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    Stone Age finally complete. I've never been so excited for a simple bucket, that should help my courtyard look nicer and I can make my farm more efficient. Getting all the cobblestone did seem to take forever and looking at the requirements for the iron age kinda makes my head hurt, I probably won't have that done for a long while but still loving the challenge.

    Requirements first

    in progress courtyard, you can also see animal pens keep and guard tower in the back

    animal pens

    keep and guard tower

    farm, also will be improved now that I can have a bucket

    guard tower


    from the top of the guard tower, this view makes me realize I may need to expand the walls, again. :(

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    Quote from jalfje

    I sincerely hope you looked at the requirements for the next stage - pretty well all of the wood you've used so far needs to be either replaced or added to w/ stone. That'll take a while.

    Figured it's a good template, I'll just expand the keep with cobble and stone using the base as reference and then tear down the interior wood walls, the floor will stay wooden, rules don't say anything about the interior just exterior stone. The wall was just trees that I planted and then slowly took off the leaves. In hindsight I probably could have done it more efficiently but too late now . Digging the mine should get me enough cobble to reinforce everything.
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    Started this about a month ago but work/life is crazy so just working on it as I can. Been playing Minecraft for a while but got bored then found this challenge and really like having something to focus on. Anyway, wanted to share since I finally finished the wooden age.

    Main Keep

    Wheat Farm

    Outer Fence


    Inside Keep/ Spawn Point in the center is the log

    2nd Floor with bed


    So still have some more decorating to do, but figured stone tools will make that easier so rushed to get this part done. I know i'm going to have issues when I need to expand, when I started it seemed like a big plot of land but now with the keep in there just seems to small a space. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it I guess.
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