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    posted a message on necromancy mod idea/request

    Imagine you standing on top of a castle in a dark storm with nothing but your undead army as far as you can see all ready to serve your bidding

    I may get round to actually making this eventually.

    Well that’s what this mod will allow you to do

    Step 1. Kill bats, this will give you bat fur, 9 bat fur in a crafting table will give you a bat skin (just like leather but black)

    Step 2 make a ritual knife with a gold ingot and a bone

    When you hit a mob with a ritual knife it will fill any bottle in your inventory with blood

    Step 3. Make a Necronomicon using bat skin, the ritual knife and a book

    Step 4 the altar stone, made with a stone slab, two gold, an enchantment table and the Necronomicon

    Step 5 get some parts, for this you will need a butcher’s knife, made from a stick 4 iron and a flint. When you kill a mob with a butcher’s knife you will get all sorts of things like:

    Brain, Heart, Elbow, Knee, Eye, Bones, Flesh/rotten, Ender discharger (endermen only), Abdomen, Spider abdomen (spiders only), Spider legs (spider only), Flakey obsidian (endermen only), Ribs, Spleen, Lower intestine, Upper intestine, Skin scraps, Hand, Fingers, Foot, Wrist, Radius, Fibula, Tibia, Liver, Spine, Ribs, and a Testificate nose (witch’s, zombie villagers and villagers only)

    You get the idea (note skeletons will only drop bone items and each mob will drop at most two parts)

    Your also 20% likely to get a head from a mob.

    Or you could go grave robbing

    Graveyards will randomly spawn, they will have blocks called tombstones which spawn mobs at night.

    If you dig the 2 blocks in front of the grave you will find a corpse

    Which can be used as a whole body for a basic minion or broken with a butchers knife for a few parts

    Step 6 the offering

    The altar won’t just bring to life whatever you want for nothing, to open the doors of death you need an offering, 1 life for another, an equivalent exchange. any mob with in a 3 by 3 area of the alter will die and the health of from the mob's will add up to the total amount of health the undead will have, the alter will also need some blood and the Necronomicon to function (p.s if you put soulsand in the alter you will get an health point for each block.

    Step 7 by mixing and matching body parts you can create 100's of different corpse's to reanimate with different skills

    Here’s a list

    Basic minion, just a corpse from a graveyard, it can’t really attack but you can make it do chores, burns in sunlight

    Wraith, transparent corpse, a ghost like creature with no physical body, so isn’t very good for work, but it will curse your enemy’s with poison and other debuffs, burns up in sunlight,

    Skeleton, skeletal corpse, smarter than your average undead, can use bows and do chores, burns in sunlight.

    zombie, zombie corpse. the zombie is a starter undead that can fight and do chores however it can't use bows, and burns in sunlight.

    Ghoul, you need a creepy corpse, the ghoul is essentially a slightly stronger zombie, doesn’t burn in sunlight

    Skeletal knight, you need a Knightly corpse, a better skeleton, better with melee and long range, doesn’t burn in sunlight but not so good at chores.

    Ghost, ghostly corpse, a stronger wrath slightly more physical and thus can now hold weapons, doesn’t burn

    Undead arachnid, bug like corpse, your basic mount, rideable, doesn’t burn in sunlight but can’t do chores or use bows. Can walk up walks.

    Skullrantula, skeletal bug corpse, slightly stronger, mountable by other undead, doesn’t burn in sunlight, can walk up walls.

    Undead creeper, explosive corpse, if you can bring spiders and humans back to life, why not plant creatures? Fights by self-destructing, Can be set no not explode in which case it will head-butt. Doesn’t burn in sunlight

    Undead trader, Squidward like corpse. Back from the grave with new goods! Trades body part and things like that, won’t be targeted by zombies no more, burns in sunlight, Can’t fight or do chores.

    skelopian, scorpion corpse, powerful mount, poisons your foes, rideable by you and your minions. Doesn’t burn in sunlight

    Deep diver, soaked corpse, slower than a zombie, can breathe underwater, can swim, and doesn’t burn in sunlight

    mountaray, Ray corpse, mountable, can swim, doesn’t burn, slow on land

    Sea skelly, wet bones corpse, slower than a skeleton, can use a bow, can swim doesn’t burn in sunlight

    Mummy, sandy corpse, stronger than a ghoul, burns, lazy (if there’s a nearby bed it will go to sleep at day), smart, summons its own minions

    Slime, gooey corpse, who knew slime's were alive? Funny, mountable, can act like a block if told to, will let owner through, summons smaller slime's on death, and doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    Magma slime, hot slimy corpse. Basically a slime, in block form anything can go through, however, anything but the owner or owners minion will catch fire.

