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    posted a message on [14w18a] TheBlockColony! | 100% Vanilla | Whitelist | Community
    In Game Name: ozykar
    Age: 17
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since beta 1.6
    Why you want to join The Block Colony: I really like the vanilla style minecraft without mods or server plugins. I usually just play single player but it gets a little lonely sometimes so its nice to help others and build with them and share your ideas. There are also barely any snapshot servers so I would love to join one and experience new stuff with others.
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    posted a message on LimeCraft - New Mindcrack/Hermitcraft like vanilla server! [Whitelist] [1.7]
    Minecraft Username: ozykar
    Skype: doubleamadness
    Amount of hours a day/week: At least 3 hours a day up to about 12 hours. (not all at once but on and off)
    Why we should whitelist you: I can and will contribute a lot to the server/community and can help others out if they need any help.
    Why you want to play: I like the vanilla aspect of minecraft and playing by myself on single player is a bit lonely
    Favorite Block: Currently it is Stained Glass
    Specialty (e.x. Builder, redstoner etc.): I dont consider myself a building/redstone expert but others say my builds are good and I know a fair amount of redstone.
    Favorite superhero (Im just curious :P ): It probably would have to be Batman or Superman.
    Question of your choice: My favourite biome is the plains or forest.
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 Vanilla Server
    Username: ozykar

    Age: 17

    Why do you want to join the server?: I want to join a community based vanilla server so that I could build with other people without being greifed and help out and it'll be fun playing with other friendly players.

    What do you think you will contribute to the server?: I can help out other players and I like redstone and building a lot.

    How mature do you think you are? I would say that I am fairly mature but I do have my immature parts when it comes to playing with friends.

    Timezone?: +12GMT

    Country? New Zealand

    How long have you been playing minecraft? I started in Alpha but the game was really boring back then so I kind of quit and started playing again in Beta 1.5.

    How much do you think you can spend on the server weekday and weekend?: Currently I am on winter holiday so I will be very active. At least 2 hours a day.

    Do you have a skype account and are you willing to talk in a group call? Yeah I don't see why not. Sometimes I can't since I like to play minecraft in the lounge when my parents are sitting next to me watching TV. My username is doubleamadness.

    Are you willing to work as a community and maybe to go as far as making a server town that everyone could live at: I would be happy to help out and build for the community.

    Any other information you think I should know about you? I have a pet cat who likes to run across my keyboard sometimes which often causes me to die when building especially high up.
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    posted a message on PotatoCraft {24/7} {Whitelist} {Vanilla} {1.7.4} {Community} {MindCrack like}

    IGN: ozykar

    Age: 17

    Skype: doubleamadness

    Timezone or Country: New Zealand

    Why do you want to join?: I want to join a nice server with a good community so that I can build freely without worrying about dicks/greifers and make new friends as well as help others out.

    Favourite block?: Grass

    YouTube channel (Optional) and will you record: I will most likely not record.

    Will you be interested in the community activities?: Yes! Definitely.

    Do you agree with our rules?: Yes I do.

    Have you ever been banned on other servers? If so, what for? No I have never been banned or kicked from a server but I have left a couple due to dicks and greifers messing up my handwork so I just gave up.

    Rank yourself out of 10 on the following:

    :cobblestone: Building 8/10 :cobblestone:

    :tnt: Redstone 7/10 :tnt:

    :DSWORD: PVP 7/10 :DSWORD:

    :DPA: Caving 9/10 :DPA:

    :DHOE: Farming 9/10 :DHOE:

    :ph34r: Pranking 8/10 :ph34r:

    :Zombie: PVE 7/10 :Zombie:
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    posted a message on ✪ 100% Vanilla Server ✪ [MindCrack Like] ✪ Community Driven ✪ 15+ ✪

    1.) IGN: ozykar

    2.) Age: 17

    3.) Skype Name (Can be PM'd): doubleamadness

    4.) Will you record on the server: Possibly but not planned.

    5.) What time zone are you in: Pacific

    6.) How many hours can you play a day: atleast 3 hours sometimes I go all day.

    7). Do you want a FTB server: I don't really mind but if there will be one I would play on it.

    8.) Why do you want to join: I have been looking for a whitelisted server so that I can be sure that there will be no dicks and griefers and I can play along with other great people.

