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i really enjoy playing video games on all systems, my first system was a GBA with a ninja turtle game and super Mario bros 3. but just to let you know the reason my xbox live name sounds so much like a sony pony is for the fact when i made it to troll a few friends on xbox live i didnt know at the time that i only could change it once they you have to pay... thanks MS

i have a wii u but i dont think i have online for it (it mostly sits in the corner collecting dust)

but my most hated system off all time has got to be the wii or ds the wii for just being a poor cash gimmick that i feel for (so the wii sits in the corner of shame and i make it watch me play my ps3 ps4 and xbox 360) and for the ds well its just a poor system and i hate the duel screens and the clam shell looks (but i still like the 2ds out of all the ds systems)

hope to get a xbox one soon (really love sunset overdrive

but i really do love the game boy line i enjoy them all (my favorite one is the micro)

and my favorite game of all time is uncharted 2 among thieves then the last of us followed by gears of war 3


the walking dead, video games and hot girls lol

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