    Gooey bones, slimy bones corpse, slow, doesn’t burn in sunlight, summons small slimes (will grow up),

    vampire, stronger undead heals equal to damage it does, transforms into a bat and run's away when hurt, will attack passive mobs in all forms unless told not to, when it's got enough health back it will go back to its original form

    Bat, batty corpse, mountable, flys, doesnt burn In sunlight, minions can mount,

    Zombie pigman, porkey corpse. Your basic guard, has the function to guard areas with a boarder marked by salt, if it sees anything hostile to its master it will alert all nearby undead in guard mode to slay it, doesn’t burn, immune to fire.

    Suckerler, bloody corpse, if you give it bottles you can set it to collect blood from peaceful mobs and it will go on a killing spree. Doesn’t but in sunlight.

    Spriggan, woody corpse, an undead tree, WUT, weak to fire, doesn’t burn in sunlight. If given an axe can collect wood (irony), plants grow faster when a Spriggan’s around, can also farm if haven a seeds and a hoe (and a nearby chest)

    Undead miner, miner’s corpse. If given a pick can go mining, Doesn’t burn in sunlight, can break blocks, can place blocks.

    Imp, no corpse, put in netherwart. When summoned it will cause chaos, opening doors and running around but if you look at it directly, it becomes enslaved to you, it’s not very loyal, lazy, may steal food from nearby chest's, can shoot fire balls, fly, immune to fire, weak. Easily mass enslavable.

    Demon, netherwart and a lot of blood, loyal form of imp, doesn’t sleep, still steal's food, likes meat, fly, immune to fire, doesn’t burn, medium, can where armor, can hold item's, can work, can shoot fireballs.

    High demon. No corpse but a ton of blood, loyal, will get its own food if hungry, doesn’t sleep, can fly, shoot's fire balls, Can summon loyal Imps.

    Wither skeleton, withering corpse. Good fighter, withers what it attacks, can work, if given bow shoots flaming arrows, immune to fire

    Wither, 3 withering corpse's, not much to say, a Wither.

    Endermen, ender corpse, teleports can carry a chest as a second inventory, places block its holding on death or at set spot.

    Bloody slime, red slimy corpse, oh crud what have I made? wut a blood monster, heals when in kills, splits into smaller ones on death, kills foe's and gets bigger, can’t use items, doesn’t burn in sunlight, not loyal to you but killing small slimes gives a lot of blood.

    Blaze, no corpse lava, shoots fireballs, immune to fire, fly’s, can’t hold Items.

    Frosty zombie, icy corpse, doesn’t burn in sunlight. Gives slowness to what it attacks, weak to fire

    Frozen bones, frozen corpse, can wield bow anything, attacks gets slowness, and doesn’t burn in sunlight, weak to fire.

    Frost, ice block. Shoots ice blocks, gives slowness to what it attacks, ice blocks are placed' doesn’t burn in sunlight. Weak to fire, looks like a blaze and can fly. Can’t do work.

    Ghast, ghastly corpse, shoots ghast balls, fly’s, mountable by you and minions, fire proof, can’t work.

    Ghast lord, kingly corpse, humanoid, shoots fire balls, flies, can do melee, can work, can hold items and wear armor, can summon mini ghast minions.

    Hell hound, burning beast corpse, man’s best friend, resurrected, and set on fire, anything it attacks set's on fire, can’t do work, immune to fire,

    Undead pirate, pirate corpse, can swim, doesn’t burn, can tell if another player opens your chests.

    Shadow, shadowy corpse. A cousin of the ghost, flat, hides under your enemy’s and try’s to prevent their movement, doesn’t have hands and is 2d so it can’t use items or work.

    haunted armor, any 4 pieces of armor and an item to hold, will look like a pile of armor until your enemy gets close, can’t do work, if a enemy player gets to close will agro al minions in vicinity.

