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I live in Hawaii. I love the ocean. I do a lot of activities like dancing songwriting.
Requirements To Join My Xbox 360 & Xbox One Whitelist Servers

For the definition of whitelist click the link:

1. Join Our Discord

Facebook Group and follow the rules on it (This is a must, it's so I can keep track of all the players consider it more of a newsletter than a group though)

Discord: (please announce you came from here otherwise we'll think you're some rando)

My Discord is Berry Temporary #6389

2. Have A Microphone

3. Be 17+

4. Put in your bio somewhere that you're a member

5. Be active if I don't hear anything from you in like a month I'll assume you ain't coming back and ban you.

My realm is 100% legit (aside from duplicating).
We have custom shaders/texture packs and custom music discs.
You should be able to find almost every item in our duplicating chests to make whatever you want (so long as you put one stack of it back in the chests for other players).
Prune Chunks in order for the upcoming updates.
Keep inventory is off.
You can get achievements (believe it or not).

I'm trying to get more members because all of my members are kind of iffy on when they're online. Also, I'm on HST Hawai'i Standard Time so I'm kind of not online on a good time compared to like Florida. Also because I love to get a community Server fully going I sort of have one going but hardly get 8 people on at once it's more like 5. Reminder: This Is only for Xbox One. Some people consider the survival Server not legit but I consider it a compliment, but anyway I have a video for the first server we had the second one is 100 times better but here's the link:



Current (Updated):
My Xbox 360/One Gamertag is Blazin truffle


FB Gaming:

Updated: 4/11/21


Things that make me smile is pure enjoyment such as having fun with true friends.

Location Hawaii

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Minecraft SPAGANO3 Xbox Blazin Truffle PSN Whogasa_808 Steam Pagano808 Discord Berry Temporary#6389

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