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    posted a message on RAGEQUEST PVP SERVER! 24/7 NO WHITELIST!
    Quote from mcl33t

    Hey, don't take my word for it! I just wouldn't trust 'em if I were you, champ! You should be at the top! Not them! Yeah! YEAH! Kill em ALL!! I mean uh... you're probably right. Nothing to worry about.

    I would kill you but you're always in creative mode eh xD
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    posted a message on RAGEQUEST PVP SERVER! 24/7 NO WHITELIST!
    Quote from mcl33t

    How can you just let them lie to you like that? D: I say kill them. You could take their enchanted stuff!

    nah mate, us as a team and we own - why would I leave them like that :P
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    posted a message on RAGEQUEST PVP SERVER! 24/7 NO WHITELIST!
    Quote from mcl33t

    Just ask your allies! :D

    they don't know though lol
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    posted a message on "Fallen Kingdom" Video with On-Screen Lyrics :D
    The video (originally from CaptainSparklez so all credit goes to him and everyone else who made it) "Fallen Kingdom" I have made to include on-screen lyrics in a cool font so here it is:

    Please tell me what you think and also if I should do the same with other videos or songs :)
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    posted a message on The Redstone Parkour Puzzle Map [1.1]
    This is the first time i've made a parkour map so go easy, from some of the people who have played so far, they find it really challenging.

    I would greatly appreciate feedback, and if you happen to make a recording of you playing the map, then please also give me a link to it because i would like to see how well you did, thanks.

    Any amount of players can play this, more info in the text file after download.

    Featured Video:



    Older Versions: Change Log:
    V1.0 - Initial release of the map

    V1.1 - Fixed most issues with objects not being able to be placed on glowstone (RC2/1.0.0 Fix) & added in a little extra at the end of the map ;)

    V1.2 - Fully fixed the problem with glowstone blocks.

    V1.3 - Fixed the gamemode from being accidentally left on Creative after fixing V1.1 errors.

    V1.4 - Same as 1.3, except the fixed it for the ladders otherwise the map would be un-playable.
    Part 2:
    I have decided to discontinue the making of Part 2, but if somebody else wishes to take over, I can give them credit for their work. I have decided this because when something is done good once, and then a second is made it kinda sucks - just like movies, but im happy if you wish to continue my work for me, just send me a PM.
    Instant download! No Adfly or MediaFire
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    posted a message on End stone is a ripped off cobblestone texture

    *troll face*

    but seriously, there isn't anything wrong with the end stone texture, i mean you can always make a texture pack if you don't like it.
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    posted a message on Your opinion on my photography skills?
    I have came across some pictures that I took last year when I went away on holiday, so I want to know what you think about them! I've only got 5 uploaded but if you really want to see more then PM me for more info.

    The camera I used to take these images is a Canon Powershot SX120 IS

    Now the following images have been placed in a spoiler as they are very High-Res;
    (you might want to give it time to resize the image)


    Click here for more pictures, and click for my video slideshow!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Wallpapers! Amazing Minecraft...
    meh. i probably could do a better job
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    posted a message on Vote For Animal Homes. Wooly and Oinkers have wives!
    wtf... can you explain more about what you're goal is here? im confused...

    edit: my suggestion, kill both of them with fire.
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    posted a message on i Think i just found out a master plan on qwop....
    lol here's me playing QWOP:

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