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    posted a message on What's the Age Minimum?
    Quote from Mayley

    Pretty sure the age limit is 13+ due to some US law, although doesn't stop them lieing about there age.

    Yeah, COPPA prevents sites from collecting personal information from kids under 13 (but if the kid is smart enough they lie about their age to get around it). The law was created to stop sites from getting information from young kids, I think the statistic was 88% of sites asked for personal info and 1% asked for them to ask their parent first.
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    posted a message on What happens to world creations when 1.2 is released?
    Quote from FailingAtFailing

    No but you will have to convert the world to Anvil

    It should convert it automatically, they have changed world formats before.
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    posted a message on AMD Phenom II X6 vs Intel i7-960
    Quote from luke738

    I would say the i7 is better, but why are you looking at first gen i7's? An i7-2600 would be better for the same price, and you could get the overclockable version for 15$ more.

    The AMD may be cheaper, but the 5/6th cores really won't be utilized that much and the performance will be less than the intel.

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    posted a message on Is there a way to remove mods without deleting them all
    No there really isn't a good way unless you know the exact class files to replace with the originals.
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    posted a message on [Public][PVE][1.0]ServerAddicted.net [Anti-Grief]
    Server Addicted is back! With carefully formulated rules and a powerful server we are aiming for the best experience possible, just make sure to visit http://serveraddicted.net/rules before logging in. We have placed a "secret" command on the rules page that you must enter to play.


    IP: ServerAddicted.net

    Questions? Post below or try @ParkerReno
    Like it or want something changed? Please post below!

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    posted a message on ParkerReno.net Creative
    So I am not going to manage this server, just going to let you guys have fun with it! I might take it down once my survival server is ready, but if it used enough, I won't.

    All I am asking is no griefing (which probably won't happen).

    IP: ParkerReno.net:25545
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    posted a message on Can someone help test out if my server works
    Quote from Dantiggg

    My ip is

    That is an internal IP (it will only work within you house), you will have to port forward and find your external ip from cmyip.com
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    posted a message on Creating a New Texture pack
    Wow, it looks really nice! I would love to test this out
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    posted a message on Treading water
    Quote from wergin123

    Im not sure if this has been mentioned before but i think if you hold shift under water you tread water and dont go up. When you are doing this you move slowly. This would make it a lot easier to destroy blocks when you're under water.

    but if you are treading water with your hands, how do you destroy blocks? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    posted a message on 1.8 update i have a few questions about servers
    Quote from pyr0n1c

    mmmk thanks both of you anyone dumb it down more SORRY.

    The 1.8 stuff will not work in already explored areas and you have to have matching server/ client versions (both will have to be 1.7.3 or both 1.8)

    If I helped click the Green +
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    posted a message on Should I go legit or...
    Once you go non-legit, you can't go back. I am talking everything, flymod, changing time, etc. Try to stay legit
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    posted a message on I can't run any mods.
    Quote from green999

    I've been running mods for awhile now.
    Today I tried installing another mod, but it crashed.
    So, I downloaded a clean .jar and put in ModLoader.
    Crashed. I did it 5 times same thing.
    Any Help?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section.

    Try asking in the post of the mod and are you deleting the META-INF and using the download version?
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    posted a message on My "Home" on my friends server.
    You appear to be missing the screenshots portion of this screenshot post...

    Edit: Fancy, and yes I want to see the inside when it is done.
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    posted a message on Hunger bar should be saved for Adventure Mode
    Quote from msz9

    The hunger bar is not something that should be put in the adventure update. It should be saved for Adventure Mode.
    For those who say "Hey, they are the same thing", no they are not. The Minecraft Wiki says "This "Adventure Update" should not be confused with the possible Adventure Mode itself." so therefor it's not the same.
    Now, back to the topic. I was talking to my friend and he agreed that this should be saved for the upcoming Adventure Mode. So I put togethor this:
    So if you agree with me, sign that. Because this feature should REALLY be saved for Adventure Mode.

    Regular survival will in essence become adventure in this update and a creative mode will be added. I think that sort of answers the post (I think it should be added)
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    posted a message on Moving a minecraft server to another network.
    Quote from Blicz


    Ive had a minecraft server up for some time now, nothing huge. Just for me and my friends to play and have fun on. It worked just fine until recently. I moved my computer to another house (with another network ofcourse) this worked well, but when i moved my computer back to the original network, things stopped working. Me or my friends can no longer connect to my server using the IP. The only way I can get in is by connecting localy. (connecting to localhost)
    So I really have no idea how to solve this, so im gonna need some help. The server is just runned with the minecraft_server.exe, so its nothing advanced.

    Any tips is highly appreciated :smile.gif:

    Different house = different IP - You will have to go to cmyip.com to find your new one and also you will have to do port forwarding on the new router (if there is one present)
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