    9.) A little bit about you: Im 17 and live in New Zealand. I love building and redstone. Most of my builds are big and I love to help other people out.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Looking for minecraft players [mcmmo] [Survival] [iconomy]
    Great server! Still looking for more people to join!
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    posted a message on SinCraftia - 100% Vanilla Server - Whitelist
    Age: 17
    Location: New Zealand
    Minecraft IGN: ozykarSkype: I will tell you in game (since i don't want random people adding me).
    Minecraft Skills (redstone, building etc): I like building in general especially big buildings/structures. I also consider my self a little bit of a redstone expert.
    What makes you different to others? I think that I can bring a lot to the server and help it grow as a community and as a server. I can help others when they need and just help out the community.
    Other info: Im looking forward to joining the server.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [24/7] [No Lag] SkyCrack - Survival Server with Plugins [Fractions][Shops][Economy][Towny][NOT WHITELISTED]
    Age: 17
    IGN: ozykar
    Skype: I dont really want to give this information out to the public but will give if I join the server.
    Gender(Optional): male
    Youtube(If you have one): I don't record any minecraft since my computer isn't good enough.
    Link to your channel: -
    Ever been banned?(Be honest): No I have never been banned from any servers but I have left a couple due to grievers and generally dicks.
    When can you play?: I don't usually have a play schedule. I kinda just rotate through games everyday but I can say I will be playing a couple of hours each day.
    MineCraft Play Style (Builder, Redstone, etc.): I really like building/redstoning? I like to challenge my self to build/make bigger better things all the time. I also get addicted to the mining aspect of minecraft.
    What are you good at?: I like to consider myself a redstoner and I think that my builds are good and others had said so too (but who knows they could be lying...).
    Why should we accept you?: I'm confident I can bring many things to the server and help it grow as a community and as a server.
    tell us a little bit about yourself: Im from new zealand. Most people say im nice and friendly and I like to play all kinds of games like LoL, BF4, minecraft, etc.
    What is my favorite color?: I would have to say green but its kind of tied between green and blue.
    Why do you want to join SkyCrack?: I like the vanilla aspect of minecraft but sometimes vanilla gets too dull so by adding little plugins like economy and towny it brings me back into the game. Why this server and why not any other towny/economy servers? well because I like that this server looks like its got its stuff sorted, this post looks clean and nicely laid out showing it really wants peoples attention. The tittle is neat and explains a lot about the server. I just think itll be good.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] Beta 1.5_01 Server
    ign: ozykar

    I love 1.5, its not my favorite but id love to revisit the old days with other people.
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    posted a message on [ 1.7.2 Bukkit ] Cyncraft - 100 Slots - Factions - Economy - Plots - Kits - Arena - mcMMO [ 24/7 ] [ No lag ]
    Looks good :) Nice staff and barely any lag.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla][Whitelisted][1.7.2] Corrupted Kingdom
    IGN: ozykar
    Why do you want to join?: Ive been looking for a community based server to just build and get to know people.
    What do you usually do on singleplayer and/or servers?: I usually just build. I like to build huge structures and things for the community.
    Have you ever left a server and why did you leave it?: I have left a server before due to greifers recking my house so I just gave up on multiplayer for a while since I was quite mad.
    What do you think is acceptable to have/do on a server like this? (what constitutes being a ****): Just helping others out getting to know people. If you dont like someone just dont talk to them and not wreck or steal their stuff.
    How would you describe yourself?(as a person not physical features): I would say im nice and thoughtful.
    How long have you been looking for a server?: Pretty much since yesterday and this is the first one I thought was good.
    What rules could I make that you would you disregard and under what circumstances would you disregard the current rules?: If you had a rule that said no pranking I would probably still do it but not extreme just something small but yet fun/not too annoying. With the current rules Ill discard the pvp rule only if someone else started killing me first or someone is stealing from me.
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    posted a message on HexaCraft - Vanilla, survival, whitelist
    1. Whats your in game name? ozykar
    2. Whats your age? 16
    3. Whats your favorite MC YouTube lets play series? Etho's FTB and SP world.
    4. Do you have a YouTube channel? - I do but i dont do minecraft videos. I might start, but it is undecided.
    5. Why do you want to join Hexacraft? I wanted a server which i can meet new people and build without worrying about greifers.
    6. What do you plan to do on the server? Build all kinds of buildings and bases and help out other people.
    7. What ware your strengths and weaknesses - My strengths are building and redstone and in minecraft i dont really have a weakness.
    8. Tell me about yourself anything you can give will help. I live in New Zealand which is +13 GMT.
    9. Have any friends on the server? No :(
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    posted a message on *Updated to V7* 1.4.6 [MindCrack V7] MindFunk Server [White-listed]
    IGN: ozykar
    Age: 16
    Why do you want to join? I want to explore more mods and meet new people as well as build without having to worry about greifers.
    Have you ever been banned? No

    prior experience with MC , Tekkit, FTB: A lot. I know most mods within the FTB pack and I have played tekkit since it came out. And also have been playing mincraft since alpha.
    What do you plan to do on the server?: Meet new people and explorer more of the mods within the pack.
    Do you accept the server rules? Yes
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    posted a message on PaleoCraft Industries[FTB-Mindcrack][Whitelisted][24/7]
    IGN: ozykar
    Why you want to join: Since i think FTB is epic and hopefuly your server will be as well.
    Other: I am 16 and i love playing with other people and meeting new people
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    posted a message on New Feed-The-Beast Server! (No Lag, No Hamachi, Whitelisted)
    1. IGN: ozykar
    2. Age: 16
    3. Why I should allow you onto the server: Im friendly with other people and i know almost everything in the mod pack. I like to build things without having to worry about it getting greifed.
    4. Have you ever banned from a server before?: Never
    5. If so, why?:
    6. Do you have Skype? If so, what is your username?: DoubleAMadness
    7. Do you have a microphone?: Yes
    8: Any other additional info. you would like to share with me: Im from new zealand and I hope ill see you one the server :)
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