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    posted a message on NeoTech by pauljoda and Dyonovan (TeamBRModding)

    Due to the reaction that I was getting about removing pipes, they have been enabled. However, I do not want them to take all my time once again so don't be surprised if issues go unfixed for a while as I do other things

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    posted a message on NeoTech by pauljoda and Dyonovan (TeamBRModding)

    The great revival is coming. I'd like to go over some of the changes before we release.

    First off, thank you all for the great support. This mod has become bigger than either Dyonovan or I could have imagined. The feedback has been amazing. With these big changes coming, please feel free to leave feedback but at least hear me out on why I made these decisions.

    So with that out of the way, here are the changes in 1.10.2

    1) Pipes have been removed

    This is a decision I have been mulling over for a long time. To give you an idea on why I made this decision here is a bit of a back story on how they came to be. When this mod was first introduced it was intended to hold the fort while other major mods updated. We never intended to replace them, just show that it is possible to all the haters of 1.8 *cough cough Team COFH* We then decided to break the myth that a full featured pipe system would need millions of json files. We succeed in doing so and even showed the advantages of the new system. At this point, the mod had become more than a proof of concept. We had gained popularity and people were looking to us to bring them the much needed tech to the otherwise techless 1.8 and above. This began what I call the "Pipe Coding Hell" that lastest until the last update we published. No matter what I wanted to work on, every update I did a lot of work on pipes. They would never be complete and needed constant attention. Not only that, Forge changed how inventories and fluid tanks were handled, requiring a large rewrite of our system. The system we had in the end was good, but still far from perfect especially as energy APIs and tile handling underwent drastic changes. This still continues and is a large part of why the pipes are removed.

    Other mods have done an amazing job at pipe systems. Ender IO, Mekanism, and Buildcraft to name a few that are staying up to date in the new versions do a fantastic job at giving a stable pipe system which is what 90% of people will use anyway. We are simply outclassed by larger teams and more work put into other systems. I encourage you to use those if you are upset that our system is gone.

    Perhaps most importantly to everyone involved, pipes were the main thing keeping me from developing on this mod. Honestly, I just didn't enjoy it. It is by far the most detailed aspect of any mod I have worked on and while it may have been fun for a bit, it just became tedious to keep it stable and high quality. With them gone, I feel free to develop other aspects of the mod and finally fix existing bugs with the rest of the mod.

    2) All WIP development has been removed

    This is essentially meaning that the future star system for generating power, WIP blocks, and other unfinished blocks have been removed. This also includes the Dimensional Storage block. It was a cheap knockoff of the barrels from JABBA or the drawers from Storage Drawers. Those mods do it so much better and it doesn't really fit our mod.

    So what does all this mean? No we are not giving up on the mod. In fact, quite the opposite. This marks a shift in how we fit into the modding scene. No longer do we have to be the tech mods to end all tech mods but can develop high quality machines that have specific purposes. We want you to feel confident using our machines and enjoy using them. All machines have configurable and automatically updating recipe registries that the player can even edit on the fly during gameplay. The GUIs are polished and easy to understand, and the machines are easy on servers and optimized for performance. That is where 1.10.2 will come in. With the edges trimmed, the core can shine and show just how great this mod can be. The weapon and armor system is still going to be developed, but will be much more balanced in the future.

    All in all I hope you all stick with me as I transition this mod into the future. Expect a much more solid and detailed mod with powerful machines and tools. New ways of generating power, storing power, and even more are planned and soon you will see the new Neotech. We may even be doing a name change. Maybe. Leave suggestions if you like.

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    Quote from majestyc2k1»

    Yes! Love Modular Storage. Can't wait. Sad no 1.8.9 version...

    Hopefully all modders will drop 1.8.9 soon so it won't feel so bad. What has really killed 1.9 is forge constantly updating and breaking mods that don't update. It has happened twice now already within a couple weeks. It makes it impossible to keep up as we start developing new things during that time that aren't ready for release so we have to finish those first and then update and it just gets frustrating.

    But yeah, I'm hoping to make this the best alternative to AE I can. I won't ever be able to match the level of detail that mod had, but I can provide a great and flexible storage system. That is the goal, not to be this fancy computer thing but to instead be a smart way to handle your inventory easily
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    Requires Bookshelf API

    What is Modular Systems?

    Modular Systems is the conceptual successor to Modular Furnace. Its more of an expansion to the idea of modular multi-blocks. The original Modular Furnace mod is included as well as other modular systems. You can turn each system on and off in the config.

    Latest Update

    Important Links
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/pauljoda
    Player.me: https://player.me/pauljoda
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pauljoda/featured?view_as=public
    Chat: Discord Server

    Mod Info

    All mod info can be found on our wiki. This will be updated as the mod updates


    Anyone is free to use this mod, this includes mod packs, personal use, etc. If you decide you want to use this mod, give a post here so I can see who is using my mod and others can see your pack.



