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    posted a message on Renatus - Aurora Reborn | 99.9% Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature |
    In-game Name: painfulleap1
    Age: 23
    What is your interest in joining?: Looking for a new reliable server that plays the game the way it's meant to be played without cheats and without infinite blocks.
    Have you read the rules? Yes/No: I sure have. Yes
    Have you voted? (http://bit.ly/auroravote)Yes/No: Yes I did vote... I pressed the thumbs up, I'm guessing that was voting.
    **After submitting an application, please come in game and ask us to check it.**
    ^ About to Log in ^

    [-] Special Key = {ARzy} , Post this in your application if you have read the rules!

    Been playing since July 2010 back in early alpha. Off and on before that in the now "classic"
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    posted a message on How has 1.5 affected you?
    My Pre-biome alpha world is going through some serious changes with 1.5

    It seems a massive area around my spawn is freezing over. Used to be a nice greenland and now it's freezing over, I guess it's kinda cool however I hope at some point it will melt lol.

    I guess sort of luckily I only see my spawn when I die, then it's a five minute hike to where I settled down after all this time.

    Only a matter of time until it's covered in ice and snow... Guess I'll need to place some torches on my structures to prevent snow buildup

    I got an fps increase I think, although fps never affected me before.
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3]Biome Colored Water Mod 1.4(based on Nandonalt's)
    If you do decide to change the rain, make it easily configurable. Not sure I would use the rain with different colours although I'd have to see it first.

    Also Missing this mod already :wink.gif: I spawned into my world and never realized how boring the normal water is.
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    posted a message on [v1.4.2] Enhanced View Distance mod updated 10/25
    Wow amazing work, this mod has really come a long way since I first stumbled upon it :tongue.gif:

    Can't wait for the 1.5 update... although might aswell wait until 1.5_01 coming tomorrow, or 1.5_02 if needed. Althrough the updates most likely wont affect this mod and should still work once updated to 1.5.
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    posted a message on Snow In Minecraft
    Snow was always said to return. Should have planned for that :wink.gif:

    And my only suggestion is to start smelting a ton of glass so you can build a giant canopy above your town. Not sure if snow will fall from the cloud level, or higher either way you could use

    Wait snow builds up on glass, Fences! snow doesnt land on fences and it's transparent. Make a giant grid of fences above your city. It will work decently, look interesting and best of all not block out the sun.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] FiniteLiquid v5.93
    This is amazing pure and simple. So much potential with this.

    Not sure if replacing the normal water would be a great Idea. With the way worlds generate and cave systems can go on for nearly ever *givin the right circumstances and chance, a single cave could go on infinitely* And if said cave was accessible through the ocean, or very large body of water it would drain away after awhile.

    Having the normal water AND this finite liquid in some lakes and ponds would work best. Entire oceans I could see some problems such as mass draining into cave systems to the extent where water is gone on the surface (though it would be cool to see)

    Seeing how the water behaves, I could VERY easily see a type of waves/tide system happening when there is enough finite water together (probably just waves as tides would happen was to often)

    But seriously I don't know this mod is so mind blowing I can't think right, every new possibility I think of with this mod is then destroyed by other possibilities hehe. If we can get this noticed by Mojang maybe it can be added to minecraft with the help of the creator of course :smile.gif: *sends link via twitter*
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    posted a message on [v1.4.2] Enhanced View Distance mod updated 10/25
    Quote from cferrill1 »
    Hey painfulleap the Mipmapping mod works with this just FYI since you were asking. I tried it and it works fine.

    If you look at both my screenshots posted above. The first post I had two mods being used, mipmapping, and double distance. They only appear to work together.
    In the second screenshot I had ONLY double view, compare the two distances, mipmapping limits the distance.

    That's the mipmapping mod I'm using.

    Looks like Notch is adding some occlusion culling settings. Maybe those will be able to help with this mod in the future.
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    posted a message on Quick question about Axes
    Easy way to test would be to make a wooden axe and count how many leaves you can destroy, then do the same thing but count the tree trunks/logs
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    posted a message on [Surv] Desert Island (Strategy Challenge) 1400+ DL's
    Decent map.

    However I seem to be stuck and I'm beginning to think it's a glitch/something forgotten.

    ~A workbench.

    I believe I've found the hidden items. the only thing I'm lacking is a method of combining the wood and sticks to make a pick.

    Is there something I am missing or did you forget to add additional wood to make a workbench? Or have I not found it yet XD
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    posted a message on Compass won't point to bed spawn?
    It's not supposed to point to the bed. The bed is a temporary spawn point. Breaking the bed will restore the original spawn.

    The compass will always point to the original point you entered the map. There may be some mods which will allow you to set the location the compass will point to, but by default vanilla gameplay there is currently no way to change the compass heading.
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    posted a message on Seed Similarity
    The worlds are NOT identical. They are very close however.

    If you create 20 worlds with the seed "bacon" Once you spawn, save and quit and do it again with a different world name but same seed.