    Undead dragon, unborn dragon (made from putting a dragon egg it the crafting table with a stone), ride in style and so to the world you conquered the end. Immune to fire, fly's, mountable, can breathe dark fire, mountable by undead, drops dragon egg on death.

    Spectral flame, mysterious fire (dungeon item) no corpse, leaves fire particles, flies, sets things on fire, gives random debuffs, can’t work or hold items.

    Witch, witchy corpse, tosses potions at enemy's, can’t use weapons, can use a brewing stand if given a chest with resources and a nearby water sources, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    Specter, spectral corpse. flies, can use weapons, smart, can wear armor except boots, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    jiang shi, stiff corpse, can hold weapons, can where armour, can’t do chores, heals when it kills, doesnt burn in sunlight

    Phantom, invisible corpse, invisible, can hold weapons, can use armor, makes armor invisible, flyies, can do chores.

    Soul collector, ghostly corpse, when a nearby creature dies of something other than the alter the soul collector will generate a soul which can be used to give 64 health to an undead in the alter, flies, can’t work, can’t fight, burns in sunlight.

    Frankenstein, player corpse (made from a player head), making an undead from someone fallen by battle, head of player, can do chores, is strong, can break blocks but not place them.

    Ribbon skeleyfish, fish bones corpse, can breathe under water, cant breath on land for long, fast underwater,

    Undead troll, wild corpse (dungeon loot), you seem to have created a monster from legends. tall, strong, turns to stone in direct sunlight, permanent regeneration 2.

    Undead ogre, dangerous corpse(dungeon loot), hmm another mythical creature, what's next unicorns? Tall, slow, strong, stupid, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    Jack, no corpse scarecrow (made with fence posts wool and pumpkin), repels passive mobs, can breathe fire out of pumpkin head, good for Halloween parties, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    Undead bunny, rabbit corpse, occasionally drops chocolate eggs, evil, good for Easter, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    Undead elf, no copse Christmas spirit (rare dungeon loot), drops present blocks (present blocks can be broke for a random item)

    Living cake, no corpse cake, for that birthday spirit, candle shoots fire, no hands can’t use tools, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    ghost cup, no corpse flowerpot, , if you are about to die, in may kill itself to give its master 10 seconds invincibility (only saves if you’re on half heart and have been taken damage by something other than poison)

    Living chest, no corpse, chest. A portable inventory, sometimes eats enemies whole. (Low chance), can’t hold items or do chores, doesn’t burn in sunlight.

    living statue, no corpse stone, looks like owner, stands still until sees a target, doesn’t burn, immune to fire, slow, won’t move if being looked at by enemy or player, can’t do work, can hold items,

    fallen angel, no corpse needs black feather (rare dungeon item), banished from heaven to the world of the dead the fallen angel has gone mad with hatred, hard to control must beat before it obeys, can fly, use any weapon, powerful, may forget its master, fast, immune to fire.

    Undead titan, large corpse, the undead titans is 1 of the largest undead revive able, strong, fast-ish, doesn’t burn in sunlight, can break blocks, can't use bow, too big to do chores.

    blood golem, 3 bloody corpse's a ton of blood (duh), an abomination to all of nature, a bit hard for a mere human to control (hint), this is less like necromancy and more like, I dunno bloodmancy? oh well it’s made of dead people so who cares. Powerful, fast, large, burns in light... , can't wear armor, sometimes leaves a blood stain which can be right cliked with a bottle to get a bottle of blood, heals when it kills, but mob won’t drop exp or loot.

    Limbo,???, neither dead or alive trapped between heaven and hell, immortal, weak, doesn't burn in sunlight.