    Coding can be tough. If you think looking at my code can help you feel free to. In fact, if you think you can improve the mod by adding features, code cleaning, performance, etc please put in a request with your code on Github. If you are good with textures, please send me a message. I'm awful with them and would love to work with someone to try to make the mod better


    Please post bugs and issues here

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    If it had not been clear already, 1.7.10 has long since been abandoned. We have a version out that works good enough. We are however moving forward into 1.9 in the near future. Along with that, there will be some big changes, mainly to the storage system. I'll give more details as they come

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    posted a message on NeoTech by pauljoda and Dyonovan (TeamBRModding)

    I've uploaded some videos going over the mod. See them here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlJnE7OpooAsNUOrKXuwT7Al4nIqz5WIz

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    posted a message on NeoTech by pauljoda and Dyonovan (TeamBRModding)

    A pretty big change is coming to the pipes. For the longest time, I attempted to walk the line between buildcraft style pipes and ender IO style conduits. Today, we have moved to a system more similar to the conduit system. Pipes now transfer instantly across the network. This will eliminate a LARGE amount of issues as we no longer need to account for resources in the pipes. There is no more rendering (sorry for those that liked it) and we should now have no future issues with strange inventories (storage drawers comes to mind).

    Some of you may love this, some may hate it, but we are moving in this direction. I feel it is much more stable (and WAY simplier to code) and that should mean that as we progress this mod will be the go to pipe mod. Hopefully all the little quirks will be simple to manage.

    If you want to give it a shot, grab it from our build server http://teambrmodding.com:8080/

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    posted a message on NeoTech by pauljoda and Dyonovan (TeamBRModding)
    Quote from migueeel»

    Haha, well, TE is also upgraded via adding upgrades to the machines (you gotta upgrade the machine base to add higher rank upgrades though).

    I'll stick to TE, mainly because it's already part of my world x3

    Good luck with your project!

    This is a 1.8.9 mod. TE is not in 1.8.9 and has no plans to be any time soon so unless you want to wait forever for them there aren't too many other options for tech in 1.8.9. That is our point here. We wouldn't bother if we were aiming at 1.7.10 because there are plenty of great tech mods for that version but there are none for 1.8.9
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    posted a message on NeoTech by pauljoda and Dyonovan (TeamBRModding)
    Quote from migueeel»

    It looks a lot like Thermal Expansion O.o

    Thermal Expansion is an inspiration for this mod. We both use tabs but a lot of mods do that, we have the IO displayed on the side but that isn't something only Thermal Expansion can do. While I agree some of if looks like it, the functionality is quite different. Our machines are upgraded by Motherboards you build and install on the machines, our pipes work more like buildcraft than anything else. Thermal Expansion is a great tech mod, and we wanted to bring some of their elements into ours. There is no copying of code of anything and all work is our own but obviously we will be influenced by that mod as it is what we have come to expect of tech mods. The goal of this mod is to bring the best of all tech mods in the past into the new version of Minecraft.

    Sorry if I sound defensive. I just want to clear this up as I'm sure people will always draw comparisons. We do some things similar, but that is only because it is a great way to do things. Why should they be the only ones allowed to do things a certain way if its a good idea? Its not like we copied their code or anything, this is our interpretation of the concept. .
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    posted a message on NeoTech - 1.8.9 Tech Mod *Updated 1/23/16*

    Lots of progress has been made. I think you'll find this new release to be a long awaited one.

    So here is what is in the 2.3 release, or as I like to call it the Pipe Update

    • Pipes are smarter, they will only send what is needed so no more sending forever
    • The Item renderer now shows the stack itself, not just one item, also spins
    • The pipe models have been improved to not have sides rendered on the inside if connected, makes it look like more of a tube
    • Motherboards can be installed on Insert/Extract pipes
    • Insert/Extract pipes can be upgrade to have redstone control (control upgrade on motherboard)
    • Insert/Extract pipes can have a filter installed (expansion upgrade on motherboard)
    • Insert/Extract pipes can be upgrade to disable connections on specific sides (control upgrade on motherboard)
    • Insert/Extract pipes can be set to a frequency, they will only interact with others on the frequency (expansion upgrade on motherboard)
    • Extract resource extract size determined by number of hard drives
    • Extraction item speed and delay determined by CPU upgrades

    That is all just for pipes

    • The wrench will now rotate blocks using the forge rotate function, you can also shift click to break pipes. Normal click to access motherboard (on pipes, shift click for machines)
    • Machines now respond to upgrades, speed, battery size, redstone control, and automatic IO
    • Generators may possibly be upgradable. Maybe
    • Chunk Loaders! Kinda a random thought but turned out to be easy to implement. By default loads its own chunk (0 around itself) and can expand to 3 chunks around, meaning a 5x5 area for each chunk. Ties with forge tickets so it can be limited if need be
    • Machines drain per tick and a little more
    • Implemented the forge update check, see mod list and if you see a green 'U' there is an update out

    Here is what is on my list, in tentative order

    1. A pump
    2. Connected textures renderer (Bookshelf) that will bring back Void Glass and Phantom Glass. Probably more fun stuff
    3. Jetpacks
    4. Farms
    5. Whatever else I think up

    Expect a release in the next day or so. I'm just about done with pipes and will need to test just a bit to make sure things look ok. Then we will send it your way to see if you find any bugs. After that, I would expect to see the things listed above within a week or so.

    I hope you can see that we are working hard to bring this mod to a position that really makes 1.8.9 playable. We have the advantage of not having to update old code into the new format and Bookshelf makes creating things very simple. We can rely on Bookshelf to handle a lot of the heavy work and it has been test to work. I encourage you to look into it if you're looking to create a mod. For simple things, you really don't even have to code anything

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