a network work, this can be hard to explain.

    In technical terms: The point of that line is to specify to the server what IP to listen to for connections to the server. IF you specify one, Java will attempt to bind to the IP and the port. IF it cannot, it will throw that error. Leaving it blank will cause Java to then listen to any IP that the computer knows for connections. By leaving it blank, it will listen to any of its internal IPs for connections. Leaving it blank is the best as it will allow it to listen to what it needs to and not be limited
    Now, if people want to connect to your server, they will use your external IP, which is found here: That will show your external IP, which is what people will use to connect. Now, this only works if the network they are connecting to is port-forwarded, which means connections made to a specific port will be forwarded to the machine that it is told to forward them to, your server. The server needs to bind to at least the internal IP of the network it is in to be able to receive those communications. Otherwise the packets are dropped and the server cannot be reached.

    IN SIMPLE TERMS: Leave it blank, port-forward, give them your external IP.

    Please do not act like I have no idea.

    Also, please make a new thread instead of jacking someone else's.
    thanks Lord for some reason that actully works :)
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    posted a message on Eat the Cactus Minecraft survival pvp town server
    My server is called Eat the Cactus it's ip is I hope you enjoy it the spawn is very elaborate and it has mob arena.
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