    Hereobrine, herobrine corpse, 1 in a 100 spawn in a graveyard. A boss, Herobrine serves no one. Can teleport, Immune to fire, can summon explosive lightning and minions of it’s own. drops the seeence of darkness

    Immortal Cthulhu, 5 master corpse's, cthulu's blood and drop of nightmare and ying yang in your inventory (crafted with darkest night and brightest day) if you dont not have it it will say "only the ying yang can awaken it. Cthulhu… you finally did it, you went too far, now madness incarnate is in the world, half god half evil, you have awakened the end, your quest for power ends here... you summoned... him (grins madly), if you look at it you get nausea, flies, breaths underwater, summon lightning and fire, he will turn your minions and all other mobs on you, but if you win, you will obtain ultimate power... Has 9001 health (for the lulz)

    Step 7, work, using the Necronomicon you can tell you’re undead what to do, if it be guard you or your base or smelt for you it must obey,

    Hmm what's this I here about salt? Undead can't cross it? Interesting maybe good for setting a path of work, if you smelt a water bucket you get a bucket of salt, craft and you get 7 salt and a bucket, salt can be placed like Redstone wire.

    Step 8, so you got your minions what now, well there’s a secret, you have your minions but wild undead still disobey you, how about becoming... a lich…

    A lich is the ultimate undead, with full mastery of the dead, an undead necromancer if you will, but a lich is stuck in limbo the zone between heaven and hell, of Couse to become an undead you must sacrifice... yourself

    lich, master corpse, will only accept a player as a sacrifice, doesn’t burn, hunger bar can only be satisfied by drinking blood, can jump high got strong attack, no health so its immortal...almost. Won’t be attacked by any undead, if hunger reaches 0 you will lose the power to keep yourself attached to the world of the living and will die and respawn in a random place in the nether, cannot cross salt.

    Extra on multiplayer the Necronomicon has an enemy page if you write a player name in it all your minions will react to that player as an enemy

    step 10. You have studied death so long that you believe you have found a way to transport your living soul to the afterlife. First you need some hazia. Hazia is a drug that weakens the bonds between the soul and the body. Craft 8 hazia by crafting 8 enderpearls with an endstone. Consuming hazia has strange effects, nausea, blindness, night vision, strange hallucinations, addiction, and in case of over consumption, you will see the grim reaper and then die. If you are a lich, at the point of over consumption you won't die but will have the "unbound soul" effect. If you sleep with this effect you will be teleported to the death dimension, here you will find the grim reaper, who will drop the essence of light. If an altar is placed in the death dimension it will gradually gain life points. Drink milk to return to the overworld.

    Darkness beacon, makes sky purple in biome its placed in, mobs will not burn in the biome its placed in,

    Made with a netherstar obsidian and ghostly glass

    Chaos enchanter: Herobrines head, netherstar, and obsidian to create.

    The chaos enchanter can enchant ANY item with ANY enchantment and name items, uses an amazing amount of health energy (drains directly from nearby altar)

    Chalk ore, the only ore this mod adds, drops 4 chalk when broke, chalk can be turned into either bone meal or placed like Redstone to make paths for undead.

    Undead can’t cross salt, but you can make them follow chalk paths.)

    Necronomicon is used for instructing minions and will contain text on the mod, here’s a list of basic commands:

    Guard, it tells the mob to patrol an area marked out with salt and attack anything hostile (will not attack undead if you’re a lich) (or in the enemy list) that it sees.

    Worker, select an inventory you want it to stock, then either leave it to pick up items it see's and put them in the inventory, or select another inventory you want it to empty,

    smelter, select a furnace and then a chest, it will take smeltable objects and coal from the inventory and put them in the furnace,

    crafter, a 3 by 3 space will appear you put a crafting recipe you want in it and, right click a crafting table then an inventory, it will take resources from the chest and manufacture the item and put them in the next inventory you select.

    Stationary, just stays still.

    Attacker, follow you and kill anything that opposes you

    Look out, stay still, if it sees a threat it will alert all undead in guard mode nearby to slay the intruder, not all undead can do this, if it sees an enemy it will fire at it from a distance if it can use a bow.

    Mount, select a mountable minion then select the minion you want to ride it, you can also ride it yourself

    guard 2, if standing on Redstone, if Redstone becomes powered, will attack nearest Enemy/mob, good for guarding places you don’t want anyone to enter, even your friends...

    Bard, can be told to sing songs in a music file of the mod

    Some undead will have job's unique to them.

    Decoration blocks

    Stone statue, looks like player who placed it, crafted with two smooth stone.

    Dark bricks, made by smelting bricks in a furnace can be reverted by putting it in a crafting table with paper, doesn't show light, can also be made into dark brick things, like stairs

    Ectoplasm torches, ectoplasm is made our of slime balls and lapis, makes an Erie blue torch when fused with a bone,

    Step 9 still alive? Want to make some undeadish chimera?