    Once you're done compare the worlds one by one you will notice many differences. Some might even be covered in snow where they previously wasn't any.

    Use a map editor to get stats on how many blocks of each type and you will notice they are different.. Although close they are not perfect.
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    posted a message on Do YOU hate Notch?
    Haters gonna hate. Can't please everyone.

    Of course updates have gotten fewer in between. That was the point in updating from Alpha to Beta, it was explained by Notch that the updates would happen less often. Once it hit Beta the code was stable enough that constant work was no longer needed. The updates have become fewer but when they happen they are chalked full of great new additions, unlike the constant small buggier updates of alpha.

    "With Beta comes a larger focus on polish and content"

    As for the comments regarding the modding community creating more things than mojang.... "modding" the key is right there. They mod the existing code and that is all. I'm not saying it's easy to mod but the difference between modding someone code, and creating that code is MASSIVE.

    There is also the fact that the majority of mods do NOT fit with what minecraft is and what the game is going to become. They just simply don't meet the general idea of minecraft sure some of them are fun and add more to the game but to make them as part of the game would start to ruin minecraft. It's why the modding API is being created so the players have the choice to add mods that don't necessarily fit into what minecraft is.

    If Mojang added all these top mods to minecraft it would upset a large amount of the players on a great scale. While a few dozen people want certain mods on this site, or even 90% of the member on this site... This forum does not even account for a tenth of the minecraft players. *counting the spam bots*

    Forum stats: 326573 users
    Minecraft: 6550484 registered users

    Anything that goes on in this forums is very minor to minecraft as a whole. It's also full of young pre-pubescent teens who want to rant and throw tantrums because the game is not updated every day.

    In the end, I don't love nor hate Notch or any of the mojang team. I love the game of minecraft and want the game to continue being developed exactly as it has been. It didn't get to this point and popularity by listening to the rants of young annoyed people. Those rants have always been around and have always been ignored.

    The game development is NOT affected by rants or these boards. The game is developed by mojang in somewhat secrecy, we only know what they choose to tell us. While SOME ideas are derived from posts, suggestions, and current mods. They however they don't sit around reading the boards looking for things to add. They have their own agenda and their own content which they are working on.
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3]Biome Colored Water Mod 1.4(based on Nandonalt's)
    Bumping this great mod to the front page.

    IMO this is much better than Nandonalt's. With that said are you planning to add compatibility for other various mods such as optimine or double view distance? (I'd wait until 1.5 before any other releases as that's coming out soon)
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    posted a message on [v1.4.2] Enhanced View Distance mod updated 10/25
    Here is a completely vanilla image without any other mods.

    The viewing distance is a lot further and proper (it's the double mod, I haven't tried much of the +50%) There is still the sudden drop off. Not sure if it's possible without glsl shaders, but have the edge of the view distance sort of blend into the sky.

    And no I don't live in an area with smog... I do get fog on a regular basis depending on the season. I live just outside of Vancouver (west, not east :wink.gif: ), I can clearly see great distances without fog or smog unlike in minecraft.. It would be nice if there was some way it would load a low resolution sample of all distant locations instead of actually rendering and loading all the data including flowing water/lava and other events.

    adding support for Mip-Mapping might help as it reduces distant blocks down to as low as 1 pixel depending on distance which reduces lag along with making the world look smoother and not have the weird visual effect of everything sort of warping as you look around.

    Or add some sort of custom feature like mip mapping where it only draws and doesn't render any events or add it to total loaded chunks so mobs don't spawn outside the normal 81 chunks and everything outside that area is rendered in a quick easy way to show what is over that way, instead of loading the entire chunk data.

    I'm really not sure what is possible and what isn't with the way this mod works or what it changes.
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    posted a message on [v1.4.2] Enhanced View Distance mod updated 10/25
    Oops diregard most of this post, Realized the reason it wasn't working proper this time was because it was colliding with a mod I didn't realize I was using it (although it still does crash when the chunk isn't generated) The mod in question is Mip-Mapping. The world does still cut off suddenly with only this mod plus mod loader of course. But it's further out. so it's not to big of a concern. But I would still like the progressive fog like normal setting but with the far view distance

    here is what I mean where it looks like the world ends instead of looking like it should continue.

    I made a pillar to max height for added effect, But it's still visible on ground level. (I also left the computer staring in that one direction for over an hour just in case it started loading slowly. It's the same in all directions unless obscured by a random mountain or high elevation.

    As for optimine, I've tried it on 5 different computers all with ati graphics cards *all with most recent drivers* Not a single problem or any errors as claimed in the thread. There is also a ton more people who have had success than those who haven't. Usually when people have something working fine as intended they don't post. Which makes a half dozen people with problems seem like a lot more.

    Anyways I really like this mod, I use it for great screenshots and when I get lost. Haven't used it for actual playing though due to it crashing with ungenerated chunks. Once it get fixed up and working well I'll probably use it. Although I wouldn't bother too much with trying to fix or update it until 1.5 comes out which hopefully will be later this week.
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