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    posted a message on (STILL ACEPTING) lets playing group
    im 16
    America east coast
    from 4 to 10 on weekdays
    skype is zachdeers
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    posted a message on The Adventure Generation - 4 EPIC PEOPLE! :D
    Quote from BECOLE

    Are you ready for the MOST EPIC RPG YOUTUBE SERIES EVER? If you are,then just post a reply below telling us your Minecraft username and if you wanna be an EPIC BUILDER or an EPIC BUILDER.
    You guys (the builders and actors) will add some awesome stuff to the script.
    But,THERE'S A TWIST! The YouTube audience will add awesome stuff to the script,too! :ohmy.gif: :biggrin.gif:
    That's right. We will tell the YouTube audience that we're are going interactive by letting them comment an epic idea or quest in our comment section and you guys will pick out some epic ideas and quests and add them to the script,too! :biggrin.gif:
    BECOLE will also add to the script,too.
    The Acting Roles needed:
    -Archon of Bravery - NOT TAKEN YET
    -Archon of Elements and TNT - Taken by BECOLE.
    -Archon of DEATH (EVIL) - Taken by Nano_Ghost
    -Archon of Archery - NOT TAKEN YET
    -Archon of Swordsmanship - NOT TAKEN YET
    -Archon of LIFE (Needs to be girl.)
    -Archon of Skylands - Taken by BECOLE
    -Archon of Nether - NOT TAKEN YET
    -Knights - NO SPOTS TAKEN YET
    -Villagers - NO SPOTS TAKEN YET
    AND WE NEED 10 BUILDERS! :biggrin.gif:
    SO,WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN US NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! :biggrin.gif: :biggrin.gif: :biggrin.gif:

    i can be a knight my name is oxydeers
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