    First you will want a sewing table, made with iron and a stone slab and a fishing rod.

    you can use this to sew corpse's togeather chimera,

    beasty chimera, beasty corpse, a basic beast formed from everyday passive mobs, mountable, doesnt burn

    twin dragon, 2 headed dragon corpse (2 unborn dragons, you will need other mods) each head as a different abilty, mountable

    hydra, 3 headed dragon corpse (3 unborn dragons, you will need other mods to get this ally), a very powerful minion, each head has a different abilty, fly, mountable

    ceberus, aggresive corpse ( 3 hell hound corpse's), s 3 headed fire breathing beast, mountable, immune to fire, doesnt burn,

    cockatrace, slimy corpse only accepts chickens as sacrifice, the cocatrace is the brother in arms of the basilisk it also has a glare of stone, gives whatever enemy it looks at slowness and after a while leaves a statue in its place, can hold items, cant where armour, semi mountable, doesnt burn

    basilisk, bird like corpse, the basilisk is the brother in arms of the cockatrace, it also has a glare of stone, gives slowness to whatever it looks at and after a while turns the mod into a statue, fast, can't hold item's, can where helmet's, long, 1 block high, mountable, if you mounted it will give the rider night vision

    ent, forest corpse, (made from 3 woody corpse's) a living tree a being that is both plant amd animal, grows nearby plants at a very fast rate, can be told to collect wood and farm, bone meal touch you know,

    Jackal, wolf corpse (bloody corpse and ceberus) doesn’t burn, not mountable, can use weapons, can be told to hunt select players or mobs) can’t wear armor

    Step 7.5 tech stuff.

    this is the tetchy part of the mod.

    Hmm it seems soulsand has a keen ability to absorb souls but it's suction is just too weak… Maybe we can use this to our advantage?

    Mixing 5 soulsand and 4 sand will give you spectral sand, which you then smelt into ghostly glass

    Using 3 ghostly glass, a hopper 2 diamond blocks and 3 obsidian you will get a life drainer. It will randomly kill anything that gets within a 3 by 3 by 3 area of it and store up health inside it, however it won’t give it away just yet.

    Ghostly glass= g



    gold block= o

    hopper= h

    l o r

    g h g

    l o r

    this will give you one soul transferring device, anything within 3 blocks of the red side it will take life out of, anything within 3 blocks of the blue side it will give health to including other soul transferring device and the alter

    Now then that’s perfectly good but it just gives us the ability to take from creatures with more ease,

    Spider web=s

    Glass pane=g



    s e s

    d g d

    s e s

    this will give you a spectral pane if health go's through this is will be coated with a special energy making it visible and slightly more physical, but not yet, not yet, we will make a machine to harness it’s ability

    iron bars= i


    ghostly glass=g


    [email protected]

    o w o

    g i g

    @ @ @

    This will give you the first part it takes soul energy and puts is downwards into the object below it it’s called the spectral dropper


    ender eye=e


    ghostly glass=g


    r e r

    r c r

    o o o

    this will give you a linkage cauldron, if given a good supply of health energy you can use it to control an undead you control, you will be given access to all it's ability’s and have its health, but if the cauldron runs out of energy you will be forced back into your own body, your body can be attacked while you’re in the undead body and if it dies so will you and the undead you are currently controlling.

    Glass bottle= g

    spectral pane=s

    iron ingot= i

    [email protected]

    i g i

    @ s @

    i g i

    And you will get the soul distiller

    This device will take soul energy from the top and make it into visible souls each worth 20 health point in the altar... but we still need more power.

