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    posted a message on Horses and their features are coming to Minecraft 1.6!
    oh fanbases, how your so quick to defend anything stupid because you like a buggy laggy rpg grindfest with slight building elements.
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    posted a message on Horses and their features are coming to Minecraft 1.6!
    stupidist thing to be added if it does really get added i'm boycottting this "sandbox" game (cough gloryfied rpg with slight building elements cough)

    minecraft was supposed to be a build and survive game not a rpg seriously horses? i'm glad i stopped playing this trash why people make clones of this "great" game is so stupid there are literly no words to discribe the stupidity of mojang.

    minecraft rpg elements in a nutshell:

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    posted a message on Are you a loner or something else?
    "are you a loner or something else?"


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    posted a message on I haven't seen the sun in 7 days
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    posted a message on Emulators

    Project 64: proberbly the best 64 emulator out there you can even use usb cords to plug in a 64 controller

    zsnes: clearly the best but there are alternatives.

    fusion: it plays Sega SG-1000, SC-3000, Master System, and GameGear all in one

    nestopia: great for nes games

    visual boy: pretty good but no$GBA is also good.

    dolphin is pretty good for gamecube and wii games

    i'm pretty sure there is a ps1 and ps2 emulator out there.
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    posted a message on Blockscape
    Yet another minecraft clone nothing to see here move along.
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    posted a message on Any ideas for a top-down RPG-esque game?
    Well, generally for rpg's your gonna want to have plenty of bosses that's a gaven BUT! you gotta put in some post game bosses (or seceret bosses as some people would refer them to as)

    As for your magic system (assumeing your putting magic in or "special attacks" as some refer it to as) try to create a wide array of powers you can use. (for example: a spell that buffs your attack)

    use your head to think up immuintys for creatues (eg: robots/machines can't be poisoned but they can be messed up by heat/fire and water and eletrical attacks would heal SOME of them but others would break down)

    mimics. every rpg has them. (chests that are monsters not resiricted to chests)

    nearly every body part can be equiped with an item (boots, anklets, rings necklaces ear rings arm bands helmets etc)

    sidequests are always nice put a few in if you want your game to be longer and have re-play value

    being able to choose and change your class at any point in the game (and each class has it's own exp but you still have a general level for hp and such)

    Putting in referances to other games is always nice but don't over do it (eg: it's a seceret to everybody)

    make healing magic hurt the undead.

    don't make too meny plot twists (otherwise you might aswell call it: m. knight shamalan: the game)

    make the monsters in each area make sence to where they are (slimes in a forest and swamp for example)

    go to space for the final battle (lolnot) have the final boss have 3-5 forms (depending how strong you want it)

    make the currency something interesting.

    gambleing. no arugements. gambleing.

    no meme references (trust me the world will thank you for this memes are not funny)

    Money sinks are good. (like an item you think you need for a quest but it turns out it's useless)

    no "dark N' edgy emo" charictars i think we have all had enough of those

    Cookies MUST heal 10hp no arugements.

    space rpg's are boreing.

    Remember: if there's something imortant in the plot that you overlooked: a wizard did it.

    the music is proberbly the most memorable thing about your game make it great

    avoid the minecraft forums for advice like the demonic plague (here be children with horrid ideas)

    don't ever ever EVER add a hunger bar

    exp booster items are a must

    Some sort of method of getting around would be nice (flying teleporting warping etc)

    have the tutoral be COMPLETELY optional but have it ask you if you wish to use it if it's your first run of the game

    randomised dungeons are super fun post game stuff though

    don't make poo monsters. just don't

    new game plus is a good idea (re-playing the game with old stats but much harder)

    difficulty setting isn't exactly wise but you can do it if you really really want.

    make it more turn based rather then time bars in ff6

    weapons that get better if you kill a certain amount of monsters is a cool idea

    you have 10 fingers at least make it 4-6 rings max

    jarate is the ultimate battle move no arugements

    aliens are okay... if done correctly mythical monsters are much more fun to do.

    slanderman is not a boss ever.

    combineing heros to make some ultimate hero is stupid so is the whole "your binded by destiny" thing

    food can't heal a cut across your chest use potions.

    not much else i can really think of.
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    posted a message on Garry's Mod Vs. Minecraft
    Quote from ZzXxKIAxXzZ

    gmod is dumb and retarded but minecraft is so baddddddd

    Then why are you on the minecraft forums genius this post gave me cancer.

    Garrysmod is MUCH better you can do alot more with it in less time and have alot more fun plus you can make gems like this:

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    posted a message on Potion of Complete Blindness
    Quote from sirporkington

    A couple days ago i was playing around with too many items potion crafting and i thought it would be fun to make a potion with every effect. I made this potion of everything and when i took it, the screen went black leaving just a hotbar. Surprised i messed around with potions some more and found that the cause of the complete blindness was because i used the effects blindness and night vision together. i found this glitch whle fooling around with potions and wanted to post it in case anyone wanted to use it for adventure maps or fooling around, things like that.

    It's not a giltch it's just lazy programming.
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    posted a message on Minecraft for Wii U
    Quote from spiderking220

    There won't be enough customers. Not as many people play the Wii U as the Xbox or PS3. After the 5 year contract is up with Microsoft, Mojang may make a contract with PS3.

    PS4. (you know the console no intelligent person would touch ever?)

    Yeah i very much doubt minecraft would come to the wii u it could but it won't considering it's just a gimmick machine.
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    posted a message on New to minecraft and luving it, but....
    Or you could just pirate it because after you have collected dimonds a million times over and build the same things over and over and over it gets old fast it's not worth the cash just for a grindfest your better off buying garrys mod which actully feels like a sandbox game instead of a rpg game with slight building elements.
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    posted a message on No Racism Really that Hard?
    People make swastikas all the time in minecraft it's called griefing for a reason get over yourself.

    And you do know that the swastika is a symbol of peace and the nazi's just happened to use it right?

    Plus it isn't "racist" it's just "discrimonation" there is a difference.

    If your getting this upset about a sign a bunch of moronic "people" used a good 40-ish years ago in a mostly pointless war then really why are you on the internet? there is MUCH worse things then "le epik trolls XDXDXDDDDD" (children) building stupid signs in a GAME FULL OF CHILDREN on the net if you complain about it your just feeding the "trolls" (children) just remove it and contine with your day as if nothing ever happened.

    Everyone is racist the sooner you learn this the better.
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    posted a message on New generated structures?
    Quote from PennySue

    This new white block is actually a marshmallow block. In the next major release you will start seeing marshmallow buildings!

    so if i crafted some quartz with a stick and then cooked it...
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    posted a message on Amazing Free Game! Has A LOT of Potential!
    me thinks a wanna be gamedev is mass advertiseing on here
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    posted a message on Capacitor?
    They should make it look like the flux capacitor from BTTF because... uh it looks cool.
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