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    -IG- Casper14788

    -AGE: 31

    -Where are you from: England Baby :)

    -How much will you be paying on the server?: I work 5 days a week and have my kid on the weekends but i will spend an hour or two on per day.

    -Do you agree with the rules?:Yes, I won't steal, grief and i will be on as much as possible.

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    posted a message on ♦️ Rove Survival ♦️ Whitelisted 1.14.4 Server ♦️ 16+ ♦️ Semi-Vanilla ♦️ Discord ♦️

    In-Game Name: Casperftw
    Age: 31
    Discord Tag:Casper14788#9659
    What is your favorite thing about playing Minecraft?: learning from other people as well as making friends. mentoring when i have the knowledge to do so.
    Why are you interested in joining?: played minecraft on and off since i picked the game up in beta for £5 what a steal.. i played alot of FTB mincraft back in the day and really enjoyed it. i see they added alot of updates to 1.14.4 so i am wanting to re-learn, meet some people and make some MC friends.
    Do you agree to our server's rules?: Yes

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