    Nether brick around an iron bar will give you a burner, it runs off coal but is really only used for making charcoal from wooden planks and infernal steel from iron ingots for 1. If you put a soul in it after some time it will give you a tortured soul worth a whopping 100 health... but still not enough...


    infernal steel ingot= i

    spectral glass=s



    d i d

    i h i

    d f d

    This will give you a heart of steel

    The heart of steel runs off ectoplasm and will slowly generate health points,

    tortured soul=t


    gold block=g

    s t s

    t g t

    s t s

    This will give you a greedy soul worth an amazing 500 health in the alter

    Here’s something just for fun

    Redstone torch=r

    Brewing stand =b

    Infernal steel ingot=i

    [email protected]

    @ r @

    @ b @

    i i i

    This will give you a soul burner

    It runs of soul energy and will slowly give nearby player's xp


    Infernal steel=i


    Ectoplasm torch=e


    Following the research of the soul burner you think you may have found a way to create a device that that will satisfy the hunger of liches and supply you with enough power to keep yourself in the over world

    c l c

    r e r

    i I i

    This will give you a hunger incense burner

    This item will detect any other hunger incense burners in a 7 by 7 area and make a link of smoke to it if a circle is created. For as long as the burners have a fuel of health points, any lich inside will not feel hunger at all.

    Ok now this is just to make it easier to store food and make a few decoration block

    snow block=s

    iron bar==i

    ghostly glass=h

    s s s

    s i s

    s g s

    This will give you a freezer

    It uses the coldness of souls to freeze things solid

    if you put 4 of any meat (it has to be the same type of meat) it will give you a 1 frozen type of that meat, which can be smelted back into the 4 meat, if you put a bucket of milk it will give you frozen milk which in turn is smelted in to a bucket of cream which can be drank as it is or smelted further into a bucket of cheese, which is as you guessed turned into cheese in a crafting table, if you re-freeze a bucket of cream you will get a bucket of ice cream ( who says dark lords don’t like frozen dairy),the freezer can turn 1 snow block in to an ice block, and 4 snow blocks into 4 ice bricks which can be made into fancy decoration blocks. It runs of health points.

    Ok, ok I get it, enough fun stuff here’s something useful,

    Ender pearl=e

    Redstone repeater=r

    Diamond block=d



    Spectral glass pane=s

    e s e

    r d r

    o b o

    And that will give you an enderporter it can move any sized structure with or without mobs in it, marked out with a chalk boundry to another designated enderporter. Because after all a dark lord can't always stay in one place, this may be a teeny bit op, but it's a teeny bit op see, so there. It requires an amazing amount of soul energy.

    Now then dark lords must have good banquets so here’s some food and stuff





    and that will give you a skull mug good for serving ice cream and drinks

    ice cream can be flavored with

    coco beans



    glowstone dust



    now a glass of blood for lich

    glass pane=g


    g g



    and that will give you 6 glass's that can be filled with blood

    now then some more treats

    2 wheat will give you flour, flour eggs and milk will give you dough,

    dough can be used to make chocolate cake with coco beans and suger or

    it can be smelted into pancakes. but every one knows you cant have pancakes without maple suryp so around the world maple trees will spawn.



    l l l



    if you place the tree tap on a maple tree and fill it with glass bottles it will slowly generate bottles of mayple suryp

    pancake's can be placed like rather flat one time use cakes or stacked on top of each other and can then be right clicked with a bottle of maple suryp to increase the hunger they satiysfiy

    next you need a table



    wooden planks=p

    s w s

    p p p

    this will give you 7 tables

    next chairs

    wooden stairs=w



    f f f

    this will give you a chair that you or your guest's can sit at

    ok enough food... for now :P

    infernal steel=i



    [email protected]

    @ I @

    I r i

    I f i

    this will give you a spectral furnace it will be used to burn soul energy to smelt items

    ok now for some new items and tools


    wither skelentons will now drop wither bones

    Wither bones= w

    Bat leather=b

    Wither skull=s

    w w

    b s b

    w b w

    This will give you a necromancer's chest plate

    As strong as gold but gets + 20% less damage from undead mobs. Has durability of iron

    Wither bones= w

    Bat leather=b

    w b w

    b b

    b b

    This will give you necromancer's leggings

    + 20% less damage from undead mobs

    Wither skull=s

    Wither bone's=b

    Bat leather=l

    B s b

    b b

    and you get a necromancer helmet

    + 15% less damage from undead mobs

    Wither bone's=w

    Bat leather=b

    w w

    b b

    Necromancer’s boots

    + 10%less damage from undead

    Necromancer’s staff

    Wither skull=s

    Wither bone's= w


    Fire charge=f

    Ghast tear=g

    g f g

    w s w

    b w b

    This will give you a unenchanted staff

    unenchanted staff=u

    ender eye=e


    blaze powder=b


    p e p

    g u g

    b p b

    This will give you an angry staff

    + shoots blaze fireballs on rightclick, uses up ectoplasm in inventory

    angry staff= a

    rotten flesh= r

    bottle of plague=p

    Redstone= s

    Slime balls=b

    r p r

    b a b

    s s s

    This will give you a hungry staff

    - starts at 0 durability

    Damages mobs and gains durability or can be put into an altar and 'animated' to be filled with durability (health energy)

