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    Quote from J_Craft »
    Quote from SimbaRocks »
    Awesome, I love how you do this all legit/without mods :biggrin.gif:

    Alot of people don't use mods :Sheep: I don't ^-^

    Using Mods does not somehow make something not legit.

    Some Mods make the game harder. Just saying...
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    haha...love the name.
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    Quote from FlowerChild »
    I prefer to remain gender ambiguous. Ta ta now.

    Wait..I'm keen to guess. I could care less about your mod but this is interesting and I'm sure you'll appreciate the bump.

    Hmm...what we know. The username "Flowerchild" is feminine. The level of your arrogance is masculine. You say you have 15 years professional experience but the field is never mentioned. You have at least some coding skill...female programmers are rare, especially 15 years ago. "Ta ta" is feminine but I suspect you knew that and used it to obfuscate (ha) your true gender.

    You have a strong opinion of yourself...that's inconclusive. You like The Princess Bride...hmm...probably inconclusive as well. One of your mods was concrete...that's masculine.

    I'm going to go with male. Mostly based on arrogance alone. I'm just guessing...no offense intended.
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