    Full hungry staff= h


    Spectral glass= s

    Infernal steel=i

    Greedy soul=g

    I s i

    g d g

    I h i

    And at long last you have your necromancer's staff

    +durability restorable in altar

    +hurts like diamond

    +upon death mobs will drop souls

    + right click shoots fire charge

    +awesome particle effect :P

    +acts like a battery for spells

    -needs necromancer armor or lich to use


    spell pages are rare loot in dungeon chests, but to use them you need a spell book made from a book, two iron bars and 4 greedy souls an obsidian block and a infernal steel ingot. shift right click with the book to put in spell pages. Right click to cast the spells, unless you have a staff they will drain directly from your health. (sucks to be a lich)

    PALADIN (yuck who would want to be one of them, I mean come on who like's light? ok ok I’ll get on with it and keep my opinion to myself)

    Paladin’s will randomly spawn around the world and attack undead and any player who dares touch an alter of necromancy

    If ya wanna be a palalalallalalaldin you need some paladin steel, which is crafted with a gold ingots, a iron ingot, two glow stone dust and 1 blaze power, this will give you two paladin steel ingots.

    5 paladin steel in an helmet shape will yield thee

    a paladins helmet

    +durability of iron

    +gold for good enchantments

    +strong as gold

    +deals damages to lichs as hunger

    8 paladin steel in a chestplate shape will yield thee

    paladins chest, bla bla bla,

    + durability of iron

    +high rate for good enchantments

    +strong as gold

    +deals damages to lichs as hunger

    7 paladin steel in a leggings shape will yield thee

    Some golden pants lol not really paladin legging's

    + durability of iron

    +high rate for good enchantments

    +strong as gold

    +deals damages to lichs as hunger

    4 paladin steel in a boots shape will yield thee

    some fancy paladin shoe's

    + durability of iron

    +high rate for good enchantments

    +strong as gold

    +deals damages to lichs as hunger

    With two paladins steel, a stick and a nether star,

    you get a paladin's sword

    +30% more damage to undead

    +Strong as gold

    +durability of iron

    +good enchant rate

    By combining a bow, an arrow and a nether star

    you get a shooting star shot

    -1 use then turns back to bow

    +does 200 damage and insta kills lichs.

    +so fast almost can't miss

    + practical trail yaaay

    blood spiders

    Blood spiders will spawn across the world and attack anything that isn’t wearing necromancer armor

    And can only be tamed by a necromancer with spider eyes. Every time they attack a mob there abdomen will expand. if tamed you can right click to heal 1 heart and shrink the abdomen a bit, can be breaded with netherwart, baby blood spiders will be born with 3 blood capacity and tamed, breed with netherwart.

    Will only attack thing's that attack you, if they run out of blood they will turn into untamed blood spiders. Can be mounted with a saddle, can climb walls, they can make creeper's take longer to explode by attacking them.

    Please feel free to leave feed back

    okay. Does anyone know how I can make enters work?

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.1? (not 4)
    me think's add necromancy :P (lol)
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    posted a message on SCMowns Server V2 - Minecraft 1.6.4 [New Discord Launched 2020!]
    when will the server be back online? (estimate if you don't know plz) and how about a dungeon world where your set to adventure mode, just suggesting,
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Necromancy Mod 1.5 - Necro API 1.2
    it would be cool if you could make salt which could be placed like redstone, and necromanced mobs couldn't cross or something like that.

    p.s epic mod
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    posted a message on [1.11.2] Slimy Adventures Reborn! | HOT NEW STUFF! (Discotiniued for now!)
    you want a slime monster idea? how about a loot slime with a chest inside, or a ice slime that give's you slowness effect.

    p.s good luck
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